The Absurdity of the Situation

February 13, 2013 at 2:55 PM 2 comments

My wife and I ran a few errands today and ended up buying some coffee at one of those coffee places; you know the ones 🙂  At any rate, after ordering we stood waiting for the order to be filled and I noticed a newspaper that had a headline that essentially summarized Mr. Obama’s State of the Union address.  It said something like he wants to essentially help make the Middle Class prosperous.

I had to laugh.  Was that really their take on it or is that what Mr. Obama really said.  Well, as much as I hated to do it, I looked for and found a transcript of his State of the Union speech online and read through it.  Sure enough, he said, “It is our generation’s task, then, to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth — a rising, thriving middle class.” [1]  There it is, in print and it was the third paragraph of his speech, so he wasted no time in getting to that point.

Mr. Obama followed that up with, “It is our unfinished task to make sure that this government works on behalf of the many and not just the few, that it encourages free enterprise, rewards individual initiative and opens the doors of opportunity to every child across this great nation.” [2]

See, this is what I mean by watching and listening to a speech like this live on TV.  It’s annoying because it is empty.  It’s like continually hearing from a guy who owes you money that he plans on paying you just as soon as he receives his next paycheck and there is always one reason or another why – when he receives that paycheck – he cannot pay you then.

I’m sorry I feel that way about the man who sits in the Oval Office, but either he thinks the American people are really stupid, or he himself, is really stupid.  Maybe it’s a combination of both, or quite possibly, he really believes what he says and hopes to bring it to reality.  I have a very difficult time believing this though.

The truth of the matter is that because Mr. Obama pushed Obamacare alone, the Middle Class is already starting to see many new taxes this year, in 2013 and we will see even more next year, in 2014.  Beyond this, in our household, we have already seen a change in insurance by our having to pay a larger deductible.  We already have quite a bit of money removed from our paychecks to pay for said healthcare, so it’s not as if the government has done us any favors.  In other words, unlike what Mr. Obama promised, healthcare costs are not going down.  They are steadily increasing.

Further, if we want to talk about economic growth (and apparently, Mr. Obama does since he brought it up in his speech), then it is clear that we need to talk about jobs.  Mr. Obama understands that because he also stated, “It is — it is our unfinished task to restore the basic bargain that built this country, the idea that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like or who you love.” [3]  This was actually stated as the second paragraph of his speech, in between the two above quotes.

However, these are really just words when it comes down to it.  It’s nothing but carefully crafted verbiage and unfortunately, when we compare this verbiage against Mr. Obama’s actions (an equation that determines truthfulness), we cannot help but conclude that Mr. Obama comes out as being woefully short when it comes to being truthful.

During his first term, Mr. Obama put together a “jobs council,” yet we know for a fact that he met with that council once.  We also know that just after being re-elected, he disbanded this same jobs council.  I’m not sure what it tells you, but it tells me that his jobs council was for looks and looks only.  It obviously did nothing that a jobs council should do.

We also know that Mr. Obama has done quite a bit to keep jobs from happening here in America.  As I noted in my article just prior to this one, Mr. Obama stated nothing about the Keystone Pipeline, which would create jobs in this country.  I heard him say during the re-election debates, that he wanted to make the Keystone Pipeline happen.  His posture while stumping for re-election was clear with respect to jobs.  Again though, those were his words.  It was what he said in order to be re-elected and when push comes to shove, we must look at actual job numbers.  They aren’t pretty, though the White House takes a different approach there.  It’s all sleight of hand and shifting focus.

Mr. Obama’s EPA regulations have made it very difficult for coal mines to remain open.  More EPA regulations are coming down the pike and beyond this, we know that early on – I believe even before his first term – he talked frankly about how difficult it would be to open coal mines and to keep them open during his tenure as president.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama’s first term in office has proven to us that he is a job-killer, not a job-creator.  But now, we are to believe his most recent verbiage from a State of the Union address.

Mr. Obama spent far more time discussing his anti-gun aims than anything related to the economy.  He wants to see more serious anti-gun legislation and we have him on record from before his first term stating that he does not believe people should own guns.  This of course, flies in the face of the 2nd Amendment, but the Left doesn’t care about that.  What they care about is moving their agenda toward fruition.

