Noah’s Ark in Kentucky

December 1, 2010 at 4:24 PM 4 comments

Noah's Ark is coming to Kentucky

This is an interesting story.  Apparently, the Creation Museum in Kentucky, is spearheading the plan to build a full-scale replica of the famed vessel and include it with its Creation Museum.  The price of this venture is said to be over 24 million dollars and the park adjoining the museum will also be expanded.

I went to a few places on the Web where this information is shared and of course, the atheists, liberals, and agnostics were there in droves posting their trash talk.  Of course, many of them not only castigated Christians for doing something like this, but concluded that the idea of a global flood and Noah’s Ark simply perpetuates the ignorance found within the belief system of many Christians.

The answer?  Evolution, of course!  To these same folks, evolution is THE answer to life on this planet, the variety of species and everything else that goes along with it.  One brilliant individual wrote that evolution is seen every day in bacteria!  Um…that’s great, but you would think after the billions of years that scientists have said that evolution has been occurring, we would see something far more substantial than the evolution of bacteria.  Maybe my standards are just too high for the scientific community.

But if we take the time to go back over the history of evolution, what stands out are any number of hoaxes and downright frauds that scientists have attempted to perpetrate on the world, in the hopes of garnering respect for the religion of evolution.

We have the following for your consideration:

  • Piltdown Man: Found in a grave in England, 1912.  Fossil was seen for what it was 41 years later, a complete hoax.  Fragments of the skull had been stained with chemicals to give the appearance of age.
  • Nebraska Man: this was based on one tooth – that’s right, an entire skeletal frame grew out of a tooth, which later turned out to be from a type of wild pig.
  • Java Man: skull and femur were found 50 feet apart and this was
  • Orce Man: found in 1982 in Spain, was proclaimed to be the oldest fossilized human skeleton.  Though originally stating that the skull came from a man who lived roughly one million years earlier, they finally admitted that it most likely came from a 4 month-old donkey.  Looks like Orce Man succeeded in making a jackass out of scientists whose sole desire is to pretend that God does not exist, and use any means necessary to achieve that end.

In spite of these and other serious mistakes, people who prefer not to accept the reality of God’s existence hang onto this distorted and preposterous fairy tale called Evolution.  It has no basis in fact, evolutionists cannot even tell us for sure how life supposed began on this planet, and beyond that, there are no transitional fossils.

In other words, the theory of evolution is so convoluted and unbelievable that it should be classified as myth.  However, it is the only thing that scientists have going for them that separates science from God.

It is also amazing how hostile some of the evolutionists can get when defending their pet belief or denigrating Christianity.  In fact, they become very adept at ad hominem attacks, which is really all they can do.

I am asked to believe that from some ancient primordial soup, the complexity of life evolved into what we have today.  That stretches credulity so far out of shape, it resembles nothing.  How is that possible to have a primordial soup (no comment on where the soup came from) that in and of itself is so complex, or at least contains all the complexities necessary for life in all of its remarkable stages?

We are to believe that some group of amoebas somewhere in past time, had everything already somehow within it to evolve into the complex stage to which human beings have supposedly arrived in 2010?  If that is the case, then why did it have to go through all those stages to begin with, when it could have simply become what we are now, saving a great deal of time and energy?

Evolutionists tell us that certain things are facts, yet in spite of the fact that science should be empirical, nothing within the evolutionary system is that.  It is all guess work, stemming from perspective that “God does not exist,” therefore what happened?  Science gives no consideration to the possibility of God because God cannot be empirically tested or defined.  Neither can a good deal of things.

For instance, does the universe go on forever?  If so, how do we know that?  What happens to all the things that get sucked into a black hole?  If they go to another dimension, why can’t we find a way to see that other dimension?  If they do not go to another dimension, where do the objects go when they enter a black hole?

Here we are, in 2010, billions of years after the alleged beginning of evolution and all science can say is “possibly,” “maybe,” “likely,” and that is supposed to be good enough?  Regarding the start of life on this planet, now science is telling us life may have come from the ocean.  Great, but where did the ocean come from?  Other scientists are now leaning toward the idea that life was seeded here either on the backs of crystals, or by aliens.

That would certainly solve the problem, wouldn’t it?  If science can find a way to answer that question of the actual origin of life on this planet, then I’m sure they believe everyone will stop asking them about it.  “Aliens! Aliens seeded life on this planet!  End of story.  Let’s move on!”  The faithful minions will respond with “Excellent! I knew science would eventually have the answer!  Those crazy, ignorant Christians can finally shut up now.

Where is the proof that life began on this planet either through crystals floating through space, or by being seeded here through the oversight of aliens?  No proof?  So, science is leaning toward something (again) that it cannot prove?  Hmmm, that’s interesting, but certainly not a first.

