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February 13, 2013 at 8:29 AM

I did not watch the State of the Union address for a number of reasons.  First, I’m tired of being lied to by elected officials.  They, of course, would never admit that they are lying.  They are simply presenting a nuanced viewpoint.  Second, I’m also tired of being treated as though I am a moron and as someone who is “holding” things back because of my conservative views.  In fact, I am exceedingly weary of the way things run in Washington, DC in general. While most of us who have and use our brains realize that things are running nearly to a standstill there, it is obviously not without design.

Since I did not intentionally watch the State of the Union address, I knew it wouldn’t matter because for days afterwards, pundits and bloggers alike would have a field day discussing what was and what was not said by Mr. Obama.  Those on the Left would dutifully come out to support him any way they could and those on the Right would come out to point out what he failed to say as well as what – if anything – he lied about.  There was really no reason to watch the State of the Union address because I know better than some elected official how this country is doing and certainly how I’m doing.

Of course, from what I’ve read, Mr. Obama pushed his desire for more anti-gun legislation.  I like what one article was titled:  “Obama packs house to push gun ban agenda; millions of late-term aborted fetuses unavailable for comment.”

The Left sees absolutely no hypocrisy in their positions at all.  While they decry the death of innocents because of guns, aborted children are a norm that they stand behind every time.  It’s absolute hypocrisy and shows them for what they really are, yet too many on the Left say they see no problem at all.  That’s because either they are lying to themselves or their consciences have become truly seared so that they are not affected at all by the murder of nearly 4,000 unborn babies daily.

Allen West indicated that “There are countless false statements, but what is most disturbing is his failure to address our most pressing issue, our debt. Never did he mention approving the Keystone XL pipeline, and he certainly did not take responsibility for the hollowing of our military. His own Press Secretary admitted sequestration came from the White House. It’s another empty feel-good speech with no specifics on tax, regulatory, or monetary reform. And it seems he’s not the President of all Americans, just those he deems middle class – the ones his failed policies are decimating – and sadly, many of whom voted for more of the same.” [1]

Even Left-leaning MSN.com discussed Mr. Obama’s speech and “fact-checked” things, noting that Mr. Obama heavily exaggerated (something they called putting a “rosy spin” on things of course) that he discussed during his speech. [2]

CNN – the darling network of Leftwing Marxist strategies, information and sound-bites, also fact-checked Mr. Obama and again, he came up wanting.  In fact, they noted that his State of the Union address “gave a nod to the opposing party, but most of it could have been from a campaign speech last year.” [3]

Of course, one of the things that Mr. Obama wants is to see the minimum wage go to $9 per hour.  You know – sigh – this never works in any long run.  It simply doesn’t.  No sooner is the minimum wage increased, then other things – either directly or indirectly – connected to it rise as well.  At best, increasing the minimum wage only works as an immediate and temporary fix.  It’s really nothing at all and in the long run, makes things worse, as far as inflation goes.  It’s simply not any type of answer at all.  If it rises again, services and other things will also rise.  It won’t help.  Minimum wage is not supposed to be a livable wage.  It is the minimum that people can be paid.

My first real job was at McDonald’s (when I was still in high school) and I was making five cents more than minimum wage at the time, which was $1.80 per hour.  Gas was (at its highest point) fifty-six cents per gallon.  Interest on my bank account was 6%.  Over the years, minimum wage has progressively increased under numerous administrations so that it is somewhere in the neighborhood of nearly eight dollars to nine dollars an hour (as of January 1, 2013):

  • Arizona – $7.80
  • Colorado – $7.78
  • Florida – $7.79
  • Missouri – $7.35
  • Montana – $7.80
  • Ohio – $7.85
  • Oregon – $8.95
  • Rhode Island – $7.75
  • Vermont – $8.60
  • Washington – $9.19 [4]

So, are we better off today with a minimum wage as it is now?  Nope.

