It’s a Great Day in South Carolina

December 30, 2011 at 6:19 PM 1 comment

Rep. John King (D) has a burr under his saddle and it has to do with the greeting that the Republican Governor of South Carolina wants all state employees to say.  Apparently, because of high unemployment and a number of other things, it’s not really a great day in South Carolina, according to John King, so why act like it is, right?  Unemployment is high and more jobs are on the rocks.  The infrastructure is badly in need of repair and repairs are not being done.  Isn’t that the federal government that takes care of that?  Nonetheless, maybe Rep. King is not aware that the country is reeling from an economic problem that is threatening to take this country down.

When the news reporter asked Mr. King what people should say when they answered the phone, he responded with “Hello.  How may I help you?”  Wow, that’s nice, isn’t it?  Normally though, in government departments – at least the ones I’ve done business with (though I cannot speak for South Carolina) – I usually get a response like this when I call and someone picks up the phone:  “Merchandising Department, this is Pam,” or “Department of Motor Vehicles,” or “You’ve reached the _________ department.  I’m either on the phone or away from my desk.  Please leave a message including your first AND last name (and please spell your name), your telephone number (please say that twice), and a short message.  Please speak slowly and clearly and we will get back with you just as soon as we can.”

In short, Rep. King is playing politics.  He even noted that indirectly by stating that the governor had just attacked public employees over their pension and now she wants them to say everything’s great in South Carolina.  What the governor apparently wants is for people to present a positive attitude.

Instead, politicians like John King are introducing bills to eradicate that requirement to answer the phone with such a message.  That’s right.  Tax dollars that South Carolinians pay is hard at work.

When asked whether or not Mr. King has introduced legislation to fix the things he says are wrong with SC, he stated that he was in fact doing that.  He failed to say exactly how he intended to fix things.

It is so amazing to me that partisan politics plays out like this.  I would be willing to bet that if the governor was not a spendthrift as Gov. Haley is, and if that governor was a Democrat instead of a Republican, then this would be the best thing in the world.  Instead, because a Republican has mandated this greeting be stated by public employees, then it’s the worst idea ever.

To me, this entire thing is asinine and I pity the people of SC who have legislators like John King on the public dole.  Texas has its share as well as do many other states; individuals who just seem a bit “off” and don’t really see or understand the big picture.

So even though Rep. King said “they” were going to add addendums to the bill that would address the issues that need to be corrected, it still does not make sense.  It appears as though even Democrats know the bill is a bad idea, which is why they have to tag other things onto it to look as if they are truly concerned about the state of things in SC.

The current governor of SC is hailed as one of the most fiscally conservative governors going.  What this means to unions and Democrats is that she is going to curtail unnecessary spending, which ultimately means smaller government.  Democrats and liberals don’t like this because they want larger government, something that resembles Marxism, or Socialism.  To them, Socialism is the answer to everything.

What this amounts to is simply a way to attack the governor because she wants less government, therefore less spending.  All the pet projects of liberal Democrats are seen flying out the door, hopefully never to be seen again.

You see what liberal Democrats have never figured out is that people can only handle so much taxation.  When these over-taxed folks begin to wake up to the fact that their taxes are paying for all the people who don’t want jobs and who have been on the public doles for years and now they are being expected to pay for those who lost jobs, it becomes too much.  This is why people start moving out of the individual states because taxes become too unbearable.

It’s one thing to pay into unemployment and other benefits for people who lost their job but want another one.  They are looking, but can’t find anything.  It’s another thing to continue to front money to those who have learned that the system can be abused so that it will not only pay for one person to be out of work for however long they want to be out of work, but it will also extend to generations after them.  This is really simply another form of stealing.  People who can work and want to work but can’t find a job is one thing.  People who can work, but are not looking and aren’t interested is another.

Then of course, we have all those federal funds being spent on abortion-as-birth-control and other pet projects.  We all know that just because people are on welfare as a lifestyle, they shouldn’t be held responsible if pregnancies come along.  Why use protection when Planned Parenthood will pay for it via tax dollars?  No worries.

As much as people are warning us about the coming crash, I think what will happen is that the banks will have to “forgive” debt.  Even for those who have claimed bankruptcy or lost their homes, the banks will need to look past it and start bringing those folks back into the fold again.  The banks will need to take a chance on people that they (the banks) put into terrible debt in the first place.

So, things will start all over.  This won’t be the first time as it has happened in the past.  It will happen again.  That’s what a crash is – when the bottom falls out and people realize that to start over, the slate needs to be cleared.

I guess it’s like the results of a tsunami, earthquake, or tornado.  These natural disasters can devastate an area or town, leaving people will little to nothing.  What do they do?  They normally rebuild.  They start all over and they move on with life.

I was interested to note that only six months after the earthquake-created-tsunami in Japan, the place has come alive.  I saw a picture slide show on the Internet showing just how much has been cleaned up and it is remarkable!  Debris is gone in some places nearly 100% and buildings are going back up.  It reminds me of what a rainstorm does to an ant’s nest.  The next day when things are drying up, the same surviving ants are rebuilding their nest and carrying on with life.

This is the way it will be.  I already see signs of it especially where banks are concerned. Of course, many people will completely freak out when the actual crash happens, but all that means is that it’s time to rebuild.

I’ll say this to Rep. John King:  please get a real job and stop living off the public dole.  Stop being a politician which in most cases is the worst form of welfare going.  Get a job and actually earn a living will you?

I bet if you did that, you’d be willing to then say “It’s a great day in South Carolina!”

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  • 1. Sherry  |  December 30, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    Then of course, we have all those federal funds being spent on abortion-as-birth-control and other pet projects. We all know that just because people are on welfare as a lifestyle, they shouldn’t be held responsible if pregnancies come along. Why use protection when Planned Parenthood will pay for it via tax dollars? No worries.

    😡 grrrr….

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