So the Creation Museum in Kentucky is going to expand its park and include a 1:1 scale Noah’s Ark.  That has all the atheists and “learned” people up in arms.  Some even referred to it as child abuse (a brazen ad hominem attack).

I will say this:  there is nothing that will prove God’s existence to people who do not want to be convinced.  If God were to now part the heavens and speak to the people of the earth, He would still not be believed!  People would simply wonder how the holographic imagery was created! It looks so believable!

If Noah’s Ark itself were found on top of one of the mountains of Ararat, people would still not accept the fact that there was a global flood.  They would claim that a group of ignorant, conservative Christians had spent years building the thing only to pull back the curtain now that they had finished the task.

A number of years ago, while searching at the bottom of part of the Red Sea, a number of coral-encrusted wheels and things were found.  They certainly looked like chariot wheels.  In fact, in the same vicinity, bones and skeletons were found, along with coral-encrusted pieces of what appeared to be armor.  Some of the bones and partial skeletons looked suspiciously like horses.  Could it be?  Could the event of crossing the Red Sea actually have occurred as recorded for us in the book of Exodus?  Holy moley, Batman!

Immediately, a number of atheists weighed in on the subject intoning that it would take much more than a wheel – even if it did look remarkably like a chariot wheel – to convince them that the crossing of the Red Sea event had actually taken place, so there!  Shortly after the discovery of these potential artifacts, Egypt decided that no one would be given permission to do any further research there and closed things down.  There are a few pictures that recorded the evidence and eye-witness testimony of the individual who took the photos.

Do you see?  Atheists could care less about facts, if those facts have anything even remotely to do with the possibility that God does exist.  How many chariot wheels would it take to convince an atheist, 5? 10? 50?  The answer is that it does not matter how many wheels might be located.  Unless THOUSANDS of chariot wheels were located, they wouldn’t budge.  Even if they did begin to budge, the credit would not be giving to Moses or the Red Sea crossing as described in Exodus.  The chariot wheels and such would be said to be of something else altogether.  Scientists and researchers would get together to find out if any other event could have taken place in that area throughout history.  Even if they find something that might have something to do with something that would be remotely connected to some chariot someplace, they would say that the currents of the Red Sea (since it was probably FAR larger eons ago) washed the chariot wheels up/down to its current landing ground.

What possible thing could convince an atheist that God exists?  Besides God directly opening their eyes to the truth, there is only one thing and unfortunately, it does not happen on this side of death.  We all die.  It cannot be helped.  One day, every person will walk through the dark door of death.  Once that is done, the truth will be instantaneous.  Each and every person who walks through that door will immediately know whether God exists or not.  It is that simple…and that final.  There is no turning back.  It’s over.  All chances are gone.

This is where atheists get snippy and state that Pascal’s Wager is merely a philosophical argument that proves nothing.  Wonderful, but I’m not talking about Pascal’s Wager, because Pascal’s Wager assumes only that salvation is good after death, and not before.  In other words, Pascal’s Wager basically states “what have you got to lose? Receive Jesus now and you get free life insurance against hell.”  It’s the most ridiculous argument to try to convince someone to become a Christian, because they wind up becoming one (or thinking they do) for the wrong reasons.

While becoming a Christian is about not ending up in hell for eternity (actually, it’s the Lake of Fire, because according to Revelation, both death and hell are thrown into the Lake of Fire that burns forever), it is far more than that.  It is the individual deciding to submit their life to God in order that God will use the individual as He sees fit in this life, in order to fulfill His purposes here and now.

Becoming a Christian is not about avoiding the eternal frying pan.  It is about recognizing our dire need for God and the only salvation that is available.  It is about allowing God through Christ Jesus to knock SELF off the throne and replace SELF with the only Person who should actually be there – Jesus.

Becoming a Christian starts with a spiritual transaction (cf. John 3) and grows from that vantage point.  It is a life-changing transaction that takes place within a person, and continues throughout the remainder of the person’s life, only to culminate in eternity.

Becoming a Christian is not simply obtaining fire insurance against hell, and living the way I want to live now.  That’s nothing.  This is why people who call themselves Christian often fall from great heights.  It is because the reality of the indwelling Holy Spirit does not exist.  If He does not indwell the person, they are not a Christian.  If He does not indwell the person, it is because they have never had a spiritual transaction.  If they have never had a spiritual transaction, everything they do, say, or think in the Name of Jesus means absolutely nothing (except possible dishonor for Jesus).

