Is Radical Islam Wearing Out Its Welcome?

December 6, 2010 at 3:36 PM 1 comment

Just today I read that groups in various areas of Europe are starting to march against Islam and the radical Muslims it tends to produce.  People are getting fed up with having to placate and cater to individuals who could care less about assimilating themselves into a new society and in reality, simply want that newly adopted society to kow-tow to them.

Geert Wilders has finally been exonerated, except of course by radical Muslims, who want him dead because he offended these same Muslims for speaking out against Islam.  As Wilders said in a speech, while there can be moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam.  I agree.

Islam is passed off as a religion, yet in point of fact, Islam in and of itself cannot work with other groups, or reside near other groups.  The very nature of Islam is that it must dominate.  Within Islam, there is no room for a variety of cultures, or ethnicity, and certainly no room for anything other than Islam.  All over the world, radical Muslims are taking the stage and demanding that Islam be noticed.  They claim that one day, Islam will rule the world.

Radical Muslims carry placards that read “To Hell with Freedom!” or “To Hell with Democracy!” or “Islam Will Dominate!”  Yet, we have people who still think Islam is not a threat to Western society.

Not too long ago, 19-year-old Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud, hatched a plan to set off explosives, killing as many people as possible in downtown Portland during the lighting of the Christmas tree.  His plan failed because the FBI and other law enforcement agencies found out about his plan and thwarted it.  I guess Allah was not successful at all, in spite of the fact that when Mohamud was arrested, he was heard shouting the obligatory “Allahu Akbar!”

It has since been learned that Mohamud created a video in which he ranted about how bad the West is, in spite of the fact that apparently the West provides good enough schooling for him, as he attended Oregon State University.  The video was replete with all of the stupidity that one would expect from someone who has brainwashed himself to believe that what he was actually saying was the truth.

He is said to have stated, “You know what the whole West thing is? They want to insult our religion,” he says in the video, which the station says was recorded May 22 in an OSU dorm room. “They want to take our lands. They want to rape our women.” [1]

Really?  Did he actually listen to himself as he recorded that video?  What a crock.  No one wants to insult Islam.  They simply want it known for what it is and it is not a religion, but an ideology.  It was born out of violence and produces hatred.  Mohamud is a good example of it.  He has been brainwashed to believe what he says, that we are interested in taking his land and raping his women.

If he is so concerned about the land that is currently controlled by Islamists, why isn’t he there helping them keep it?  Regarding the raping of Islam’s women, come on, does anyone need to be educated about this besides blind Muslims and those who have an extremely misguided view of “love”?

Muslim men routinely marry girls who are barely in their teens.  They are treated like crap and made to walk behind the man.  They must be covered with the exception of their eyes.  They are not allowed to speak unless spoken to (with respect to a man).  As far as raping women, it would appear that Muslim men have indeed raped their women, even if not physically.  They have succeeded in robbing these women of their identities, their value, and their dignity.

A few days ago, I watched a clip from the video “Homegrown Jihad.”  In it, we see terrorist camps in the eastern part of the United States, where both men and women Muslims are trained in the “art” of killing infidels.  There, they learn how to create explosives and hand-to-hand combat.  They are taught that Islam is superior and anyone who deigns to stand in the way (by either not converting to Islam, or speaking against it) should be executed.

Beyond this, Islam teaches that gays should always be executed.  Here in America, we have Gay and Lesbian task forces keeping a watchful eye on Christian ministries.  If people from any of these ministries dares to state that homosexuality is wrong, they are charged with hate speech.  That ministry is then black listed.

Here’s the problem.  Me saying homosexuality is wrong is my own opinion based on Scripture.  It ends there.  I have no intention of beating or killing a homosexual because of their lifestyle.  In fact, there is nothing in the Bible that prevents me from being friendly to these folks.  They are not outcasts.  They are people.  I have a right to my opinion based on what I firmly believe the Bible teaches.  There are groups in the U.S. and the world who would like to take that right away from me.

Islam however, does not stop at simply saying something is wrong.  They put action to their words.  Gays are routinely executed in Iraq and other Islamic countries.  This is what their law – Shariah Law – promotes.  This is how Islamists are taught to live – by Shariah Law – with no exceptions.  It is cut and dried for them.

Yet the groups that are busy watching what I and other ministries may say seem not at all to be bothered by the truly hateful rhetoric that comes from the mouths of all radical Muslims.  If you doubt me, then take some time to do the research!  It is there.  It is not hiding.

After watching a clip from the “Homegrown Jihad” video, there were comments underneath and the top one was from a Muslims who condemned people who actually believed that the video represents Muslims.  Even on video, with proof before his eyes, he was busy denying it.  The video does not represent all Muslims.  It represents an alarmingly growing number of radical Muslims.

As soon as the new amendment to the state constitution of Oklahoma was passed forbidding the use of international or Shariah Law, Muneer Awad of CAIR objected and sued.  Initially, I was annoyed, but now I’m glad, because the more Muslims are willing to sue and demand their own way, the more people may become aware of just exactly what we are up against.

People are finally getting sick and tired of radical Muslims, their hate-filled rhetoric, their death threats, and their willingness to kill people solely because of their position toward Islam.  Radical Muslims view a negative opinion toward Islam as standing against Islam.

