Illegal Aliens or Legal Immigration? What Would Jesus Do?

January 25, 2018 at 1:00 PM 1 comment

I know of no other country where people illegally there get free education, free housing, free food, and free social programs. Jesus would not approve of this.

The hate of the Left proves they are bereft. They are lawless. Though many believe they are authentic Christians, their hatred gives them away. Being a Christian and holding to far left politics is an oxymoron.

These folks believe and will tell you that Jesus was the first real “socialist,” long before the word came into vogue. They believe that those here in the United States illegally would be welcomed with open arms by Jesus and that He would be on the front lines fighting for them; that He would align Himself with politicians who consider it their one mission in life to take care of those who are illegally here. It naturally follows that any Christian who opposes this attitude is not actually a Christian and they have no problem in condemning people to hell because of it, in spite of injunctions in Scripture against such attitudes of judgment.

When President Obama was president, I never hated the man. I certainly disagreed with his Marxist ideology that generated his policies and I was at times angered by his cavalier attitude toward the three branches of the Federal government, put in place to form a system of checks and balances. The level of what appeared to be callous disregard for the rule of law as clearly defined by the United States Constitution became apparent. Yet, in all of this, I continued to pray for him and his safety because this is what Scripture calls us to do.

Yet at the same time during the Obama presidency, I noticed many on the far right, who called themselves patriots and Christians, often had some of the most disparaging names for Mr. Obama. I grew tired of wondering how people could call themselves Christians while using some of the most foul, vile expressions and expletives when referring to him. It was unconscionable to me and still is as that type of language or thinking should not be part of the Christian’s discourse.

Yet, now that the shoe is on the other foot, with an apparent conservative in the White House, I’ve noticed this exact same approach by people on the far left who also call themselves Christians. These people have no problem referring to President Trump in the most disgusting, negative terms that can be applied to any person. Their abject hatred of him guides their thinking. Yet, they argue they are actually “resisting” hate. No, they have a set up a straw man where Trump is concerned to justify their hatred of him.

Apparently, like those on the far right, they believe that Jesus would join in with them. Clearly, He would not. In fact, the only time he referred to a political ruler in the negative was His comment about Herod, whom He called “that fox” (Luke 13:32). Jesus did so because of Herod’s duplicity. Though part-Jewish, he only acted Jewish when he was around the Jewish community. The rest of the time, he did not care about his Jewish heritage. He wore on his sleeve only when it suited him politically.

Today, the landscape in America appears divided over numerous issues, with the Left labeling anyone with whom they disagree as a racist, bigot, or sexist. This while they completely ignore the actual cases of sexual harassment and racism from their own quarters. The Leftist media often joins in.

The hot button issue of course now is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). This is actually treated as the law of the land so that “children” of adults illegally here won’t be deported. They are affectionately referred to by the far left as “dreamers.” The problem is that they are still illegally here as are their parents and using up resources that should rightly go to people who are actually and authentically Americans either by being born to parents who have American citizenship or who have gone through the legal process to gain it.

More to the point, though DACA contains the word “Childhood,” most of the dreamers today are in the mid-to-late 20s or even early 30s. Less than 0.3% are under 16. These folks and Leftists in general refer to these people as “immigrants.” However, that is simply not correct. They are still here illegally.

The problem with illegal immigration is that it costs the taxpayers billions each year. Meanwhile, homeless including Veterans are still homeless and/or ignored. I don’t hear this same far left offering concerns for these groups. When illegals come here, they are often given priority over America’s homeless and Veterans.

The other problem with granting blanket amnesty to a few hundred thousand illegal aliens is that it is a slap in the face to all those who came to this country legally as immigrants and went through the proper channels in order to be allowed into America. Again, this does not bother the far left. So what would Jesus say? What would He recommend?

My great grandparents legally immigrated to this country from Italy. I have their Ellis Island certificates framed in our living room. They went through the entire process which included a medical evaluation. Many who tried to come to the United States through Ellis Island or other legal entry points were turned away and sent back to their home country due illness or something else. Not everyone who tried to immigrate to America was automatically allowed in.

My wife’s grandparents and parents are another success story. Because of WWII, her grandparents and parents lost everything and were sent to “relocation” camps from Yugoslavia to Austria. They spent many years there trying to live normal lives in a fenced camp. They applied to be admitted to the United States and the process took years to accomplish. They had to fill out all the papers. Then they had to have medical exams (another one just before they left to come here). They had to then wait until a sponsor could be found to bring them into the USA. A sponsor’s job was to take responsibility for the person or family so that when they arrived to America, the sponsor would guarantee them find housing and most importantly, employment so that they would not be a burden on the American taxpayer or government. Without a sponsor, the door remained closed.

Drawing from memory of the camp by one of those living there.

Finally, after ten years of living in Lager Haid camp (literally, “camp outside city”), a Catholic diocese in Fresno, California agreed to sponsor my wife’s parents. Another diocese in Milwaukee, Wisconsin sponsored her grandparents. They were finally allowed to enter the United States. They quickly got settled, began work, started the process of learning English and also began the process of applying for citizenship. There are millions of stories like this from people who legally came to this country.