We can discuss this until the cows come home, but what most of us really need is to know what to do about things like our terrible economic woes and the attempted gutting of Constitutional amendments that provide us our rights and privileges.  What do we do?

I’m not a genius and neither am I a prophet.  I cannot see into the future except what God has purposefully shown us through His written Word.  I do not know what will happen tomorrow, nor am I aware of how far the anti-gun lobbyists will succeed in pushing their anti-gun agenda.  I know that the Bible says that the last days will be terrible times.  Jesus Himself warned about this in Matthew 24 – the Olivet Discourse.  Things would be devastating and never would there be such a time in all of history that would rival it.

There is something that is definitely in the “air” as it were.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Evil is seemingly overtaking our land and the world at large.  It can only be described as something akin to the demonic that is being increasingly released onto society.  That is the only thing that – to me – actually explains what is happening throughout the world.  At a time when people continue to look toward the future for that ever illusive utopia, evil seems to be puking its brains out throughout society.  People have become harder and more devious.  They are far less concerned about anything except themselves and their own interests.  Hatred seems to be at an all-time high and people with mental disorders are rising to the surface as never before.

I’ve read many articles from numerous sources – some sensational and some not – that allegedly reveal what some governmental department is planning for America.  We’re told about coming civil strife, designed to pit whites against blacks and blacks against Hispanics.  We’re warned that food and gas prices are going to skyrocket out of control.  Three weeks ago, gas around here was $3.13/gallon.  Now, it’s $3.59/gallon.

People tell us that one day in the not-too-distant future, some type of Martial Law will be declared that will forever change the way Americans live, work, and play.  The Constitution will be shelved and replaced with something else.

In essence, if all those warnings are right, America will become much like a third world nation overnight, with people who have nothing, trying to take whatever they can from people who have something.  Now, with the fight ramping up related to gun rights, people are nervously awaiting the results while trying to stock up on weapons and ammo just in case the anti-gunners win the day.

So what do you do with all of this information?  What do you say and how do you react to these things?  Do we ignore the warnings?  Do we continue living our lives to the best of our ability and not worry so much about what might happen?

All I can tell you is that there are things we should do, in my opinion, but you may have no inclination to do them.  Worse, you might not be in a position to do them.  If you’re in the latter category, then I do not know what to tell you, except that you should try to find someone else with which you can combine your efforts.

At this end, we are treating things as though we are preparing for natural disasters.  What would we need to have in our home if a tornado or hurricane hit our area?  Provided our home remained intact (which could be a long shot), we would need food, water, and other emergency supplies.  It is not uncommon around where we live for weather to take down power lines or knock out power grids.  If that happens, then what?

We have been consistently working to put away a couple of months worth of food.  We have a generator.  We have a means to defend ourselves in case people decide that looting is the best option for them.  Many will do just that.

If you live in a state like California, you can certainly do some of these things.  Depending upon what happens with any new anti-gun laws in California, you may wind up being put in the position of owning only revolvers, because what they are trying to pass there will make any gun with a removable magazine illegal.  This pretty much leaves derringers and revolvers for handguns and shotguns, certain high-caliber rifles, and Circuit Judges for long guns.  I’m sure that Sen. Dianne Feinstein will also trade in her semi-auto for a revolver as well, right Senator?

You should be able to buy and store up food in #10 cans that are either dehydrated of freeze-dried.  I would suggest the latter because all that is required is to add hot water.  With the former, water must be boiled with the dehydrated product for ten minutes or more.  In the end though, you’ll have to obtain what you can.

It’s not ridiculous to have some type of food pantry anyway and it doesn’t matter where you live.  It should be part of an anyone’s emergency supply.  Our own government recommends it and has lists on the ‘Net that will help you see what you need.

I would also try to simplify your life as much as possible.  Look around your home.  What can you get rid of that you just don’t need?  Break things down to the bare minimum.  You’ll find that getting rid of things gives you more room to store supplies too, kind of a nice trade-off.

I’m not sure that people understand how truly vulnerable we all are today because of the form of commerce we use.  Just about everything in our lives is dependent upon computers and the Internet.  Remove the Internet and most things stop dead in their tracks.  Take a few moments and think about that.

