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HAARP, Holograms, and the False Prophet

I believe the world stands on the very cusp of something momentous; the beginnings of the fulfillment of the last phase of God’s prophetic calendar. It will usher in the final seven years of humanity’s history before the Lord returns to set up His Kingdom, ruling for 1,000 years. Ten years ago, we could not say this. Fifteen years ago, it was unheard of, but now, it is not only possible, but very likely to occur.

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Where Are the Real Moderate Muslims?

People – including actual moderate Muslims – need to decide who the enemy is and stand against that enemy. When I see actual moderate Muslims standing against their radical brothers, and when I see that these moderates are willing to be spit on, roughed up, and even beaten because of it, then I will be convinced that they are moderates. Until then, all they are doing is talking the talk. Like anything, it’s when people are willing to walk the walk that they set themselves apart from the crowd.

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Computer Glitches Cause Major Problems for United Airlines

If we consider it, it would not take much for even part of the world to go dark, and the entire world would be affected. Can you imagine if even a few more computers glitches than just United Airlines, occurred on the same day? I’d prefer not to think about it, but we really should think about it because our society does not move without computers. If those computers go down, we come to a screeching halt.

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Worried that Militant Christians Will Take Down This Country

They speak for themselves and seemingly like Mr. Obama, they are doing whatever they can to destroy this country from within. In essence, they are working to overthrow this country, but unlike Christian “militants,” people like Jackson Lee are getting paid to do it.


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Foreskin Man? Uh…Yeah…

Leave it to those funny folks in San Francisco to come up with the idea that circumcision should be outlawed. Not to be left out, Matthew Hess of San Diego has something as vacuous as “Foreskin Man,” protector of the uncircumcised genitalia, in support of that plan. Foreskin Man is a comic in which the hero (Foreskin Man) works to eradicate circumcision from society.

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War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, and Eric Holder Needs to Go!

If I see one more car with “Obama 2012,” I may seriously think about giving them the evil eye. Okay, okay, I won’t. After all, I am a Christian; an authentic one at that! I also know that God is in control.

It just really gets my goat sometimes to think about the hijinks and antics of our politicians these days. Our economy is going fully down the tubes, and all Mr. Obama can do is continue to blame Mr. Bush and waltz off to Puerto Rico for a burrito, a handshake, and tequila (I have no idea if that’s what he ate or drank; it’s a figure of speech). All Eric Holder can do is promote “his people,” and tell the rest of the Americans to “lay off” bothering “his people,” while Janet Napolitano has nothing better to do but speak in terms that may sound convincing (to her) but she’s really fooling no one. We all know that she’s just a puppet with no power, no authority, but brings in a really nice paycheck.

Well, hopefully, things will turn around for America soon and hopefully, some conservative person will step up to the plate and really stand heads above the crowd for our next presidential election. It certainly seems to me that Mr. Obama is losing a great deal of steam. I guess that’s why he needed to go to Puerto Rico, to rouse the Hispanic vote. Even though Puerto Ricans do not vote for the president of the United State, they can recommend to their friends and relatives in this country! Yee haw!

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The Unrealized Dangers of Astral Projection

The person who believes that they control the situation during astral projection is fully deceived. They are led away by the pleasure they encounter and that becomes the magnet for them to return, willingly submitting themselves to experiences that we are not supposed to experience! In this case, it is what is known as Incubus/Succubus, which is the physical intermingling human and demonic. This world is heading toward destruction simply because it is playing with dynamite that for now seems pleasurable, but the consequences for many will be nothing short of eternal death.

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The GAP Theory – Right or Wrong?

I suppose one could argue that believing the GAP Theory is actually doubting the veracity of Scripture, but that’s a stretch in my opinion. Maybe this is way too simplistic, but I think if Christians spent more time evangelizing the lost and stopped arguing over aspects of Eschatology and elsewhere, just think how many Christians would actually be involved in the work of the Master full-time.

It’s something to think about.

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Will Mr. Obama Gracefully “Bow” Out of a Second Term?

Whether Mr. Obama is re-elected or not, it is God who sets up “kings” and deposes of the same. God is in charge, not Mr. Obama, not George Soros, not anyone. God is the One who brings His plans and purposes to fruition…often whether anyone likes it or not.

My advice to Mr. Obama is go with his gut – opt out of the 2012 presidential election. Mr. Obama needs to do his part to Save America!

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SELF: Who’s on the Throne of Your Life?

Newest book by Dr. Fred DeRuvo, SELF: Who’s on the Throne of Your Life?

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