It’s Not All About Giants (Nephilim)

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Even a cursory search of the Internet for “Nephilim” results in a ton of web sites, with information that could be real, some that is clearly not real, and others where no one knows for sure because there is nothing to corroborate anything.

Most are aware that Genesis 6 introduces us to the Nephilim, the offspring of the union of human women with…what?  Biblical scholars of course, disagree about just what exactly happened way back then.  Did actual angels fall to the point of being willing (and able!) to impregnate human women, with the resultant offspring called Nephilim?  Or maybe these fallen angels possessed human men, and then they cohabitated with human women, with the result being Nephilim?  Could it be that the term “sons of God” does not refer to angels at all, but to fallen men?

What we see in Scripture is something that causes us to blink.  We blink because we are not really sure what happened and we cannot be dogmatic about it.  We shrink from the idea that angelic beings could actually find a way to have physical relations with human women.  Not only is that disgusting, but it goes beyond our ability to grasp and understand.  We do not like the idea of angels (fallen or not), having their way with human women and producing something that would obviously turn out to be part angel/part human.  How does that even work?  More to the point, if that was possible, do we assume that because the offspring is part angel, then they cannot receive salvation?

One thing is clear to me about this situation.  We will not know for sure until we see Jesus and ask Him.  If He is willing to tell us, then we will know for certain.  Since it is in the Bible, it is worth knowing, and hence, worth asking.

That aside though, what is true about these Nephilim creatures – the Bible uses the term Nephilim, which means “earthborn” – is that they are not right.  They are not what God created, nor did He ever intend to create.  Whatever the Nephilim were, is something that Satan did, in his attempt to destroy.  He wanted to destroy God’s creation any way that he could.  Of course, we know that he began with the angels, and unfortunately, one-third of them followed him in his rebellion.

Tossed out of heaven (though still having access to it), he set his sights on God’s earthly creation; namely, Adam and Eve.  He would set out to destroy their relationship with God and in so doing, hope either to gain forgiveness for himself, or simply ruin the relationship that Adam and Eve enjoyed with God.  We know the result of the Tempter’s work.

Later on, as we peruse through the very early chapters of Genesis, we arrive at chapter 6, which tells us ever so briefly about the “sons of God” and their union with human women.  The result was something horrendous.

We know that this horror was replicated throughout the entire world, except for Noah and his family.  Although, in point of fact, we only know that it was Noah who was “perfect in all his generations.”  We can either assume that this extends also to his wife, his sons and their wives, but we do not know for certain.  If one of the sons’ lineage had been corrupted, then there is a case for believing that the line of Seth is what perpetrated these Nephilim monsters much later, when the Israelites arrived at the borders of the Promised Land the very first time, as seen in the book of Numbers.

In the Olivet Discourse, found in Matthew 24 (and also in Mark 13 and Luke 21), Jesus speaks of the fact that “as it was in the days of Noah,” it will also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  Now, if we simply look at the fact that people were so evil, so brutal, and so unredeemable, that God had no choice, but to destroy them in a global flood, we must note that Jesus seems to be saying that toward the end, during the time just prior to His Second Coming, people will be the exact same way.  Does this mean that the Nephilim will appear once again?  It could very well be, however, they may not appear to be as they did during the time prior to the flood of Noah’s time.

What is fascinating to me is what we have been seeing in society with people in the past number of decades.  People have consistently and continually become more violent, lacking in social graces, care about one thing, which is usually themselves, and are generally could care less about the well-being of others.  I also note that the level of violent thought, speech and actions have really ramped up in society and it seems to have happened so quickly.

I was watching a show on PBS the other day, which highlighted songs from the 60s.  It was fun to watch clips from the old Ed Sullivan show and to see groups like the Beatles in all their innocence.  Listening to many of those songs, which were hits then, do not even compare with what passes as song today.  The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and others like them were completely innocent, yet parents were up in arms because of this “boy” band from England, with their pointed shoes, their bangs covering their foreheads and the fact that John was a wisenheimer with the press.

Things changed though and it was not long before the world was introduced to “Sgt Pepper” and other strange things from the minds of these four guys from Liverpool.  Not only that, but much of the music took a bit of a weirder, and even darker edge.

However, if we segue to today’s music, it seems as though nothing at all is held back.  The gates opened and in came the music from the pit.  It’s all the rage and it’s what kids (and adults alike) listen to today.

In the early 80s, I remember hearing Metallica for the first time at work (it was a manufacturing plant).  I thought it was really pushing the limit of good taste then.  Now however, it seems as though Metallica is child’s play to some of the groups that are out there now! 

It’s not merely music, but other areas as well; TV, movies, advertising and all the rest.  Everywhere you look, or whatever hits your ear is filled with a type of vitriol that does nothing more than distill anything good out of people.  Society the world over has become evil, and there is no getting around that fact.  Attitudes have changed, people have changed and there is no going back.

What I think characterized the people of Noah’s day was the fact that evil had absorbed them.  There was obviously no place in the world that one could go and not experience some sort of evil, if we understand Genesis literally.  The world is fast becoming like that again.  Society has veered off the path of morality, good taste and common sense, giving into the darker aspects of life, that are constantly being whispered in the ear.

Where do we go from here?  There really is only one direction – a continued downward spiral.  The only thing that will allow anything or anyone to be salvaged at all is the return of Christ.  I hope you know Him.  Knowing Him is not just saying a quick “sinner’s prayer.”  It is entering into a living, viable relationship with Jesus, just as people enter into viable, living relationships with other human beings.

You do not invite someone into your life with a few words, and then do nothing to support that relationship.  You work at it, you endeavor to know the other person and grow together as time goes on.  This is what is meant when we talk about being a Christian.  I hope that’s you, because this world is not getting better and we can know that it will get much worse before the Lord returns.

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  • 1. John Owens  |  January 22, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    I appreciate your in-depth analysis of Genesis 6:4, and spiritual climate comparison with today. I also share your burden for an awakening.

    If you would be interested in a review copy (pdf) of my preflood novel, The Ninth Generation: Conquering the Giants, just go to Blessings!


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