Netherlands Moves to Acquit Geert Wilders

June 23, 2011 at 3:37 PM

It’s been a long time in coming, but the lawmakers and courts in The Netherlands have finally made it official:  Geert Wilders has been found not guilty of hate crimes!  We can rejoice that radical Islam has been foiled, at least a bit.  Will they give up?  Of course not.  In fact, it is very likely that Wilders will continue to face death threats.

Wilders’ “crime” was that he had the mendacity to make true statements about Islam.  Muslims did not like that and countered that he was making “hateful” statements, which in turn, under The Netherlands’ law, should be treated as a hate crime.  Even though the prosecution originally obliged, they eventually argued in court that Wilders should be acquitted.

The idea that someone can make a truthful statement about Islam, Muhammad, or a facet of another religion and be labeled a “hater,” is ridiculous, but it is happening.  It is the newest politically correct method of silencing your critics.

For instance, prior to Mr. Obama’s election, it was common to hear comments like, “This country will never elect a black man to be president!”  It was a triple dog dare ya with racial overtones.

Now that he’s been elected and has done nothing but move this country toward the brink of financial disaster, the comment for any person (who is not black or other minority) who deigns to criticize Mr. Obama is an immediate cry of “racism.”  I’ve heard the liberal media making that claim too many times.  The truth is that Mr. Obama has taken what George W. Bush left us with and made it far worse.

Prior to becoming elected, Mr. Obama pointedly asked the question, “You need to ask yourself, are you better off today than you were four years ago?”  This of course, pointed back to Bush’s tenure as president.

Of course, the exact same question can and should be asked of our current president.  The response to it would be cries of racism, or the complaint that Mr. Obama needs four more years.  To do what, finish destroying what is left of America?!

When it becomes impossible to fight the facts, it’s always far easier and more politically correct to play the race card.  We’re seeing it with respect to Mr. Obama and we are seeing it where Islam is concerned.

Over the past week, I’ve spent some time reading about the constant demands of Muslims throughout our world.  Moreover, I’ve learned how they treat those who are not Muslims, as in the case of Egypt and Tunisia.

First, I read a brief report today stating that due to “modesty” claims, Muslims nurses have been given permission by the United Kingdom to not have to wash their hands.  In essence, because radical Muslim women argue that showing their hands in public is an affront to Allah, they must refrain from doing so and since it is impossible to wash your hands without exposing them, they need to be given a pass.  So what does the U.K. do?  Gives them a pass.

Just this week, two Muslim men who converted to Islam, were arrested “for plotting to blow up a military recruitment center in Seattle. The facility also houses a day care center.” [1]

The article goes onto say, “The two men were identified as Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif (formerly known as Joseph Anthony Davis) and Walli Mujahidh (formerly known as Frederick Domingue, Jr.). Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh tried to recruit a third man but he went to the authorities instead. It is worth noting that the third man (who has not been identified) met Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh while serving in prison. Naturally, one wonders if they converted to Islam during their incarceration.” [2]

Speaking of prison conversions to Islam, this is another reason why we need people like Rep. Peter King who is holding hearings on just this problem, in spite of what Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and others are complaining about.

Here is a video that shows a mob of riot-ready Muslims, seemingly intent on burning down a synagogue in Tunisia:
Muslims Riot to Burn Synagogue

In Egypt, mobs of rioting Muslims deliberately set fire to churches, killing twelve people and injuring 200:
Muslims Burn Churches

In Dearborn, MI, at the recent Arab Festival, videographers were assaulted with spit and video shows a number of “loving” Muslims flipping off the camera.  Even though a “Peacekeeping Team” is present, nothing was done and no one that I know of was arrested.  You have to hand it to Mayor O’Reilly who has obviously learned that catering to Islam means job security, or so he hopes.

I was driving my wife to work this morning and we discussed these things.  I admitted to her that it would be extremely difficult to roll over and play dead if I or my family met this type of radicalized activity from Muslims.  For instance, if I saw an entire group of Muslims blocking the street to pray toward Mecca, I would be very tempted to walk right through them.

Of course, I would be accused of not respecting them, however, it would be clear that if that event took place, Muslims are the ones who are not respecting our laws here in the United States.

I am certainly not saying that Muslims should not be free to practice their religion.  The problem begins when Muslims believe they are not required to obey our laws, or if they push hard enough, they will receive special dispensations not given to anyone else.  This is absurd and is completely contrary to our U.S. Constitution.

