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Is the Occult Presence in Society Increasing or Is It Just Being More Openly Accepted?

What the average fan of Beyoncé does not realize is that she is a creation. Katy Perry, Rihanna and others like them are all creations. When these people make the mistake of thinking they are self-made or truly important, the Elite will drop them like yesterday’s trash, easily replacing them with another person who will willingly sell themselves for fame, fortune, and unfulfilled aspirations. No matter how rich they become, they are being used until there is nothing left of them, but they willingly allow themselves to be used by the Elite so the Elite can send signals to society, to shape it, to brainwash it, and ultimately prepare society for what’s coming.

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Why Are Satan and Demons Allowed to Produce Miracles? Part 2

I find it fascinating that God did not prohibit Satan and his minions from doing what they do naturally in their realm, here in this natural realm. Instead, God simply forbade the Israelites (and Christians as later reiterated in the NT in numerous places) to avoid going there. The door was never to be opened to that realm. Why not? Because those spiritual beings have no good intentions for humanity at all. Their goal is to help Satan bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition, where he will become complete and total ruler of this world and make himself “like the Most High,” (Isaiah 14:14), for a very brief period of time. It all comes down to that, which, in my opinion, is the very reason he makes initial contact with Eve in the first place.

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Horror, Evil, and the Demonic

The Exorcist really opened the door to the occult and the supernatural.

When I was growing up, the idea of a horror movie was frightening all by itself, even if I did not go to see it.  The reality for me is that I have never really been on friendly terms with horror movies.  Of course, back in my day when I was a kid (I’m now 53), the horror movie were certainly far tamer than they are today.

One of the biggest early horror movies to hit the screen at the time that I am aware of (aside from the re-releases of the old Universal Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and others), was a movie based on a TV soap opera; Dark Shadows.  The subject of the show dealt with vampires.  I recall watching it a few times (because it came on during the day) and aside from the stilted acting, it was interesting and not too scary.

The idea of a movie of Dark Shadows meant they could ramp it up a bit.  I never saw it.  Essentially, horror movies of those days were a bit parodied.  In other words, the vampires were always the bad guys, and there was a clear distinction between good and bad.  The other type of horror movie wasn’t a horror movie with scary monsters.  This type usually involved animals, and one of the scariest was Jaws.  I recall seeing that one with my sister and it was scary!  There were a number of “jump” scenes in it that really caused the entire audience to react.

Over the years, we all know that not only have horror movies gotten scarier and bloodier, but they have gone well into the area of the paranormal and supernatural.  It would be impossible to list them all, but a good cross-section of well known horror movies includes the Freddy Krueger series, Jason, Halloween, Hellraiser and others.  That was all one style of horror movie.  The movies they are producing now – thanks to the tremendous reality of computer-generated special effects – has made it difficult to tell the difference between reality and computer-generated effects.  Of course, who can forget The Exorcist where demonic possession was on full display, with a ton of scary effects and sounds?

The other thing about today’s horror movies is that they seem to be very preoccupied with supernatural horror, paranormal, and simply evil.  The more evil, the better.  The more supernatural, the better.  The more the movie delves into the paranormal, the better.  But the question is why is this the case?

Part of the answer has to do with the fact that people have grown increasingly curious about the paranormal and supernatural.  If you have not seen Devil’s Advocate, I’m not necessarily recommending it, though I would point out that the reality of demonic possession was more than adequately portrayed on the screen.  Demons seemed to literally come to life.

I also believe part of the problem is that real demons are taking advantage of the fact that people love to be scared.  If you couple this with their curiosity about the paranormal and spiritual realm, the demons really have something to sink their teeth into.

I have been doing a good bit of studying and research lately on the demonic, Satanism, Luciferianism, devil-worship, etc.  It’s not a pretty area and the only reason I’m doing that is because of one of the books I’m writing.  Part of my research has led me to a book that is literally filled with spells and incantations that are designed to call forth nephilim from the bowels of the earth!  I bathe myself in prayer when I study these books and even with that, I am hesitant to open this particular book.  It is not because I am afraid of demons.  It is because I do not necessarily want to place myself in harm’s way, and could very well be doing that by researching into areas the Lord does not necessarily want me to go into.  So I am praying.  It is well known among Satanists and those of like mind that demons often attach themselves to things that people will touch.  I know, it sounds weird, but if a demon, or group of demons has attached themselves to a particular book, then Christians need to be careful.  The author of the this particular book notes that every word in the book is such that it works to call forth the powers of darkness.  Everything in it, so by just reciting these words, an incantation is being said.  God will protect me, but I am in no hurry to run ahead of him.

