Some Muslim Leaders Reject Mayor Bloomberg’s Inter-Faith Invite

December 29, 2011 at 12:03 PM 2 comments

It is interesting to me that too many Muslim leaders, while refusing to condemn acts of terrorism and routinely speak out against terrorism in general, at least some have refused to attend NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg’s inter-faith breakfast.  They are upset because it appears to them that their religion is being profiled and have voiced that concern.

We believe it is unequivocally wrong and fundamentally misguided to invest law enforcement resources in religious or racial profiling, rather than investigating suspicious activity,” it said. “We seek your clear, unambiguous, public support for the rights and privacy of all New Yorkers, including Muslims; and a condemnation of all policies that profile and target communities and community groups solely based on their religion or the color of their skin.” [1]

The difficulty is due totally to the nature of Islam itself.  Too many see Islam as a religion only.  Yet it is clear that it is far more than merely a religion.  It is an ideology that provides a world-view that many within Islam believe will allow Islam to rise to the top, suppressing everyone and everything that stands against Islam.  This is what many Muslims throughout the world want and they are using any means to achieve it.

The trouble then is that there are those within Islam who thoroughly believe it is their appointed task to do whatever it takes to ensure that the next caliphate (rule of Islam worldwide) occurs.  Yes, Christians also believe that Jesus will return one day and physically rule the world in complete justice, though with a rod of iron.

What is the difference then?  In general, Christians do not use terrorist means to achieve the goal of Jesus returning to the earth.  Yes, there are those Christians who believe that they need to actually do the work to prepare the world for Jesus.  Once they have done all that they are supposed to do, then Jesus will be able to return.  In my view, that is nonsense, however; the Christians who believe that and are involved in doing their part so to speak, are not strapping bombs on themselves and blowing themselves up with many innocent people who simply happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Islam itself is a religious ideology that demands allegiance.  Islam cannot provide any semblance of justice because it appears to be born of hatred that Muhammad harbored toward Jews especially.

The Muslims in NYC who are not happy with NYC’s police department have no reason to complain.  There have, in fact, been many cases of terrorist cells located within or at least connected to Islamic mosques.  The only people who are denying that are Muslims and those who have a penchant for political correctness.

In this day and age, the world cannot afford to live by political correctness.  Since 9/11, thousands of terrorist events have occurred, perpetrated by Muslims who believe they are doing the work of Allah.

If the Muslims in NYC – or anywhere else for that matter – are finding it a bit cramped because of the police and other law enforcement officials are zeroing in on them, they need to own up to the fact that the one reason this is occurring is due solely to the fact that the main perpetrators by far of terrorist acts are Muslim.  Again, this cannot be denied.

Political correctness states that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but no one really believes that.  Certainly, the IRS does not work by that motto, nor does the TSA or the ATF.  It’s amazing how many government departments do not care about political correctness.  Why?  For a variety of reasons, but most importantly, we are living in a day and age where it is not uncommon for a certain group of individuals to show their disfavor by blowing people up.  We cannot help that these individuals are Muslims for the most part.  It is obviously due to the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the other teachings within Islam that have set many Muslims off on the wrong foot.  Because that exists as it does, then it must be met with the same type of subterfuge that is dished out by Islam.

I can understand why Muslims complain about this, but to put all the blame on law enforcement officials is to deny their own responsibility.  If terrorists were not – by and large – Muslim, then their complaint might be valid.  If terror cells had never been found within mosques, again, they might have a point.  Since they are simply complaining to complain without owning up to their own responsibilities, then they need to stop complaining and talk to their own Muslim brothers who somehow believe that using terrorist activity to make a point is the only way to achieve Islamic “peace.”


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  • 1. Mikey  |  December 29, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    Of course you left out something…. That many Muslim leaders are attending the breakfast. I totally agree with you that most people don’t realize Islam is more than a religion. There are those who are extremists, just like Christianity has some… those that preach white supremacy. The “Nazi’s” love to cite religious dogma for their beliefs. There are many Muslims who actually agree with you that there are some who preach hatred towards Non-believers, but they are in the minority. Most just don’t care, or like Christians, pick and choose what they want to believe or act. as with most Christians, most Muslims are not “haters” of people. They want their kids to grow up, work, have a family, good education. Times are changing. Even the Muslim Brotherhood has had to change as many young Muslims do not follow the strict teaching of Islam. In Egypt, they’ve even run moderate candidates as they’re ranks were actually going down in some parts. Times, news, communication is changing the world. One last note, the FBI years ago infiltrated, some times illegally, the Civil Rights, and Anti-war groups. So there is a history of distrust with law enforcement. That being said, when the bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, his reply was “that’s where the money is.” law enforcement and intelligence groups need to go where there is not only a perceived group, but where there has been a demonstrated act committed. But one needs to do it carefully. Racial/ethnic profiling in by itself is wrong and immoral. The fact that we see people kicked off airplanes because they are not “white, Anglo-Saxon” needs to stop.


    • 2. modres  |  December 29, 2011 at 2:52 PM

      First up, I left NOTHING out. I never used the term ALL in reference to Muslims. Because I used the word “some” or “most” IMPLIES to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that my article did not refer to ALL Muslims. Obviously, only SOME Muslim leaders objected to NYC police tactics. What that means basically is that some or many OTHER Muslims DID attend. The title of the article starts with the word SOME, not ALL. Do you get that? Apparently not.

      I was not trying to present a distorted picture as you seem to enjoy implying.

      Second, we’ve also talked about extremists in Christianity and I’ve responded to that, yet you continue to bring it up like a broken record.

      I have also explained that people who CALL themselves Christians but do not LIVE as Christ lived cannot BE Christians, yet once again, you ignore that.

      You’re deluded if you think the Muslim Brotherhood “has had to change.”

      Here’s my word to you, Mikey. If you are UNABLE to enter into discourse that is reasonable AND intelligent, then I am done posting your remarks. Do you understand that? You’ve become exceedingly boring because you offer nothing new to the conversation that actually moves it forward. I’m not trying to be rude as you are normally rude. I am simply stating that I do not have the time to continue posting your diatribes that often make little sense.

      “The fact that we see people kicked off airplanes because they are not “white, Anglo-Saxon” needs to stop.”

      Oh puh-leeze, will you stop? Any idea how many WHITE celebrities have been kicked off planes in the past few years?

      Moreover, do you ever stop to notice how many WHITE people and ASIAN people are pulled out of security for a good “pat down”?

      I think you’re pretty close to being done posting here, Mikey. I don’t think you’re capable of presenting an intelligent opinion, I’m sorry to say.

      I cannot believe how many times you have repeated yourself and I have responded to it, but it’s like talking to a wall, something I hate doing.


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