The Rapture and the Alien Invasion of “Skyline”

September 20, 2010 at 3:20 PM 7 comments

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Interestingly, I (along with numerous others) have written about New Age guru Barbara Marciniak’s alleged transmissions from aliens (higher or ascended masters) who have stated through her that there is coming a time when upwards of 20 million people will be taken off the planet “in a twinkling of an eye.”  Other folks have written about these claims not only from Marciniak, but from other New Age luminaries.

What is fascinating is that while people within Christendom argue about the plausibility and possibility of the Rapture, many within the New Age movement have no difficulty with it at all.  Of course, they believe that while those who keep this planet from evolving to the next level (read: Christians) will be removed from the planet, they will be taken to another sphere within the spiritual realm where they can reconnect with loved ones who have died before them.  If one did not know better, it would certainly seem like these New Age gurus were preaching about the Rapture.  They are not, as far as they are concerned.  They are preaching about an event that will take place by visiting aliens to rid the planet of the forces that hold back its development.  According to these leaders, this will all happen in an instant.

Sounds like the Rapture to me, but of course, the interesting part is that it is the Rapture according to the New Age.  It seems to me that Satan knows full well that this event will occur in God’s timetable.  Because he knows it will occur, he is preparing for it by lying about it.  He is not denying that it will happen.  He is simply giving it another meaning, or reason as to why it will be happening.

The reason Satan has provided his New Age followers is as stated, that the presence of these individuals is keeping the earth from progressing.  He is even telling his followers within the New Age that the event is scheduled to remove Christians from the planet.  Now, while Christians are arguing about whether the Rapture is real or not, Satan is presenting it as a coming literal event.  This event will remove the malcontent Christians so that this planet can get on with growing.

I suppose we could argue that Satan is only guessing.  In such a case then, he will look like an idiot to his followers.  Besides, when would it be determined that it did not happen?  It can only be determined at the end of human history.  Any time before that still contains the possibility.

I believe firmly that this is why so many alien or UFO movies have had people they have taken.  I also believe that this is why since the first cases were made known in modern times (1947, I believe), that the people were left to talk about abductions, being taken TO the ship of the aliens.  Some have even spoken of seeing new worlds, etc.

The reality of a coming worldwide evacuation has not caught Satan off guard.  He has had plenty of time to work to explain this coming event, which will be cataclysmic in nature.  It won’t simply be millions of people missing all at once.  Think about what they will be doing when they are taken.  Some will be flying planes.  Others will be driving cars or other vehicles.  Some will be engineering trains.  The destruction that will be caused by 20 million people gone in an instant cannot really be imagined.  This is another reason why I believe Satan has softpedaled it, focusing on WHY people are going to be taken, instead of the AFTERMATH of such an evacuation.

The upcoming film “Skyline” (due out this November), has a Rapture-type event in it on a large scale, but it is not necessarily instantaneous.  According to information about the movie, NASA has sent a signal into the furthest reaches of space, further than anyone thought possible.  Apparently, it got a hit and soon, aliens arrive to such people off the planet.  This is kind of like a sci-fi or thriller side of the Rapture, kind of a Bizarro world Rapture.  People spend time in the movie avoiding capture in the aliens’ huge vacuum cleaner.  They want no part of it.

In the real world – ours – New Agers do not want any part of it either, because they know that only malcontents are scheduled for it.  How the aliens know who the malcontents are is not explained by the New Agers.  The aliens will simply “know” who the Christ…I mean, malcontents are and remove them from the planet.  Once they are gone, the earth can then continue its natural evolution to the next spiritual plane.

If you notice the poster for Skyline, what appears to be huge pieces of dirt are really people, being sucked up to the sky and the waiting alien ships.  I think we will only see more of this as time goes onward at least until the actual event occurs.  Are you ready?  Have you received Jesus Christ as Savior?  If not, why not?

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  • 1. angela  |  December 13, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    im trying to understand these things when i got married my husband explained to me alot of things he knewabout he had reseched alot of different religions and as for myself i was braught up as a born aagain christian and alot of the things pertaineing to aliens ufos vs god and angels ,demons its very intreagueing. i mean i know there is a god because he has awnsered my prayers and talked to me and miracles have happened and i love god , but is it realy the god that other human beings want us to believe like religion teaches or is it something else? i live god with all my heart for all that he has done for me and believe him and in him!! in going to go to paradise . where ever that may be!!!


    • 2. modres  |  December 13, 2010 at 11:26 PM

      Hi Angela. Thanks for writing and I’m very glad that you are a Christian! As far as your question, I believe the God we are talking about is the only God who exists and is the God we learn about from the Bible.

      The demons do not want us to know this God so they pretend to be aliens to confuse us. I hope you are reading your Bible every day! You learn more and more about God from His Word, the Bible.


