East Jerusalem in Exchange for the Temple?

December 6, 2009 at 9:29 PM

It could happen…

It would appear that the entire world is coming against Israel.  There is more and more talk about dividing Jerusalem into two parts, and giving East Jerusalem to the Arabs.  For those who do not know, East Jerusalem is considered to the be the old part, or the historical part, and includes the Temple Mount.

Recently, the World Bank decided to give 64 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority, in preparation for their statehood.  The plan is to see this statehood come to fruition within two years.  There are more details here: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3816006,00.html

The trouble is that for all practical purposes, it appears as though the entire world stands against Israel.  Certainly Obama has made his intentions clear.  He wants a Palestinian state to come into being and he wants it soon.  He is one leader who also wants to see Jerusalem divided into two sections, with East Jerusalem going to the Palestinians, to be used as their capital.

So, if Israel stands alone, what can they possibly do to counteract this, without going to war?  Chances are slim that Jerusalem will be divided without any military action occurring.  In fact, even if it was determined that Jerusalem should be divided, with “laws” passed to that effect, who is going to enforce the law?  For those who believe that military action would be able to enforce it, how could it possibly occur without a military incursion into Israel?

The world does not need anymore wars, but the world also needs to support Israel’s right to exist as a state; a victory they won legally in 1948.  Things went along fine, until 1967, when out of the blue, they were attacked on a Sabbath day.  Because it was a Sabbath, they were not in the position of fighting back.  However, once they were able to fight back, they not only regained the land they lost in the first two weeks of that battle, but increased their own borders.

Because of this, neighboring Arab countries say they will not even talk to Israel unless Israel first gives up the land they gained in 1967.  History has shown that in spite of what they give up, they never gain peace.  Their enemies simply move closer, and continue lobbing rockets into Israel.

So, when all is said and done, what might be a scenario in which Israel would agree to allowing Jerusalem to be split into two, with the eastern portion going to the Palestinians to use as their capital?  At this point in time (and granted, I’m no seer), I can only see one thing that would cause Israel to even want to consider giving up East Jerusalem.  That would be if a caveat was included in this deal that granted Israel safe passage to the top of the Temple Mount and allowed the nation to build the Temple.

The chance to not only be on the top of the Temple Mount without harrassment, along with the ability to build the 3rd Temple might just be the very thing that Israel would jump at.  This and this alone may be the very thing that the Man of Sin (otherwise known as the Antichrist), offers to Israel in order to gain peace in that area.  Of course, we know that the peace, such as it is, will last a mere 3 1/2 years before the same man who gained peace, turns on the Israelites with a terror never before witnessed by the world.

Will this happen?  Only time will tell.

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