Two New Books: Anti-Semitism and God’s Highest Purpose

July 30, 2009 at 10:07 PM

salvation_disp_front_coverI have been working feverishly to complete two new books: His Highest Purpose, (cover shown) and Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations.  I can’t wait to have them available mainly because these things need to be addressed.  Will these books do anything to change minds?  It’s doubtful, but the content needs to be out there anyway.

I’m amazed at the way those who stand against Israel do so with such anger and vehemence.  Apparently, they do not see this as any form of anti-Semitism.  Their anger is very telling through, and they would do well to listen to it, and understand that that type of rancor can only come from one source.

The truth of the matter seems pretty clear, yet I am dumbfounded regarding how many people consider their hatred and anger against Jews and Israel to be justifiable.  In my opinion, it’s ridiculous and there is no excuse for it.  Hopefully, by God’s grace, they will come to terms with their mistaken attitude.

The other book – His Highest Purpose – deals with how Dispensationalism views God’s sovereignty and His purposes.  I take the time to defend Dispensationalism against numerous attacks and also detail the specifics regarding just exactly what God’s highest purpose over all actually is, here again, the Dispensationalist and Covenant Theologian are on the opposite of the fence.

On another note, it appears the digging in Jerusalem’s Old City, near what is believed to be King David’s Palace (near and underneath the Temple Mount), “a rare 2,000-year-old ritual earthenware vessel inscribed with 10 lines of text has been discovered in an excavation near the Zion Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is an unprecedented find, according to Dr. Shimon Gibson, the archaeologist who heads the University of North Carolina team conducting the dig.” Gibson continues, “Although the letters are clearly visible it will take some time before their meaning can be discerned due to the style of the writing. Gibson estimated in his preliminary report that it could take up to six months to translate the inscription. “It is written in a very informal cursive hand and is quite difficult to read,” he explained.

Initially, Gibson thought the inscription was written solely in Aramaic. However, a group of experts consulting on the matter was not convinced; they say there is a possibility that the text contains the sacred name of G-d and is deliberately cryptic.” (Arutz Sheva)

jewish_potIt is fascinating what the archaeologists are unearthing over there.  At the same time, those on the Arab side of the Temple Mount continue their illegal digging underneath the Temple Mount as they excavate to make room for another mosque.  Whatever is removed from under the Temple Mount, is unceremoniously dumped in the Kidron Valley.  Who knows what artifacts they are destroying?  They do not care, but for Christians and Jews around the world who believe in God of the Bible, those artifacts mean a great deal.  Unfortunately, the Muslim population prefers to believe the word of their prophet Mohammud, to the exclusion of everything else.

Time moves on toward a climax.  We see it unfolding right before our eyes.  We will see how it will continue to unfold.

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