So you should be doing what you can to put away emergency rations so that you will have things for yourself and your family.  You also should have some means of defense because you may need to protect those supplies when/if the going gets rough.

Apart from this, what should we do with respect to our position in life; what we believe or whether or not we can/should work to try to push against the changes that the Left in this country wants to create?  Well, if you have the energy and are not overtaken by the emotional ups and downs of fighting the Left, then keep writing, keep resisting, and keep at it.  If you write a blog, continue writing to expose the Left’s policies.

But please be advised to only be involved in this if you can do it without becoming worn down.  I do not consider myself to be a political activist.  I don’t have the stamina for it and neither do most people.  The reason is due to the fact that many on the Left do what they do because they treat it as a game.  I’m not saying they don’t play for keeps.  I’m simply saying that they enter into the arena as though they are playing a very important game of chess.  They keep their cool, they make their moves, they anticipate their opponent’s moves, and they react accordingly.  They can do that because they know what they are up against and in essence, any small win is a big win for them.

If you notice it or not, those of us on the conservative side of things are always on the defensive because the Left attacks our position unmercifully without letting up.  They are great at name-calling.  They are terrific at pontificating.  They love to shout us down.  Most importantly, they have the ear of the media.  I cannot think of any news network – except possibly FOX News, at times – that defends the conservative perspective.  No one really does.  It’s all we hear, day in, and day out, that those on the right are the loons who are keeping society from moving “forward.”  Just today, I read that Valerie Jarrett claimed that the GOP keeps the administration from moving ahead because they’re “unpatriotic.”  That is asinine, yet she is trying to use terms that most understand, yet in a way that applies the meaning to a group that is actually very patriotic.  She is trying to create a lie that she hopes will become truth.

You know, we heard virtually nothing from Valerie Jarrett during Mr. Obama’s first term.  Why do I get the impression that it will be no holds barred from Jarrett and others during this second four years?  It’s just begun so hold on.

The Left began attacking those on the Right decades ago and it has been a long, arduous struggle.  Yet in spite of the best efforts of conservatives, we continue to lose ground because of the way the Left paints us.

I do not know what to do about that except to do as the Left does.  They are broken records when they want the masses to see things they’re way.  They repeat the charge that we on the right, by disagreeing with Mr. Obama, are racists.  You say that enough times, people come to believe it, whether it’s true or not.  After a while, it does not matter because the lie is seen as truth.  We conservatives have been sitting on the sideline flabbergasted that those on the Left would lie as they have been doing.  We assumed (for too long) that their lies would be seen and rejected.  We were wrong and their lies have become today’s truth.

I have to leave the fighting to others who are better equipped to deal with it.  I have given money to numerous conservative watchdog organizations and I expect them to fight for my rights because they have the ear of the people who really matter.  I have contacted my elected officials, but I simply put little to no faith in what they are able or willing to do.  We will all have to see where the chips fall.

In the end, I am left with the only solution that I sure of, but even there, I have questions.  I believe God will protect His own.  I believe I should not worry about tomorrow (and taking precautions about possibilities is far different from simply standing around worrying over something).  I also believe that if I can find ways to draw closer to Him, then He will draw closer to me.  That means spending more time in His Word and talking with Him, than spending time finding out about everything the Left is trying to accomplish.

I have come to the conclusion that there are a ton of distractions in this life.  The enemy would love me to get pulled away from God and into the verbal battle with other people.  He would love to see me worrying and being frustrated or angry over the issues that crop up.  The enemy of my soul wants me to do anything but thrive spiritually.  He wants me to stop depending upon God for His provision and instead, wants me to focus on all the potential bad things that could happen in this life.

For the sake of my own spiritual welfare and mental health, as well as the ability to care for my family’s needs, I must pull back and actively trust God much more than I have been doing.  I can do what I can to store food and supplies, and I can support groups and individuals who are better equipped than me to fight the powers that be, but in the end, I must place my confidence in God.  If I cannot do that, then everything I have done is for nothing.



[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid

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  • 1. Maria Cowan (@MeMyselfnIAlone)  |  February 13, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    What’s amazing is that the American people keep falling for his lies. So who is stupid?

    • 2. modres  |  February 13, 2013 at 3:18 PM

      Yep, it IS amazing.

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