As Allen West notes above, there were several very important subjects that were not even tackled by Mr. Obama in his speech.  As we’ve seen even from the Left, the things that Mr. Obama did speak of were either exaggerated or falsely represented based on misinformation or long-term projected goals that we will not be able to compare against until 2025 or later.  As far as State of the Union speeches go, I get the strong feeling by not watching or listening, I missed nothing and I saved myself a ton of angst.

So if I did not watch the State of the Union address, what did I do?  Well, I did something that was far more interesting.  I watched the new Netflix drama House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  I have to say – except for the swearing, which I absolutely detest, the show itself appears to highlight the way things are likely done in Washington DC.  It involves political intrigue, deal-making, serious innuendo, and much more!  In other words, if you want to know how things work in DC, don’t read about it in the newspapers and certainly don’t expect to learn of it from any of the TV news bureaus.  Watch House of Cards because it shows how relationships in our political capital actually work.  It is on that basis that laws are passed or not.

How do we know that things work like they do as shown in House of Cards?  On a personal level, my wife used to be president of a California-based educator’s organization.  As such, her organization would at times, try to get legislation introduced into and through Sacramento.  For an outside organization to do this, a sponsor (or sponsors) were needed.  They had to work with someone who was already a legislator and that bill would then gain steam (or not) through the efforts of the sponsor(s).

At one point, they were working with one individual who really loved what they were doing and wanted to see it come to fruition.  However, he point blank told them that he would not be able to support it because he had to play party politics.  He was beholden to his own party and could not deviate.  If he did, he would become a pariah to the rest of his party.  This was an eye-opener, not only for my wife, but for the rest of her team and though they walked away dejected, they realize that the senator had done them a tremendous service by telling them the way it worked.  That fact saved my wife’s organization plenty of time and money.  She understood then how the game was played.

You see, it doesn’t matter how great a bill is for it to pass.  All that matters is who is beholden to whom.  We’ve all heard the phrase “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”  That truth is never more alive than in politics.  Things only get done because someone goes “to bed” (though not often literally) with someone else and in return, they receive political favors.

This is why those in Congress can talk big to the cameras, complete with threats but the reality is that the real threats and deal making goes on behind the scenes, completely out of the limelight.  It’s amazing and tragic at the same time.  That’s not supposed to be the way it works, but it is the way it’s done.

If you watch Kevin Spacey’s character closely, there are times he breaks the fourth wall.  He looks right at the camera and talks to the viewer.  These little speeches let us know what is underneath; the subtext.  Sometimes, he’ll simply give a quick look or a roll of the eyes to the viewer.  All of it matters because it let’s us know what’s really happening beneath all of the superficial verbiage that takes place on a daily basis.

In truth, to really make it in political circles, a person has to be made of emotional steel.  They cannot bend in the wind.  They have to be able to see through their opponent’s game and know that they have a better way of playing that same game.  The idea then is to bring your opponent to his/her knees so that they owe you.  If you are unable to do that, you will never have any type of power in DC.  It is just that simple.

In one episode of House of Cards, Spacey’s character was being dragged into an unwanted battle in his home turf – a political battle.  One guy who had run against Spacey’s character and lost – was heating things up again, this time over the death of a young girl in town because she had been distracted by a water tower that Spacey’s character had fought (with the farmers) to keep.  Because she was distracted (and texting while driving), she lost control of the car and was killed.  Spacey’s character was made to look at fault.

The opponent of Spacy’s character was using it as a huge tool against him and it looked like he was going to win.  I won’t spoil it for you, in case you decide to watch the show yourself, but it is very interesting to see how things turned out.  Again, it all boils down to what you can gain over your opponent.

Stepping out of the “imaginary” and back to “real life,” if we consider the fact that Mr. Obama is extremely well insulated, we come to realize that no amount of subterfuge against him will succeed.  He is very well backed and much of the money is likely coming from foreign sources.  Those foreign sources have way too much to lose should Mr. Obama be brought down politically, so the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Mr. Obama himself is nothing and we need to realize that.  When we stand against Mr. Obama’s policies, we are actually standing against the polices of those who put him (and have kept him) in office.  We’re not standing against Mr. Obama per se.  We are simply standing against what Mr. Obama puts forth and if you don’t know by now that he is a puppet on the grand scale, you’ll probably never come around to seeing that.  Bush was a puppet too.

