Lawrence O’Donnell Has Lost It (If He Ever Had It)!

October 19, 2012 at 8:01 AM 6 comments

What a clown.  Now I think I’ve seen everything that the Left can dish it, but probably not.  They likely have some more inane surprises up their sleeves yet.  But check this out.  News anchor Lawrence O’Donnell pretends he’s Rocky Balboa, while calling Tagg Romney out in the safety of his studio for wanting to take a swing at Mr. Obama.

First, O’Donnell criticizes the Romney men because they never served in the military.  On a recent episode of the View, Ann Romney was given the third degree because Mitt has not served in the military and Whoopi wasted no time in implying that because of that, Mitt would not be able to offer a real, empathic ear and voice to those parents who have lost their sons/daughters in military service.

Um…Mr. Obama has NOT served in the military either, but when he was on the View, no questions about his lack of service came up.  In fact, O’Donnell never called Mr. Obama on this same fact either, preferring to simply focus on the Romneys and their lack of service.

But O’Donnell was not done.  He went on his rant, continuing to castigate Mitt Romney and his sons for not serving in the military, implying they couldn’t handle the violence.  He then played a clip where Tagg Romney – on a radio show – essentially said that (in response to how he felt about Mr. Obama calling Mitt a liar), he wanted to rush the stage and take a swing at Mr. Obama.

Does anyone actually believe that Tagg would DO that?  Only morons like O’Donnell do.  Yes, he said something in the heat of the moment and it was probably inappropriate.  However, to actually believe that Tagg would follow through on the threat is absurd, but leave it to O’Donnell to take it and run with it.  His arrogance seems to know no bounds.  It would be interesting to see a boxing match between Tagg and Lawrence.  I have no doubt that O’Donnell would lose, wheezing on the ropes.

So, Lawrence O’Donnell then stooped to the lowest level he could to essentially call Tagg Romney out on national television.  You know, O’Donnell is from Boston and he implied he grew up on the streets having to fight his way to the top.  He then compared himself with Tag – who he alleges – because of his upbringing and richy rich parents, lived in a sheltered world where violence never peaked from around the corner.

O’Donnell also stated that Mr. Obama did not call Mitt a liar, but that he (O’Donnell) did and he’s been doing it for some time.  So essentially, Tagg should want to take a swing at O’Donnell.

Let’s get something straight here.  During the debate, in response to one of Romney’s points, Mr. Obama stated, “Not true, Governor.”  You can slice that any way you want to slice it, but ultimately, Mr. Obama was saying, “You’re a liar, Governor.”  It’s that simple.  It means the same thing.  Mr. Obama was saying that Romney was not telling the truth about Mr. Obama, even though Romney was telling the truth.  This type of misdirection is the norm for Mr. Obama and Joe Biden.  It’s what they do and they know that the leftwing news media will back them up on it.

As it turns out, we know that what Romney said in the debate is the absolute truth and at the point Mr. Obama implied that Romney was a liar, he was talking about the Feds granting oil permits.  In truth, oil permits are done roughly 36% since Mr. Obama took office.

Here is Mr. Obama’s “talking point”:

The most important thing we can do is to make sure we control our own energy. So here’s what I’ve done since I’ve been president. We have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years,” President Obama said. Natural gas production is the highest it’s been in decades. We have seen increases in coal production and coal employment. But what I’ve also said is we can’t just produce traditional source of energy. We’ve got to look to the future. That’s why we doubled fuel efficiency standards on cars. [1]

The problem is that the entire narrative above is an absolute lie.  This is in fact, not true.  There are too many sources on the ‘Net that fully disprove the lie that Mr. Obama is trying to hand out to the public.  Please note also that while Mr. Obama said these things, he offered nothing to substantiate what he said.  He simply said them and expects people to take them as fact.

But see, facts like this do not affect people like Lawrence O’Donnell because they so desperately want Mr. Obama to have another four years to ruin America’s economy completely.  They also know that their hopes are being dashed against the rocks.  This is why they are so desperate in what they say and how they appear.

Does anyone really think that Lawrence O’Donnell would like to fight Tagg Romney?  I do and I think O’Donnell made that pretty clear in the video below.  So this is what we’ve come to?  News anchors calling out the sons of presidential candidates?  The fact that Lawrence O’Donnell was not kidding tells me that he is ANGRY and he is obviously angry about the fact that Mr. Obama is losing, big time.  There have been some interesting developments in the electoral college numbers. [2]

As I watch the desperation in Lawrence O’Donnell’s face and hear it in his voice, I cannot help but pity this guy.  He obviously thinks he’s onto something and in some ways, you have to give him credit for his verve.  At the same time, if it ever came to punches, it would be excruciating to watch O’Donnell get hammered by Tag, a guy who is decades his junior.  But O’Donnell apparently believes that his Bostonian roots have made him into a Hercules.  Not.

You know, it’s amazing how the Left hammers the Romney’s over things like never serving in the military, or the fact that they have lots of money.  You don’t hear them talking about the fact that Mitt’s dad actually marched with people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the rise of the Civil Rights Movement.  Where was Mr. Obama then?

