Urantia and Other Esoteric Writings

May 12, 2011 at 10:42 PM

I’ve been reading sections of the Book of Urantia as well as other esoteric writings that have been written by alleged angels, archangels, and other divine spirits or a sort.  It has always been fascinating to me to read what some other-worldly spirit says about God, Jesus, the Creation, as well as any number of things.

The book can be read online or a printed copy can be ordered.  Frankly, I like having actual copies of books to read through so that I can make notes in the margins and highlight to my heart’s content.  Of course having a book available online makes it that much easier to pull quotes from as I’ve done below.

The Book of Urantia is over 2,000 pages, so it’s not something that you sit down one evening and decide to pour through.  The book is divided into four sections (not counting the “front matter”), with each section having numerous chapters, or “papers.”

The four sections of the Book of Urantia are as follows:

  1. The Central and Superuniverses
  2. The Local Universe
  3. The History of Urantia
  4. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

As an example, the individual chapters (or “papers”) under section four, The Life and Teachings of Jesus are:

  • Paper 120 – The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia
  • Paper 121 – The Times of Michael’s Bestowal
  • Paper 122 – Birth and Infancy of Jesus
  • Paper 123 – The Early Childhood of Jesus
  • Paper 124 – The Later Childhood of Jesus
  • Paper 125 – Jesus at Jerusalem
  • Paper 126 – The Two Crucial Years
  • Paper 127 – The Adolescent Years
  • Paper 128 – Jesus’ Early Manhood
  • Paper 129 – The Later Adult Life of Jesus
  • Paper 130 – On the Way to Rome
  • Paper 131 – The World’s Religions
  • Paper 132 – The Sojourn at Rome
  • Paper 133 – The Return from Rome
  • Paper 134 – The Transition Years
  • Paper 135 – John the Baptist
  • Paper 136 – Baptism and The Forty Days
  • Paper 137 – Tarrying Time in Galilee
  • Paper 138 – Training the Kingdom’s Messengers
  • Paper 139 – The Twelve Apostles
  • Paper 140 – The Ordination of the Twelve
  • Paper 141 – Beginning the Public Work
  • Paper 142 – The Passover at Jerusalem
  • Paper 143 – Going Through Samaria
  • Paper 144 – At Gilboa and in the Decapolis
  • Paper 145 – Four Eventful Days at Capernaum
  • Paper 146 – First Preaching Tour of Galilee
  • Paper 147 – The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem
  • Paper 148 – Training Evangelists at Bethsaida
  • Paper 149 – The Second Preaching Tour
  • Paper 150 -The Third Preaching Tour
  • Paper 151 – Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside
  • Paper 152 – Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis
  • Paper 153 – The Crisis at Capernaum
  • Paper 154 – Last Days at Capernaum
  • Paper 155 – Fleeing Through Northern Galilee
  • Paper 156 – The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon
  • Paper 157 – At Caesarea-Philippi
  • Paper 158 – The Mount of Transfiguration
  • Paper 159 – The Decapolis Tour
  • Paper 160 – Rodan of Alexandria
  • Paper 161 – Further Discussions with Rodan
  • Paper 162 – At the Feast of Tabernacles
  • Paper 163 – Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan
  • Paper 164 – At the Feast of Dedication
  • Paper 165 – The Perean Mission Begins
  • Paper 166 – Last Visit to Northern Perea
  • Paper 167 – The Visit to Philadelphia
  • Paper 168 – The Resurrection of Lazarus
  • Paper 169 – Last Teaching at Pella
  • Paper 170 – The Kingdom of Heaven
  • Paper 171 – On the way to Jerusalem
  • Paper 172 – Going into Jerusalem
  • Paper 173 – Monday in Jerusalem
  • Paper 174 – Tuesday Morning in the Temple
  • Paper 175 – The Last Temple Discourse
  • Paper 176 – Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet
  • Paper 177 – Wednesday, the Rest Day
  • Paper 178 – Last Day at the Camp
  • Paper 179 – The Last Supper
  • Paper 180 – The Farewell Discourse
  • Paper 181 – Final Admonitions and Warnings
  • Paper 182 – In Gethsemane
  • Paper 183 – The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
  • Paper 184 – Before the Sanhedrin Court
  • Paper 185 – The Trial Before Pilate
  • Paper 186 – Just Before the Crucifixion
  • Paper 187 – The Crucifixion
  • Paper 188 – The Time of the Tomb
  • Paper 189 – The Resurrection
  • Paper 190 – Morontia Appearances of Jesus
  • Paper 191 – Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders
  • Paper 192 – Appearances in Galilee
  • Paper 193 – Final Appearances and Ascension
  • Paper 194 – Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth
  • Paper 195 – After Pentecost
  • Paper 196 – The Faith of Jesus

The book is said to have come to us through a process of filtering down from the “Father,” with permission being given for the Urantia “papers” to be given to us.  Ultimately, these papers “were sponsored, formulated, and put into English by a high commission consisting of twenty-four Orvonton administrators acting in accordance with a mandate issued by the Ancients of Days of Uversa directing that we should do this on Urantia, 606 of Satania, in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, in the year A.D. 1934.” [2]

We also learn that intermediaries were used to bring this information to earthlings.  This is a matter of course, as explained by the individuals (“ascended masters”) who ultimately got this book in our hands.