I have no problem believing that a global flood wiped out everything except Noah, his immediate family and the animals with him on the Ark.  Atheists scoff at the idea that two of every animal could have fit on the Ark.  The math problem was solved long ago.  What they also fail to see is that God brought the animals to Noah.  Noah was to take them with him on the Ark, but there is nothing that indicates he actually went out and GOT the animals.  Having said that, is it possible that God decided that dinosaurs would be left off the list as well as other animals?

Of course, atheists and others ridicule anyone who has the temerity to believe myths such as Noah’s Ark, yet these same individuals will, with a straight face, look at you and tell you that everything evolved from the great primordial soup in the sky.

Evolution leaves people valueless.  If evolution is true, then man has no more value than snakes, rabbits, or rats.  If the biblical account of Creation is true, then man is the pinnacle of God’s Creation, having supreme value.

The choice of beliefs is yours of course.  The only thing I would caution you about is ask hard questions.  Don’t take a scientists word for it and don’t take a theologian’s word for it.  Do the homework yourself and stop parroting your

favorite Dawkins phrase, complete with cynical smirk.

Beyond this, do not believe that Christianity is merely (or only) an insurance policy.  If that’s what you think of Christianity, better think again.  We are to submit ourselves to Him in thought, word, and deed.  If you cannot or are unwilling to do that, then ultimately, you will have no part in Him, or He withyou.  I pray that you take the time to seek the truth and I pray that you do it today.

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  • 2. kco122568  |  December 9, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    Continue your soul searching. You have a great deal yet to learn. Search for God within you heart, not with your eyes or the senses or the things of this world. Oh that you were a snake, rabbit or rat, for when God created them, they were found to be good!
    On a winter night, when the door to heaven opens and a Pope walks out, as if a ghost in the clouds, with flashes of lightning followed by the saints of heaven carrying torches, and staff’s and swords and machetes to bring judgment on mankind, those who know God not and those who only believe what they see with their senses will be deceived and the prophecies fulfilled. On that night, the reign of the Antichrist will begin. Many will willingly accept the mark believing it to be the mark of God. Be forewarned! God knows you not with a mark, but by the light of your soul which shines forth from your heart. ALL events proceed as God has planned. When this world is destroyed, in God’s infinite mercy, it shall be created anew, to give EVERY damned soul a new chance at redemption. Keep God’s commandments; thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not blaspheme, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt have no other God..thou shalt not worship false idols, honor thy father and mother, keep the sabbath holy, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not bear false witness. God commands that man hold these commandments as HE HIMSELF keeps them and NEVER breaks them. He who claims to be God and breaks any of these commandments is not God, but Satan himself claiming to be God.
    Building an ark, although interesting to see, is not the best way to turn the hearts of men from Satan.
    Can you perhaps think of a better way?


    • 3. modres  |  December 10, 2010 at 12:26 AM

      I’m glad you have arrived and apparently know all. If what you are saying is true, then obviously Jesus is a liar. Every damned soul is unfortunately, damned throughout eternity. There are no second chances once each person leaves this life.

      By the way, if I wanted to do so, I could also speak in the “ethereal” voice to make myself sound as if I am superior to you and everyone else. Wanna hear it? Hear it goes:

      Be careful as you progress through the multitude of soul search stages. Moving toward the light will bring you true peace that can only come from the One who is the true light bearer. The message found deep within your soul must be caressed and gently fanned into flame thereby meriting the true sanctity that possesses both God and all eternal souls. May you consider this as you step through the tall grass. Beware of the fact that deep within the recesses of earth beneath your feet lies the residue of excrement that displays itself as the aura of Astrigal….

      I never said that Noah’s Ark was designed to turn the hearts of men from Satan. What I said was that NOTHING will convince those who do not want to be convinced that God exists. There is only one way to turn the hearts of men from Satan and it is composed of two parts: First, God must open the individual’s eyes so that they actually see the truth. Second, having seen that truth, they must embrace it. The truth is that Jesus Christ is God the Son and He came, lived a sinless life on this planet, died by the shedding of His blood for my sin (and yours) and rose again on the third day. It is only through the belief leading to realization and embrace that Jesus is who He said He is and did what history records that He did that salvation is given to each individual.

      You have not found it yet, unless of course, Jesus is a liar and what He said to Nicodemus in John 3, and what Paul states in Romans 9 is absolute hogwash. I pray that YOU will continue to search for God and cast off the demons that are feeding you nothing but lies. It is certainly your life, but the truth is that you have absolutely no clue how much time on this planet God – the Creator of all things – has given you.

      It appears from what you have written that Satan has enveloped your mind with some very interesting lies. I pray you the Lord will rouse you from the nightmare that you actually believe is a dream of light. I’m really not making fun of you. I just wish you would not take yourself so seriously.


  • 4. RSPmouse  |  December 1, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    Well said Dr. DeRuvo!


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