People should be allowed to burn the Qur’an without fear of reprisals.  People burn the U.S. flag.  They burn Bibles.  I don’t get in their faces about it.  It’s one way that people express their displeasure or simply their opinion.  Do I think it is morally correct to burn our flag or the Bible?  Not at all, but if the Bill of Rights or the Constitution gives people that right, then they have that right.

Today though, we are told that we should not burn a Qur’an.  Why?  Because it will upset Muslims.  I can appreciate the fact that they will not like it.  However, unlike authentic Christians who become offended when forced to take down the Ten Commandments, or because of something else, we do not riot about it.  We do not gather as a mob and simply chant some asinine statement pumping our fists in the air.  Further, we do not spit on people, nor do we become physically combative when things do not go our way.

Muslims do these things.  They are prone to gather in mobs and work themselves up to a lather that literally begs for a reason to start beating on someone.  It has happened too many times in parts of Europe and now, we are beginning to see it happen in Dearborn, MI.

The people of the United States have long participated in peaceful protests.  Sometimes – usually due to the criminal element – those peaceful protests become riots and the police need to be called in.  However, that is not always the case.  Can someone show me where Muslims have gathered to protest something when it did not become riotous?

Today’s Muslims seems to have a penchant for violence and while we have “moderate” Muslims who beg to differ, the reality is that by and large, when Muslims protest something, they do it in force and en masse.  They are not kidding about it and essentially, they are holding that area of the world hostage until they get what they want.

This has created a “thug” mentality among many Muslims.  This is why they can now spit on a videographer who is doing nothing more than attending one of “their” festivals and recording what he sees.  This thug mentality has quickly spread so that it is becoming the norm.

A short while ago, I discussed the billboard that my wife and I saw on the way to her class in San Francisco.  When you go to the Website listed on the billboard, it speaks of the peaceful religion of Islam.  It talks about Muhammad and the fact that he was not the messiah.  It also speaks of Islam’s messiah that apparently was already here.

It would seem then that this particular Islamic sect differs from the more mainstream and well-known Islam that everyone hears about because of their actions.  Does this peaceful sect of Islam even have a chance against their murderous and warring brothers?  It’s certainly doubtful.

The more important question, as I believe I asked last time is, why aren’t these peaceful Muslims standing in the gap between their murderous counterparts and the rest of the world?  If these peaceful Muslims truly want peace, a good place to start would be to stand opposed to radical Islam.  I don’t see them doing that and all their “education” in the world isn’t going to change that.

If a gang of thugs slowly began moving into my neighborhood, I would do something about it.  I would first of all, increase my vigilance and whenever I saw something that was not within the confines of the law, I would notify the police.  I would also do what I could to ensure that my family was protected as much as possible.

The bad thing about thugs is that they normally only respond to force.  They see anything less than this as cowardice.  Unfortunately, this is what many Muslims have become.  I’m not even sure that there is such a thing as a “moderate” Muslim anymore.  Just lately, one of the men who was considered by our government to be “moderate” turned out to be a full-blown radical and he was born in America!

I think it is extremely important to be aware of what is going on in the world.  We may or may not be able to change it, but to be unaware of what is happening is the worst possible thing.  By being unaware, you may believe that you can move through life blissfully ignorant to all the dangers, but normally, it is only a matter of time before those dangers overtake you and you are sunk.

I know that we live in an area where rattlesnakes are common.  You never know where one will pop up and so it is advisable to always be conscious of the fact that one might be under every rock you pass.

A few summers ago, my wife and I were jogging along the bike path not far from our home.  It was a nice trail and since it was covered with asphalt, you didn’t have to worry so much about twisting your ankle like you would if running in a field.

At any rate, we were busy jogging and talking and I wasn’t really paying attention to my own surroundings.  Out of the corner of my eye, I sensed movement and then heard what sounded like paper shaking in the wind.  It took about two or three seconds before I realized that just in front of me to my right was a huge rattler!  Frankly, I didn’t think I was capable of jumping as high as I did!  We ran about ten yards away then stopped and looked back.

What had happened was just as we rounded the bend of one turn, the snake had been in the middle of the path, crossing it.  As we approached, it of course felt threatened and started rattling for us.  It was not in a coiled position at that point, which was good, because rattlers cannot strike unless coiled, but as it moved off the path, it stretched its neck back over itself in our direction.

As we stood away from it, it was still rattling!  Yes, it freaked me out.  I hate rattlesnakes because they can kill.  Since that time, I have been very wary of jogging along that path since it runs right through a green belt.  A green belt here in California is a place that is considered a sort of sanctuary for animals.  No building allowed, etc.  There are plenty of places for a snake to hide.