Here is a quote from the book – from the first section and it gives the reader the idea of how information is put forth:

THE Eternal Son is the perfect and final expression of the “first” personal and absolute concept of the Universal Father. Accordingly, whenever and however the Father personally and absolutely expresses himself, he does so through his Eternal Son, who ever has been, now is, and ever will be, the living and divine Word. And this Eternal Son is residential at the center of all things, in association with, and immediately enshrouding the personal presence of, the Eternal and Universal Father. (73.2) 6:0.2 We speak of God’s “first” thought and allude to an impossible time origin of the Eternal Son for the purpose of gaining access to the thought channels of the human intellect. Such distortions of language represent our best efforts at contact-compromise with the time-bound minds of mortal creatures. In the sequential sense the Universal Father never could have had a first thought, nor could the Eternal Son ever have had a beginning. But I was instructed to portray the realities of eternity to the time-limited minds of mortals by such symbols of thought and to designate the relationships of eternity by such time concepts of sequentiality.” [1]

It always amazes me that for the most part, these “ascended masters” speak so strangely, don’t they?  Of course, that adds to their mystique.  Take for instance the statement “We speak of God’s “first” thought and allude to an impossible time origin of the Eternal Son for the purpose of gaining access to the thought channels of the human intellect.”  What is being stated here is that it is impossible to place God in the box of “time” which has a beginning, but God does not.  They use the term “first” so that people will understand it.  They say, “…for the purpose of gaining access to the thought channels of the human intellect” instead.  Stating it that way certainly gives  an air of being erudite and even brilliance.  However, the speech to me comes across as somewhat stilted and even affected.  For the average person though, reading something like that makes it somewhat difficult to plow through, so they intuitively believe that it must be true.

One would think that if these super-brilliant individuals from other worlds were truly brilliant, they would speak in far more pedestrian terms, but then that would take away from the perception they are desperately trying to create, wouldn’t it?

From time to time, I’ll be referring to sections of this book in a number of blogs.  I’ll also be referencing information from The Book of Life, said to have been written by Archangel Michael.  One of things that he tells us is that religion has essentially been a lie, perpetrated by the enemy.  He tells us that the lie began in the beginning, with Adam and Eve and that the God of the Old Testament – “El” is actually female.  We’ll delve into that as well.

One thing that troubles me (aside from the obvious) is the way people are able to take what they read in works such as the two mentioned in this blog and accept the information presented therein as truth.  Most of the time, people are able to do this because they use intuition, as opposed to reason.  This is not to say that reason does not enter the picture.  However, it is to say that often, reason is overruled by intuition.

Another book I’ve been reading is called UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message by Richard Lawrence.  The idea that intuition plays a greater part in determining the validity and truthfulness of something is clear in his writing as well.  In all respects, these books come from the perspective that the New Age, UFOs, Aliens, angels and other-worldly or other-dimensional beings are here to present truth and as such, we should listen and obey.

You may be asking yourself, why is a guy who purports to be a Christian spending his time reading books that may very well teach against orthodox Christianity?  That’s a good question.  The reality is that much can be gained by understanding what those outside of orthodox Christianity are being taught.  A good deal of verbiage within these books is reminiscent of Christianity.  Much of it sounds truthful.

What I will be doing from time to time here is to take what is written in these books and simply hold them up to Scripture.  Of course, this will not satisfy those who read and believe what they learn in books like The Book of Urantia.  For these folks, the Bible is merely a part of the whole, with Urantia going much further and a great deal deeper.

The trouble is that all of these books cannot be correct because there are problems when compared.  Is the problem with the Bible, or with one of the other books?  Of course, any problems I have seen so far, are with the books, not the Bible.  So in that sense, my viewpoint is slanted in favor of the veracity of the Bible.  That will certainly disappoint some who place their hopes, their life, and their faith in a work like The Book of Urantia.  Some will pity me for my closed-mindedness.

In my limited amount of reading of these three books so far, I’m amazed at the contradictions I have uncovered within them.  Some have an explanation for that though.  More than one individual has said something similar to:  “Like most inspired works (the bible for example), [Urantia] contains truth but is subject to interpretation and is not without error or distortion.”

We’ll see about that…

[1] http://www.urantia.org/en/urantia-book-standardized/paper-6-eternal-son

[2] http://www.urantia.org/en/urantia-book/faqs/how-did-urantia-papers-come-be

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