But this is precisely why no amount of lawsuits or legal action against Mr. Obama has taken root.  It will likely not take root or have any real or lasting effect on him either, unless the elite pull their support of him.

So, because Mr. Obama is backed so well, those who work with him (or oppose him) in Congress know that they are not simply dealing with Mr. Obama.  When they speak to Mr. Obama, they know they are speaking to a mouthpiece who represents other interests and that’s all.  They know that he simply represents the people who put him into office.  Because of that, the respect they may show Mr. Obama is really directed at those who have put him in office.

Those who oppose Mr. Obama publicly also know they are opposing those who put him in office.  However, everything in politics is heavily nuanced.  This is always the case, unless an actual unplanned mistake is made.  When that happens, political analysts and “fixers” go into overdrive.  For Mr. Obama, the biggest set of allies he has is the news media.  The people representing the various news bureaus go to bat for him as soon as some problem rears its ugly head.  They are his “fixers” and he knows it.  People like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and others in the media carry Mr. Obama’s torch and do whatever they can to override his opponents.  They are not above lying and that is a proven fact as well.  Whatever it takes, is really the motto.

So the American people – at least those of us who value the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights – are under a major handicap.  We can blog and do our best to spread the word, but the truth of the matter is that the professional news media will always be many steps ahead of us.  They have far more power and therefore influence and will ultimately do whatever they can to protect (and serve) the interests of Mr. Obama because those individuals are beholden to the people who own the media.  There is no such thing as an unbiased media today.  It simply does not exist.

For a while now, I have been researching and writing about political situations that have occurred and evolved in our nation and throughout the world.  There are certainly better writers than me out there, but I have written from my perspective and though I may not have been correct at every turn, I have called things as I have seen them.

The more I have researched things, the more frustrating it has become.  This is because I have realized that no amount of my blogging will necessarily help or change anything.  I would like to see a return to values that this country had some forty or fifty years ago, but there were problems even then.  I also know that this is a pipe dream, not because of what I see happening in the world, but because of what I know is written in God’s Word.

It does not appear that things will improve until things first become hell on earth.  That is not a pleasant thought, but it appears to be an inescapable one.  There are many who call themselves Christian who believe in and agree with the tenets of Socialism.  They point to the book of Acts as proof that Jesus Himself was a Socialist.  This is absurd in my view.  Socialism will only work when Jesus physically reigns and even then it’s not going to be socialism so much, but an imperialistic rule by God Himself.

To think that people can actually work within the confines of socialism to create a utopia on earth is asinine.  For that to happen, greed would have to be completely excised from all people and that is impossible.  So what we have happening instead is a major push toward a two-leveled society: one in which the very top is controlled by the elite in a perfect form of capitalism (no competition), while the lower level is lived out by the rest of us in a version of socialism.  The “haves” will get their dream of ruling over the rest of us.  It’s perfect…for them.  This is what the world is moving toward and people like Mr. Obama, at the behest of the global elite, are making that happen.

Not long ago, a friend of mine and I were discussing this very topic about politics and the end times.  She mentioned that when she was much younger, the idea of living during this time was exciting.  Now that we are living through it, it’s a bit terrifying (my paraphrase).  I couldn’t agree more.

It reminds me of the disciples and apostles of Jesus after His death.  They hid themselves from “the Jews” because they were literally going door to door trying to find followers of Jesus who had turned the area upside down with His teachings, His miracles, and His claims.  Now that He was dead, His sheep had scattered and the religious leaders moved in for the kill. For them to see what was transpiring in the world was unnerving and so it is today.