But those on the far left will tell you that we should simply open our borders and let everyone who wants to come in, to enter. They say Jesus would do this. They tell us that Jesus was also an “illegal alien” when His parents went to Egypt. Of course they are wrong because Egypt was part of the Roman Empire at the time and people who legally lived in the Roman Empire could travel wherever they wanted to travel within that empire. It’s no different from traveling to any state within the United States and not having to show your passport each time you cross state lines. As an American citizen, I am free to travel wherever I wish to travel within the United States.

Would Jesus set aside the law of the land? Would Jesus welcome people who are illegally here? The far left points to Jesus’ love for people, how He fed multitudes, how He healed many, and even raised the dead. Surely, they believe, this same Jesus would have a burden for the plight of so many people illegally here in the United States. While His compassion would certainly extend to them, He would not for a moment encourage them to break the law. It is unconscionable that people believe He would.

Folks conveniently forget that Jesus obeyed the law. In fact, He upheld and fulfilled every aspect of the law. He never advocated breaking the law. While He often ignored the traditions that the Pharisees loved to place in front of the actual law, Jesus was not a law-breaker. He would not encourage people to come to this country illegally.

If you arrived home one evening to find an unknown family sitting in your living room, watching your TV, and eating your food, what would you do? I’d bet even if you are a far leftist, you’d likely call the police. Why? Because they are breaking the law and stealing from you and you understand that what they are doing is illegal. Would you be satisfied if the police came and only removed the parents and said you had to keep the kids because it’s not their fault the parents brought them illegally into your home?

Most people lock their doors in their home and autos and I’m assuming this applies to Leftists as well. Why? Because they know there are criminals out there who live to take what does not belong to them. Somehow though, when it comes to people being illegally in the United States and using valuable resources that belong to Americans, our hearts are supposed to set our laws aside? California’s “sanctuary” status is a complete mockery of the law. It protects criminals illegally here while not doing the same for legal California residents. It’s a sham and the federal government needs to take appropriate steps to reel these far left leaders back to reality and under the rule of law that they swore to defend and protect.

There is a huge difference between inviting someone into your home and having your home broken into. It’s a shame that those on the far left are so out of touch with truth and reality that they cannot wrap their brains around this concept. No amount of debate or discussion will change their minds because they are governed by emotional virtue, not truth. They feel, therefore they believe. However, their “feelings” only extend to certain situations, while being completely oblivious to other situations that should legitimately generate compassion. There is nothing in the Bible that backs the arguments of the far left up. Aside from their emotional virtue, they have absolutely nothing.

We know beyond doubt that the only reason Democrats are pushing DACA is because they know that those here illegally will vote for Democrats. It is interesting to learn that many blacks and other minorities are leaving the Democratic Party. They are beginning to see the results of what President Trump is accomplishing and how it is benefiting them. Under eight years of President Obama, things simply got worse for blacks, with unemployment continuing to rise. It is now the lowest it has been in decades, but the Left is spinning that too, just as California wants to take away 50% of revenue received from Trump’s tax reform from Californians.

Eventually, it would not surprise me to watch the Democratic Party crash and burn. It is on its way because it is nothing like the party that existed during JFK’s administration. Nothing. It has gone so far left that it more resembles Communism/Marxist than anything else.

No other country I can think of would allow what many on the far left are demanding that America do for those illegally here. Imagine if you snuck into Japan, or France, Canada, or England. You would be there illegally and face immediate arrest. Imagine if you started to make demands of that government; that they should take care of you and even grant you citizenship simply because you snuck into their country illegally. The absurdity of the situation is only trumped (no pun intended), by the fact that this is exactly what far left individuals in America insist should happen for “dreamers.” Try sneaking into Mexico without proper credentials and see what happens.

DACA was illegally put into place when President Obama completely bypassed Congress (which is the group that actually makes laws), simply signing an executive order (EO), with everyone treated it as though it was an actual law. It is not. Not even close.

Saw this today. While he’s busy resisting “hate,” his hatred toward Trump and conservatism cannot be measured. It’s despicable and would be so if the far right did the same thing toward President Obama or leftists.

The far left has a problem. Their ideology is entirely wrong. It is not based in the Constitution or on Scripture as they seem to believe. Theirs is the true ideology of hatred based in Cultural Marxism (emotional virtue; political correctness), which is the antithesis of truth.

The time for lies is over. The time for the far left ideologues shouting their lies, insults, and anti-God slogans is over. The rule of law as outlined by the United States Constitution needs once again to take center stage. Those who cannot or will not abide by it should not be welcome. It is really that simple.

These same far left individuals whose hearts bleed for “dreamers” has no such concern for America’s homeless, America’s Veterans, or America’s unborn. They have no concern when people like Katie Steinle are shot down in cold-blooded murder but their hearts go out to the man who says he “accidentally” pulled the trigger…twice.

The far left wrongly believe that God is on their side and that they speak for him. The far right has the same problem. These two extremes need to go head to head and be done with it. Maybe the few who survive such a battle will be too shredded to even be noticeable anymore. One can only hope.

The rule of law within the United States is the Constitution. Those who cannot, will not abide by it should not be here. There are plenty of countries they can adopt that are more along their socialist, Marxist lines. I invite them to start packing.

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