Nothing Learned from Katrina

November 5, 2012 at 10:33 AM 2 comments

In this short video, Mayor Guiliani talks turkey and presents the facts about what’s going on with the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Unfortunately, as you’ll hear, too many people in Manhattan and other parts of NYC are still without basic supplies like water.

Aside from Mr. Obama’s press conference a few days ago, he has done nothing.  FEMA still cannot find the necessary supplies to help victims.  As Guiliani says, they didn’t preposition them and apparently learned nothing from all the problems that ensued because of Katrina.

But Mr. Obama is too busy campaigning to really address anything related to Sandy.  Shouldn’t the president of the United States be all over the director of FEMA?  Should Mr. Obama be calling that man on the carpet for not being prepared and not be able to actually help people who are in dire need?

This is AMERICA, it is not some third world country that has no infrastructure in place!  These people need supplies.

How are electricians from Georgia, Alabama, and other places able to get to these places before FEMA arrives?  In spite of the fact that some electricians were turned away by union officials because they were not union, there are people willing to give of their time and service to help other hurting Americans.  What is Mr. Obama doing?  Campaigning.

As of this morning, one MILLION customers still have no power in New Jersey.  If this type of thing continues, we can expect people to die, sadly enough.  These people do not have to suffer (or die) because of the ineptitude of our elected officials.

America needs a leader who can actually lead.  We do not need a president who only thinks about campaigning.

I am so tired of the media in the United States being involved in lies, obfuscation, and simply ignoring the truth as it suits them.  It needs to change and maybe this week, we will finally see the media for what they are – liars and cover-up artists.

Oh and on another note, it appears that Mr. Obama’s administration may still be working to destroy more coal-related jobs in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, but strangely enough, I don’t hear him talking about during this campaign stops.

Here’s an article that highlights some of the details related to the new EPA regulations that Obama’s EPA may be feverishly working to push through, to the tune of $700 BILLION just for the new regulations related to the coal industry.  Even if Mr. Obama loses the election, he still has several months to do as much damage as possible before officially leaving office in January.

These new EPA regulations will destroy more jobs by shutting down more coal plants simply because they won’t be able to afford the costs related to the regulations.  If that occurs, we can also expect to see more increases in energy prices throughout the United States because of the shortage of coal.  People want electricity and they want it when they want it.  They’ll complain because of higher costs and blame the companies instead of the EPA regulations that either forced companies out of business (and with it, the jobs associated with those companies), or remained in business but had no choice but to raise their rates to cover the costs of the additional EPA regs.

While there are roughly 190 countries that participate in some type of EPA program, the United States is particularly aggressive in pursuing more EPA regulations.  This directly affects our ability to participate in a free market economy, especially while other countries have not been as aggressive in adopting EPA standards.  In essence then, the tremendous amount of EPA regulations have tightened the Federal gov’t’s choke hold on many companies throughout the United States.

While EPA regulations can certainly be a good and necessary thing, moving to quickly on them and implementing too many of them can have terribly drastic effects on our nation’s economy.  There has to be a balance and in some ways, the EPA regulations created by the Obama administration seem out of whack when we consider that our economy needs all the help it can get.  Now is not the time to regulate companies out of business and people out of jobs.

Now is the time do what it takes to fix the economy, put people back to work with good-paying jobs that also provide healthcare and then begin looking at what can and should be done with respect to the environment.

And just to show – once again – that the Church can get to places that FEMA seems unable to find, check out this article on Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

AMEN!  Glad to see these organizations are on the scene and able to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people left homeless by Hurricane Sandy!

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The Leftwing Media Has Its Own Agenda Who is in Control?


  • 1. Amy  |  November 6, 2012 at 8:13 AM

    Fema isnt a front line agency – it only has a few thousand employees and doesnt own many trucks, planes or troops. It is primarily a coordinating agency, sends in small expert teams, and provides money. You just cant bare to say obama did a relatively good job. Given christie praised obama, and he certainly had a political motive to do the opposite, why cant you be a little gracious? Or is the hate and fear that deep into the core of your bones?

    • 2. modres  |  November 6, 2012 at 9:10 AM

      It doesn’t matter whether or not FEMA is a “front line” agency. They were part of Mr. Obama’s initial press conference following Hurricane Sandy and it was at that conference that the director of FEMA spoke and together, he and Mr. Obama promised to get help to people quickly and to cut through the red tape. George W. Bush and the FEMA under his administration didn’t move fast enough either following Katrina. The media let him have it. I can only assume that you disagree with the media when they lambasted Bush then?

      Nothing to do with hate or fear for Mr. Obama at all. Simply pointing out the difference in the way Democrat presidents are treated by people and the media vs. Republican presidents. You provide plenty of grace to Mr. Obama. Is it because your love and devotion to him creates blindness? I think so.

      If I could find where Mr. Obama has done a good job, I would absolutely be willing to give him credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, as far as I’m concerned, his first order of business should have been to fix the economy. Instead, he created a massive program that will require trillions in dollars to keep going, which simply added to our national debt. Our debt is now $16 trillion dollars and if Mr. Obama is re-elected, it will likely be $20 trillion before he’s through.

      He is also trying to push through new EPA regulations that will all but kill the coal industry, leaving more mines closed and thousands of more workers out of work. How is that good?

      Moreover, Lockheed is going to lay off 123,000 workers before this Christmas. Yet, Mr. Obama has asked them to hold off on announcing that before the election. Why? Because it will likely hurt his chances for re-election. It’s game-playing and numerous senators are saying what he’s doing is illegal.

      No, unfortunately, with all the games, the lack of leadership, the game-playing and everything else, I really cannot find where Mr. Obama has done even a decent job. More people are out of work today and thousands more are on Welfare. The unemployment numbers are far worse among blacks and minorities and the job numbers we keep hearing about are not even including those who have stopped looking for work.

      To me, it’s an absolute travesty, but then there are people like you who have probably personally benefited by at least some of Mr. Obama’s policies, so that’s good enough. It doesn’t matter to you that the average person has not benefited at all.

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