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Prophet Steve Fletcher is Wrong Again…

The sad truth is that these men are either guided by their own minds, by demonic entities, or both. When God speaks through a genuine prophet – as He has done so many times in the past – the words spoken always come true! It is that simple and that plain, but too many refuse to see it because they prefer to lean into the ethereal, regardless of the source.

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Apparently, Jesus Was Supposed to Return October 17, 2016

Apparently, Dewey Bruton is an individual who has become rather well-known in the end times arena. Who knew? He has a very specific articulated timeline for Daniel as it relates to the end times. I completely disagree with it as do many others, but that doesn’t really matter because Bruton has a large following of people who latch onto every word he has taught. Here’s just one example of the reception Bruton’s teachings have received.

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Daniel’s 70 Weeks is NOT 70 Years!

It is the same thing here in Daniel 9. Gabriel is really giving a bit of a play on words. In essence, as Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum points out (“Footsteps of the Messiah”), Gabriel is essentially saying, “Daniel, it’s not 70 years, but 70 SEVENS of years.”

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Ronald and Laura Weinland and Steve Fletcher are Three Examples of False Prophets

Like Steve Fletcher who also has a habit of making claims that are not fulfilled (making him a false prophet as well), Ronald Weinland seems undaunted by his numerous errors and continues on as though nothing was amiss. This is simply the way it is with false prophets. Normally, when they are shown to be wrong, they will often attack those who call them out. This is the modus operandi for those who esteem themselves as prophets or seers. In reality, they have overworked imaginations and an ability to cause people to follow them. There is an intensity about their personality that makes people believe they have something that others do not.

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Jesus Explains End Times Protocol, Pt 10

It is clear from verse 27 that the final week does not begin until “he” confirms a covenant with the many for one “seven.” What is this covenant? We are not sure exactly what the covenant is, but we are sure that it entails a form of peace for Israel. The fact that it is one “seven” in length tells us that it is the final seven years of this age, just prior to and leading up to the physical return of Jesus.

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Steve Fletcher Says We are IN the Tribulation, But Are We?

It is really frustrating to see an individual like this continue as though nothing was wrong, in spite of the fact that he continues to twist Scripture so far out of joint that it doesn’t even resemble anything like what God intended. I realize that there are those who would argue that I am being arrogant and how dare I decide what God really meant. If they believe that, then clearly, they can’t really believe anything at all. The Bible says one thing or it says nothing.

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Calling Steve Fletcher Out as a False Prophet – Sorry

Steven Fletcher uses a great deal of math, but while I told him his math is way off, he doesn’t hear anything because as he said to me, “Fred, I have to go… its all documented… God opened the book of daniel, unsealed the calendar, to me… its not about me, I am just sharing what the lord has shown, confirmed by the word and signs in the heavens.”

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From the Weird to the Weirder: False Prophets and Baphomet’s Statue

This is the way many in the world think. Their “truth” is always an ever-changing palette of whatever sounds good to them at the time. Like the world, they hover constantly between the pages of Scripture wondering what supra-natural meaning God’s Word has for us, instead of understanding Scripture in its most basic sense as we do in conversation. It goes from weird to weirder.

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