While leftwing liberals like O’Donnell are quick to point out the alleged non-answers of the Romneys, he has no problem avoiding pointing these things out with Mr. Obama.  He also has no problem when Mr. Obama paints a picture made up entirely of lies, while calling Mitt Romney a liar because of the facts he uses to rebut Mr. Obama’s fallacious claims.

The Left is obviously running scared and with good reason.  Their dreams of a Socialist nation where the government becomes so large that it controls all aspects of people’s lives is on the verge of collapse.  People like O’Donnell have no clue because they work for leftwing news bureaus that long ago gave up on the idea that reporting news was about reporting truth.  They’ve taken their cues from good ol’ reality shows on TV where people open their mouths and spew.

When is this same Left going to start asking Mr. Obama the tough questions?  Why didn’t he serve in the military?  What makes him think he will be able to comfort the parents of a fallen soldier?  Why does the Left continue to protect Mr. Obama?  Why do they not call for his college transcripts?

The Left has no credibility, as far as I’m concerned and it becomes even more obvious when they insert themselves into the situation based on the way they feel about something or someone.

If it isn’t Chris Matthews and his tingly leg, we’ve got Lawrence O’Donnell looking to fight Tagg Romney.  These Bozos are no more reporters than Bullwinkle, yet they are given credence by people who think as they do.

I made the rounds of the forums regarding the video below and for the most part, people are appalled that Lawrence O’Donnell would say something as stupid as he does in the video.  Does he not care that he has lowered himself to the level of a bad street fighter?  His posing, gestures, and words do nothing to engender credibility, but simply remove it.  He’s a buffoon, not to be taken seriously.  His ego needs addressing.  It is really difficult to take someone like O’Donnell seriously, yet he has his own show on the Left of all Left networks, MSNBC.  That network has lost credibility with the hack jobs they’ve done on the George Zimmerman situation as well as the selective editing they have done on numerous videos related to Romney.

What can we expect from the Left?  Well, after Mitt Romney wins, they will continue their attacks, distorting the actual facts to suit them.  Instead of giving up and accepting defeat, they will continue to fight on, hoping to bring down Romney’s presidency before it ever gets off the ground.  This is the Left and it is underpinned by the same principles that undergird the Communist Manifesto.  There is no difference and when I hear people say that only FOX lies, I already know what they believe.

This childish display by individuals who are supposed to be professionals is disheartening.  This is what society has come down to, where everything is seen as a form of reality TV.  Tragic.  Man, if there was ever a time we need to bring some class back to the presidency and the White House, that time is now.



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  • 1. Sherry  |  October 19, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    I was just reading O’Donell’s bio-interesting that he has never served in the military. Oh, and his daughter has a middle name that she should be “wicked pissed off at”-Buckley. Source

    And the O’Donell family aren’t exactly middle class people. They are “richy-rich,” too!

    • 2. modres  |  October 20, 2012 at 9:44 AM

      Gosh, isn’t that funny? Thanks for the research. I find it fascinating when other politicians (or pundits) rail on Romney for his wealth. Does anyone know how rich Pelosi is? No one on the Left cares.

      The bottom line is that Obama never served in the military so if they are going to call out Romney for it, they need to do the same with Obama. The fact that they don’t is simply points for Romney.

  • 3. Sherry  |  October 19, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    I think of MSNBC as a parody news channel. Even then, its hard to watch grown people get all nutty about their messiah. I do try not to laugh at them when I’ve steeled myself to watch (my personal fave is Bashin’ Bashir-he has such a colorful way with words) but these sad sacks are so comical when they are trying to be serious and relevant.

    • 4. modres  |  October 19, 2012 at 7:58 PM

      It’s true. O’Donnell came across as a loose canon and buffoon as opposed to a news professional trying to make a point. The more ludicrous they appear, the more comical they are, but of course to them, they are to be taken seriously. That’s really difficult to do when you’re trying hard not to laugh because they are literally melting down right before your eyes.

  • 5. j  |  October 19, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    Obama has been as insensitive as anyone can be when it comes to the military, he started a war in Afghanistan when our previous president refused even under pressure from Hilary Clinton, he did nothing to protect our embassy people over seas, and he took credit for removing people from Iraq when that was going to happen anyway, because it was in the agreement written up while Bush was in office!

    And his answer to soaring oil prices? Buy an electric car or keep air in your tires.

    You can be sure if you listen to the news or talk show with a bunch of Hollywood people, then you are going to hear lies and hypocrisy.

    • 6. modres  |  October 19, 2012 at 11:20 AM

      And I also note that the Left is NOW saying that president’s really can’t do anything about the price of gas [1], yet when gas prices were considered high under Bush, the Left couldn’t harp on it enough. In the article I reference, the writer states that if the president could do anything about gas prices, it would have happened already.

      Yet, here’s a link to a video from before Obama was elected when he actually believes higher prices (through gradual increases) are a good thing. [2]

      No one paid any attention to these videos prior to his election. Now of course, the Obama administration would like to deep six them because they tell us about what Mr. Obama truly believes.


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