Blood-Red Lake in Texas

August 2, 2011 at 11:06 AM

This is fascinating.  Anyone who has ever read the book of Revelation seriously is probably just as interested in trying to understand how the water supplies on the earth turn blood-red.  I know I am.  Now obviously, without a full explanation from God in the Bible, we are left to simply say “God turns the water into blood.”  This of course, is reminiscent of what Moses did as he stood before Pharaoh in Egypt with the Nile.  It is interesting to note that Pharaoh’s sorcerer’s were able to imitate this miracle.

For instance, in Revelation 16:3, we read the words, “The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.”  This occurs a number of times throughout the book of Revelation, with the sea, as well as fresh water.

While the book of Revelation does not tell us how the water turns blood-red – in other words, the actual transmutation of the water into blood, we know that it is always precipitated by something that occurs just prior to it.  In the case of Revelation 16:3, it occurs because an angel pours out his bowl into the sea.  What he pours out and how that turns the sea into blood-red is not told to us.

I read this morning of a lake in Texas – the OC Fisher reservoir – in which the water has turned to a deep shade of blood.  The reason is due to the fact that Texas has been experiencing a terrible drought, drying up much of the water in that lake and leaving a very small portion of water that once existed.  Because of this, the normally oxygen-rich water is being starved for oxygen.  Since there is less oxygen, then fish and other creatures that need oxygen die.  Stagnant water with dead fish does not make a happy mix.

The real culprit in the situation that caused the remaining water to turn blood-red is “the result of Chromatiaceae bacteria, which thrive in oxygen-deprived water.” [1]

In the book of Revelation, the second bowl results in the sea turning to blood-red in color.  The third bowl causes fresh water to turn to this same blood-red color.  The Bible does not tell us exactly what chemical reaction occurs to do this, but scientists have given us a big clue and in essence, have filled in the blanks.

Throughout the book of Revelation, many horrendous judgments occur.  During the first seven seals of Revelation (the first set of judgments to be poured out onto this earth and humanity), the following things take place:

  1. Covenant is signed (Daniel 9:24-26)
  2. Seal 1:  Antichrist rides in on a white horse to conquer politically
  3. Seal 2:  Second horseman causes first world war of Tribulation
  4. Seal 3:  Third horseman causes worldwide famine (a natural result of a full-scale, world war)
  5. Seal 4:  Fourth horseman causes 1/4 of the world to die through starvation, famine, and wild animals
  6. Seal 5:  Persecution and Martyrdom of Tribulation saints
  7. Seal 6:  General problems throughout nature along with full black-out
  8. Seal 7:  Opens to release 7 Trumpet judgments

Look at that list.  There is a good deal happening here as soon as the Covenant is signed with the Antichrist (or through him brokering a “peace” deal with Israel).  This is the event that kicks off the Tribulation because in essence, Israel will have signed a covenant with Satan.  This act of treason (by Israel), ushers in the worst seven years of terror and tribulation this world will have ever seen!  It starts because of Israel’s action to sign a deal made possible by Satan himself (through his son, Antichrist).

As I consider those seals, notice the Third Seal which brings about worldwide famine.  This happens right after the first world war of the Tribulation, which makes sense that famine and pestilence and all sorts of diseases will result.  History has proven that this is the fallout from large-scale wars.

The Fourth Seal shows us that following the world war and famine, 1/4 of the world will die due to lack of food, famine and humans becoming food for wild animals who are also experiencing a famine from what they normally eat.  None of this is pretty.

The Seven Trumpet judgments proceed from the seventh seal and then the world experiences the following:

  1. First Trumpet:  Hail, fire, blood
  2. Second Trumpet:  Burning mountain tossed into the ocean destroying 1/3 of ships and creatures destroyed (imagine that tsunami!)
  3. Third Trumpet:  star falls from heaven turning 1/3 of the rivers into “wormwood,” (a type of poisonous plant)
  4. Fourth Trumpet:  1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars darkened
  5. Fifth Trumpet:  Locusts from the pit (likely demonic hordes because of the fact that they do not eat or destroy any green thing, but only attack human beings)
  6. Sixth Trumpet:  Four angels loosed to kill 1/3 of humanity

The earth and its denizens is a complete mess by this point and we have not even gotten to the Bowl Judgments yet!  Those proceed from the Seventh Trumpet.  But there is a lot that occurs (Revelation 10 – 14) before the Bowl Judgments are released upon mankind and the earth.

In Revelation 15, 16, and 18, we read of the Seven Bowl Judgments, two of which I have already mentioned; the two that turn the sea and fresh water to blood-red, Bowls two and three respectively.  It is interesting to note that right after the fresh water has been turned into a blood-red, the heat of the sun is increased.  Some believe this may reference nuclear fallout.  It is possible certainly that whatever can destroy what is left of the Ozone layer would allow greater heat from the sun to penetrate this earth and the people living here.  The Bible essentially tells us that people will experience a scorching sun.  After this, there is another complete blackout.  We do not know what will be the cause of this, except of course, that the ultimate cause is God.

After this, the Euphrates will dry up.  It is as if God is preparing that part of the world for the Battle of Armageddon.  With the Euphrates dried up, there will be room for millions of troops to gather.  Way back in 2009, the New York Times printed an article online, regarding the fact that the Euphrates River was drying up and made the connection to the book of Revelation, chapter 16.  The article even included a link to [2]

By the way, I want to be perfectly clear here.  With the OC Fisher reservoir drying up, I am not implying or stating that we are in the Tribulation period.  I do not believe that what has occurred with the OC Fisher reservoir is fulfillment of any portion of Scriptural prophecy.  If anything, one could say that it is reminiscent of what will occur on a grand scale during the Tribulation period.

If you will look at my two lists above, it is clear (from my perspective) that the Tribulation cannot begin until the Covenant is signed with Israel and brokered by the Antichrist.  This has not happened yet, therefore, the Tribulation has not begun.

I don’t even see anyone who qualifies as the Antichrist, do you?  I’m sure he’s here because I believe our proximity to the start of the Tribulation is very close.  However, the Antichrist does not really rise to power until after the Tribulation begins, based on the “miracle” he was able to perform in establishing “peace” in the Middle East.

What we are seeing in places like Texas is merely a microcosm of what God will unleash during the Tribulation.  Of course, what is also interesting (and expected) is that atheists and scientists alike believe they know how water turns to blood-red, therefore, there is nothing miraculous about it.  Score one for science, they believe.  This is not the case.

All science has done is explained to us how what is described in Revelation 16 could happen naturally.  It may well be that God will use completely natural means to accomplish His judgments.  The fact that science can tell us how the water turns to blood does not negate God’s involvement in the entire process.  Without realizing it, science has simply – once again – established the validity of Scripture because the things we read about in Revelation (and elsewhere) are not only plausible, but actual.



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