Earthquakes and Harold Camping

May 20, 2011 at 3:14 PM

Here’s just a very quick note on Harold Camping’s prediction that there will be a worldwide earthquake tomorrow – May 21st, Saturday.

According to the U.S. Geological Web site, as I write this, there have been 32 earthquakes throughout the world and all of these were at least 2.5 on the scale or greater.  A few were over 5.0, so it’s clear that there has been rumbling going on all day today and in fact, by simply looking back over the last week or month, it’s equally clear that earthquakes have been a regular event in some part of the world, nearly ever hour.

So, Camping states that a worldwide earthquake will occur at 6:00pm on Saturday and again, I’m assuming he means Pacific Standard Time.  Okay, I’m going to make a prediction too, but this one is not based on any spiritual revelation I may have had.  It’s based purely on logic.

I predict that there are going to be many earthquakes tomorrow and that at least three of them are going to be above the 5.0 mark on the scale.

If there happens to be a huge earthquake tomorrow at exactly 6:00pm, I cannot imagine it is anything but sheer luck that Camping picked that particular time out of the air.

I know some people prefer to go easy on people like Harold Camping and I don’t particular wish to castigate the man.  My problem with him is that it gives the world another reason to laugh at Christianity.  The most tragic part is not really that Camping says what he says.  The most tragic part is that he says what he says and some people believe him while others ridicule him.  He is essentially drawing undue attention to himself.

It’s frustrating to say the least and I wish people like Camping would just keep their mouths closed.  If he is so concerned about the fate of people and whether or not they have salvation, it should be enough to simply continue preaching the gospel as he has done.  The fact that he needs to bolster his claims with date-setting only sets him up for failure and brings dishonor to the Bible.

People will rightly say, “look, since this guy got it wrong before and has it wrong again, why should we believe what he says about any portion of the Bible?”  They have a point because he says he is basing his opinions directly on Scripture, though it is clear to me that those opinions are arrived at by totally misappropriating Scripture in the first place.

People need the Lord.  They need His salvation.  Issues such as date-setting simply get people off track.  If he was right through sound study, that would be one thing.  His study is way off and because of that his results are also way off.

Lord help us…

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