Most recently, I cancelled most of my social network memberships.  I was a member of the new Tea Party Community as well as Facebook.  I’ve wanted to get rid of Facebook for quite some time because of all the “lefties” who control that site under “Heir Zuckerberg,” and have finally done so.  The trouble with the Tea Party Community is while the idea is good, they’ve had more than their fair share of trolls that – at times – have even shut their site down.

I happened upon one forum of, as it turns out, Lefties who absolutely delight in overrunning places like the Tea Party Community.  They try to overload the servers or they simply pretend they are “conservatives” and do everything they can to create one problem after another.  They’ll even resort to posting porn.  It’s all so childish, but apparently, the conservative voice needs to be silenced, as far as they’re concerned.  So much for freedom of speech.  Then again, the Left is not known for their support of the Constitution.  These folks also want to destroy the 2nd Amendment and they’ve already made inroads with the 4th.

So the Left works very hard to out shout those of us on the Right; the dreaded conservative.  They do their best to make us appear as something we are not and the “low-information” people simply take what the Left projects as truth.  These “low-information” people do this because they really cannot or will not think for themselves.  The media play the game of supporting the Left to make conservatives appear outnumbered.

Since ridding myself of Facebook, the Tea Party Community, and other venues, and watching what, in my view, is at least partial truth where politics are concerned in the show House of Cards, I have found that I am becoming more relaxed and I am even laughing more.  It’s no longer on my shoulders.

control_coverI have said for the longest time that God is in control and I have even released a new book with that title.  Click here for more information.  I certainly believe that, but I have had to ask myself why I get so frustrated (and at times, even angry) with everything in life if I believe that God truly is in control?

Well, the answer is that I either must believe that I am responsible for changing things, or I really don’t believe that He is in control after all.  So which is it?

lestonGod is in control.  There is no doubt.  In fact, my wife and I have been reading a book that is very enlightening called The Bible in World History, by Stephen Leston.  It’s a fascinating look at the history of the world from a biblical perspective.  It truly reminds me of just how much God controls all things, even in secular history.  It’s fascinating.  You can learn more about this book by clicking here.  It’s not that thick so it won’t take you months to get through it.  Check it out.

We are living in a time when truth is not only relative, but is actually rarely spoken.  We have people calling evil good and good evil.  I realize I do not have the temperament to deal with the lies that our society and world faces on a daily basis, mainly from politicians who prefer “nuanced” speeches, as opposed to telling it like it is, which would eliminate a good deal of questions.

Mr. Obama, in his State of the Union address, is a perfect example of someone who foists exaggerations and even lies onto the populace, yet many will not see them because they are simply not inclined to do their own fact-checking.  They will continue to claim that anyone who dares to disagree with Mr. Obama is nothing more than a racist and anyone who is a racist should be ignored, but first, castigated.  You cannot stand against stupid.  It simply does not work and you’ll expend tremendous amounts of energy in the process with nothing to show for it.  Proverbs has a good deal to say about stupidity and fools in general.  I like these verses from Proverbs 26:4-5 that say, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Or you will also be like him. Answer a fool as his folly deserves, That he not be wise in his own eyes.”

We live in a day and age where real information is in very short supply.  Politicians do and say whatever they will to sway their audience and to make themselves look good and altruistic.

In his willingness to be used by the elite and their desire to get things accomplished as quickly as possible with the time remaining, Mr. Obama is being made to appear as a in-depth liar.  In the process, it also makes him look like someone who does not care if others see through his lies.  This is the way it is in our nation’s capitol; business as usual.

So, if this is all true, what is the average person supposed to do?  How are we supposed to react to all of the lies and exaggerations we routinely hear?  What, if anything, can we do to improve things?  For what it’s worth, I will try to focus on a few of these things in my next article.  Stay tuned.


[1] https://www.facebook.com/ElectAllenWest

[2] http://news.msn.com/politics/factchecking-obama%E2%80%99s-state-of-the-union

[3] http://www.cnn.com/

[4] http://jobsearch.about.com/b/2013/01/01/minimum-wage-increases-for-2013.htm

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