Beyond this, the same author just mentioned spent years in occult-type bands (death metal, etc.) and the songs as well as lyrics mirror much within the world of the occult.  In fact, as movie have changed just like movies.  Music of the 60s was very pedestrian at first.  Even the Beatles’ first songs were simple boy meets girl.  “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and others were simple songs that spoke of teenage desires that were very G-rated.  Then things went downhill when the Beatles got into transcendental meditation (TM) and soon we were hearing songs from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Yellow Submarine.

Music had become psychedelic because of the intrusion of drugs into the entire scene.  Drugs, TM, and the casting off of morals opened the door to the spiritual realm.  Soon, many of the popular bands like the Beatles had become very weird and unless you were into the drug scene, it was difficult to understand what the lyrics of many of their songs meant.  Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeath, and a host of others exemplified and emphasized the occult for millions of teenagers all over the world.  Since then, the lid has been blown off and over the decades, music became much more hardcore, with Heavy Metal, Death Metal, and everything that can be imagined all vying for the attention of impressionable young people.

My point is that because demons are often so intertwined with inanimate objects like books, albums/CDs and more (just like they were attached to the “high places” throughout the Old Testament), they can and will affect/infect anyone who happens upon them without protection from on high.  It is like walking into a sick ward of a hospital where people are infected with swine flu.  The chances are very good that you will catch it yourself.  Another example might be if you simply have an old Ouija Board stuck in your attic.  You may think that since you do not use it, it does no harm.  What you fail to realize is that it is a doorway to the world of the occult.  Demons attach themselves to that object because of its purpose.

The other thing I have noted in my research is that demons react to the emotions of human beings.  That may sound weird, but the more movies can terrify us (especially if the movie deals with the supernatural or paranormal), the greater the chance of being affected/infected with their presence.  Do these supernatural/paranormal movies have any good purpose whatsoever?  While many would say, “Oh come on, it’s just entertainment,” I say that demons use these books, music, movies, and concert venues to inflict, affect, and infect people with their darkness, evil, and presence.

When people in the 60s began experimenting with drugs, including LSD or Mescaline, they did not do it because they thought they would see demons.  They did it to experiment.  After they tried drugs, many reported seeing “God” or other spiritual beings and they were able to describe other worlds, etc.  In essence, they opened the door to the spiritual realm that we are not supposed to open.  As soon as they opened the door, in walked a demon…or two…or 30.

I believe it is the same with books, music, and movies today.  A few years back, a friend of mine who worked in the special effects industry of Hollywood was working on “This Present Darkness,” based on the book of the same name by Frank Peretti.  Part of his job was creating and painting the demon maquettes that were to be used in the movie.  In the book, some of these demons were described as sitting on a person’s shoulder right next to their ear.  There they sat, whispering to them all day long.

I asked my friend about it and he said he felt “creeped out” during the process of making these maquette demons.  Is it any wonder?  The movie company was then bought by a larger movie company and they made the decision to stop production in spite of the fact that 7 million had been poured into the movie already.  In Hollywood, 7 million is nothing.  So, the project was shelved, but for my friend, it impacted him.  I believe that demons were already attaching themselves to their representations.

In today’s world, everything is turning to the paranormal, the supernatural, or the occult.  It is becoming common place for people to look into that area even casually (they believe).  They play around the edges of it, watch movies steeped in it and read books about it, all the while thinking they are safe, but they are not safe!

As Russ Dizdar explains in The Black Awakening, the more these evil spiritual beings can access this physical realm, the more they can impact people and the lives they live here.  There is coming a time when they will impact all of society with their unleashed evil.  The momentum is certainly building and Islam’s radical adherents are one of the main players in the entire scenario.

Satan has been working for centuries, but especially in the last forty to fifty years wearing down societal norms that contain any vestiges of morality.  Soon, the last vestiges will be eradicated and all hell will break loose.  Are you ready?

September 10, 2010 at 10:59 PM

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