  • 3. ArrDee  |  October 29, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Desensitizing. Spelled correctly? Anyways, what we are seeing is amazing:

    We see nearly every day some new technology that both grows the Antichrists’ “Beast System” and serves to gradually get people used to those levels of control. Cameras, RFIDs, SmartCards, Biometrics, On-Star….

    For years now we have seen an explosion of occult/supernatural themed TV shows and movies. Anyone under maybe 30 (?) has literally grown up exposed to concepts like ghosts, evil forces, demons, spell-casting, witchcraft, chymeric creatures, bodily possession. The list goes on. What we are seeing is humanity being CONDITIONED to see and accept actual manifestations of supernatural beings and their abilities. If this did not happen, then people would instantly fear and flee from such things. Instead, they will now say “Whoa – cool, dude – jus’ like Harry Potter” and embrace it. In their minds the visual spectacle is everything – the danger is minimalized and always shown to be pushed back or deflected in the end.

    Now comes movies increasingly like Skyline. There will be repeated examples of how large numbers of people will go away. Predictably the earliest exposures will be like Skyline, wherein aliens do the “Dyson” vacuum cleaner thing on cities. Soon it’ll be a “Solar Flare” or cosmic storm that “disintegrates” people with only a certain brain/blood chemistry. I recall as I type earlier movies, like Night of the Comet. Just checked – 1984. In it, large numbers of people exposed to a comets’ radiation turn into red dust.

    One day I was expressing frustration with the seeming blindness and outright insanity we are seeing in humanity. Politics, culture – the lot. My brother frowned at me, removed his cigarette and exhaled some smoke. He shrugged and said “It is written.” This wisdom from my high school dropout potheaded (formerly) vodka-soaked (formerly) younger brother.

    All we can do is keep spreading the Gospel – The Good News. Big gigantic things ARE rolling – but they do so only because God has it in His plan and for now ALLOWS it. Our task on the individual level is to yank as many folks as possible out from in front of those big things. Soon enough, all who call Jesus “Lord” will be yanked clear by Jesus Christ himself.

    How THAT is explained afterwards is not our concern.


    • 4. modres  |  October 29, 2010 at 10:53 AM

      Hey ArrDee,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I agree. The only thing I take a bit of exception to is your last sentence. While it is not directly our concern how the disappearance of millions in less than an instant is explained, by pointing out how it WILL be explained now before it happens, allows us to enter into discussion with those who believe it will be perpetrated by aliens. We can take the time to explain to them that the coming “great evacuation” was foretold long before modern day aliens ever entered the picture.

      People like Barbara Marciniak and others believe that about 20 or 30 years ago, they introduced something new into the equation; the great evacuation. It’s not new. Paul talked about it, Jesus implied it and there are many references regarding the Rapture in Scripture. It is interesting to me that Satan would spend so much time explaining the reason why the coming great evacuation will occur if the Rapture was not going to happen at all.

      I agree that all of these things should create within us a real need to spread His truth, His gospel. The more people we introduce to Jesus, the greater the possibility of more people entering into relationship with Him through the only salvation that is available. I wholeheartedly agree with you that this is our mission, one that we had best not ignore.


  • 6. Matthew  |  October 9, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Excellent article. Its sad the the Christian community has to be divided on the rapture topic. Some believe pre-trib others mid-trib, etc. Why can’t believers read and study God’s Word, it’s in there as clear as possible that God will send his Son to deliver and rescue us from the wrath to come and take us home to be with him forever before the judgement starts, which is reserved for the rebellous and ungodly. Here’s the ultimate question-If God so loved the world that he send his Son to die for us, so that we can have eternal life, then if he loves us so much, which he does, then why would God want his childrend to go through half the tribulation or all of it which many believe? God does things in order and the next event is the rapture of his true followers. Read about the Philadelphia church in Revelation. It makes perfect sense to me, once we’re out of the way the antichrist can start his dictatorship, since we’re no longer holding him back according to scripture. Even hollywood and the New Age movement know that this will occur soon and since the rise of sightings of UFO’s and strange phenomenon’s all over the world, we as believers of Christ should do as the scriptures command us to look up and lift up our heads for our redemption is near! Get right or get left!


    • 7. modres  |  October 9, 2010 at 10:33 AM

      Thanks Matthew. The reality though is that while some of us clearly see the PreTrib Rapture, others just as clearly do NOT see it and swear by it. A good deal of the problem – in my opinion – lies in the fact that people have differing definitions of phrases like “the day of the Lord” and “the day of Jehovah.”

      The thing that frustrates me the most is how vitriolic Christians can become with one another over an aspect of Eschatology. That – as Paul would say – should not be.



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