Whenever we go down there, I am always aware of the potential of running across a snake.  We’ve seen other things down there as well, such as plenty of wild turkeys, coyotes, owls, and more.  I would never again go to that area blindly assuming that the snakes are gone, or that they will not hurt me.  If a rattler feels cornered, it will strike.

But that’s the animal kingdom.  In the Islamic world, many Muslims have grown to the point of believing that as long as they push hard enough, they will eventually get what they want.  The U.K. has obliged.  Dearborn, MI is obliging and other areas of the world are doing the same.

However, some are pushing back.  France has passed a law against wearing a full burka that covers the face.  Other countries are saying “enough” to the constant Muslim immigration and demands put forth by Muslim activists.

Years ago, I tried to envision what the end times would look like before Jesus returned.  I knew it would be bad, but it was really difficult to pin things down specifically.  We know that Paul and Peter tell us that people will become extremely self-centered, demanding, egotistical, and progressively more evil.  That much is and has been happening.

What we did not really know is that Islam would seem to be playing such a huge role in bringing all of that about.  This is sad to say, but in many ways, Islam has provoked people to action because people have had enough.  We do not want to be told that we must respect the religion of Islam, when they show absolutely no willingness to respect anyone else’s religious beliefs.

We have grown tired of people demanding special favors when no one else receives them.  Just recently, a Police Captain in Tulsa was suspended without pay for two weeks because he refused to attend a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day held by a local mosque.  As it turns out, there was some proselytizing going on at the event.  The captain refused to attend on the grounds of his own religious convictions and was eventually suspended.

ACT! for America asks the question, would the same thing have happened had the event been at a local synagogue?  Good question.  I wonder if the same thing would have happened had the sponsoring organization been a church as well?

Think of it.  Because a police officer refused on religious grounds to attend what turned out to be an indoctrination event held by local Muslims, he was suspended.  Where is the ACLU?  Had the event been held at a church or synagogue and he failed to attend, he either would not have been suspended or if so, the ACLU would have gotten involved certainly.

Folks, as we move closer to the time of the coming Tribulation, things are going to get worse in many ways.  Right now, we are experiencing a financial crisis in this nation that Mr. Obama has done nothing to eliminate.  In fact, he has made it far worse.

Food prices are continuing to rise, as are gas prices.  We are at war in Afghanistan and Libya (shhhh! Don’t tell Mr. Obama!), and even though Mr. Obama is going to begin pulling 10,000 troops out now and 30,000 by the end of 2012 I believe, under the circumstances, these numbers are too high and too soon.  Too many believe that if we just pull out of Afghanistan, all will be right with the world because radical Islam will leave us alone.  No, they will simply see it as our “giving up” than anything else.

So what can we do?  Well obviously, the first thing is to be sure that you are, in fact, in relationship with Jesus.  Make sure you have salvation.  That is number one.  Number two is similar to it.  Make sure that you are submitting yourself to Him daily.  Number three, seek His wisdom as you face the uncertainties of life.  Four, be as prepared as you possibly can as if you were going on an extended camping trip.  You may need to grow your own vegetables, stock up on food and water, drive less by combining multiple trips into one.  Ride a bike, not only for exercise, but to use less gas and depend less on your vehicle.

We are not sunk.  God will protect us and provide for our daily bread.  Above all things, as evil vomits itself onto the land, we can and should know that God loves us and has great things in store for us…in the next life.  He is with us now – absolutely – and He will never leave or forsake us.  Can we trust someone like that?  You bet!

It may appear as though Islam is winning the war.  I hate it when I hear that we are at war with Islam.  That’s not quite true.  Yes, in one sense, we are at war, however, they fired the first shot.  They incited this war.

However, we cannot allow ourselves to simply focus on this war of ideologies.  If we do, we can easily become sidetracked.  We must focus on the fact that there are individuals within Islam whom the Lord will save.  If we see them as the enemy, we have lost because we will fail to do the most important thing that we should be involved in doing:  evangelizing the lost.

Say it with me, “The Lord is my Protector.  He is my Guide.  While Islam threatens my very existence, He will not leave or forsake me.  In fact, He will give me the wisdom necessarily to fight the way He would fight.”

To think about the fact that an ideological war is going on and the best way to fight it still is through prayer.  That is difficult but I must remember that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.

The devil would like me to focus on the individuals within Islam as an object of hate.  God wants me to focus on them as an object of His love.  In these dark days, I need to be more of a prayer warrior than ever before.  God has already won the war.  I want to ensure that I do not be the reason a battle is lost.


[2] Ibid

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