In truth, I will stand against Islam because it is evil.  There is nothing good that I have found within Islam.  It does not preach love.  It does not preach peace.  It opposes everything that is not Islamic and seeks to destroy any and every system that is not Islamic.

The Netherlands and parts of Europe are trying to take their countries back from the stronghold of Islam.  Many people see Islam as dumbing down their country and in essence, that is exactly what it is doing because it is turning time back to the 6th century A.D. and that is absurd!

If people do nothing, Islam will come in and take over.  In essence, this is a tremendous object lesson for all of us, especially Christians.  Like 19-year-old Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud, they remain under the radar, pretending to be one of the crowd.  Mohamud’s friends were extremely surprised by his video outburst and his attempt to kill people.  They had no clue and that is where Islam is so extremely dangerous.  We can never know when a Muslim is pretending to go along with the crowd, or is actually a moderate Muslim wanting nothing to do with his or her radical counterpart.  We simply have no way of knowing and that is not the fault of non-Muslims.  It has everything to do with the surreptitious nature of radical Muslims and the way they understand the Qur’an.

Interestingly enough, Mohamud has pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction on a large group of people.  I have to ask, where is his faith in Allah?  Why, if he hates the west because of the things he claims that we want to do to “his” land and “his” women, why isn’t he owning up to the fact that he not only wanted people dead (including children), but did what he could to make that happen?

I’m going to assume that Mohamud will be found guilty, unless the FBI and other undercover officers are lying about what Mohamud allegedly said to them.  I’m going to assume that Mohamud – if we are lucky – will spend the rest of his life behind bars.  If so, that is where he belongs because he obviously cannot “play” nicely with other people.  That is the way Islam was born and developed.  The ability to get along with those outside of Islam is not part of the situation.  Assimilating is done only on the outside in order that the radical Muslim might remain under the radar until he or she wants to literally come out from their hiding in plain sight to cause the destruction that they have intended to cause.

I was watching an episode of Lock-up Raw with my wife the other day.  Part of the reason is due to the fact that I volunteer my time as a chaplain in the local county jail.  It is amazing to me how similar situation are whether it’s a county jail, or within the prison system.  Some inmates seem to always be playing a game with you.  They say what they need to say to gain your trust and then slowly but surely, will try to find ways to use you to better their situation.

When I first began as a chaplain, it was a bit difficult to say “no.”  Now, I have no problem with it.  I’m certainly not mean about it, but I simply explain that it is not within my power to do what they are asking, or they need to contact the head chaplain, or their attorney.  Once you say “no,” they usually stop bothering you and realize why you are there.

I have met Muslims in jail and I have met Christians in jail.  That initially seemed weird to me, but when I considered the fact that the reason these men were behind bars was because they did something (not one man I have talked with has tried to tell me he was innocent) and jail, in a strange way, provides them with the structure that they do not have on the outside, it begins to make sense.

One inmate I got to know before he was shipped out to prison, told me how blessed he felt that he only received a 20-year sentence instead of the life-sentence that was hanging over his head.  It was his third drug conviction.  There was nothing violent in his crimes or behavior.  He readily admitted to me that he was actually glad to be where he was because he knew that it was only being in jail that brought him back to the Lord.  I know that may sound strange, but these men do not expect pardons, or early release.  They know how the system works and they work within it.  They literally submit themselves to that system.

One of the last things the inmate above said to me before he shipped off was that he knew he was supposed to be a missionary to other inmates in jail.  He knew he was to be a light shining in a very dark place.  He could now think straight because he had been off drugs ever since he became incarcerated.  Are drugs available in prison?  Absolutely, so he will have to pray and stay close to the Lord to remain free of drugs.

In the episode of Lock-up Raw, the producers of the show interviewed a man who had viciously tortured and killed his ex-girlfriend after tying her to a chair.  In the interview, everything he said pointed to someone else’s fault.  Even with the woman he killed, he assured the producer that he sensed that as he killed her, she was “fine” spiritually.  Since being in jail, he had converted to Islam, so killing the woman in retrospect, allowed him to think of it differently.  While he said he felt bad about what he did, there was precious little to back up what he said.

This is one of the problems with Islam.  Islam teaches that almost all people go to a type of purgatory after death.  Sound familiar?  It all depends upon Allah when deciding on how soon it is before the dead pass from purgatory to “eternal life” with Allah.  Apparently, all people will eventually get out of purgatory, so in that sense, there is no eternal hell.  But I thought the Qur’an agreed with what Christianity taught?  Uh…sure.

If you really study Islam, you’ll find that it is not original.  In fact, no religion outside of Christianity is original.  They all teach generally the same things.  Muhammad himself picked and chose what he would incorporate into Islam, making it what it is today.

Of course, there are those who charge that Christianity stole heavily from Mithras.  They claim that because they do not know their history well enough.  Ultimately, they are trying to find ways to prove that Christianity is merely a myth and if they can do that, they there is no reason to believe that the Bible contains any truth at all.

I am glad that the world is getting wise to Islam.  It may not be too late to change the tide, Lord willing.  Too many radical Muslims have shown their true colors.  In fact, I can only think of one radical Muslim who has not shown his true colors, but does everything he can to couch his words in subterfuge.  That is as far as I’m going with that.  I’ll leave it up to you to guess to whom I am referring.


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