Even MORE Liberal “Logic” Comes to the Fore

January 29, 2013 at 9:39 PM

Every time I read about California, I drop to my knees and thank God (literally) that we LEFT!  The state is being swallowed up by a budget overdraft that Gov. Brown says is really a surplus (No Gov., California is in the RED), the liberal legislature is doing all they can to push people away from the state – both businesses, individuals, and families – with their leftwing policies, and the only part of the state that is likely making any money at all is down in Hollywood.  Even there, every chance filmmakers get, they move their productions out of the state to either Canada or one of the “right to work” states here in what’s left of America.  Why?  Because for all their talk, leftwing Hollywood filmmakers like saving money and they can do that when they don’t have to work with unions.  Odd, isn’t it?

But the really frustrating part about California is how they treat law-abiding gun owners.  I lived in that state for more than 25 years.  It is the only state that has a DOJ-approved handgun list.  In other words, if the handgun you really want to own is not on that list, fugetaboutit.  Unless of course, you’re a gang banger or other violent criminal type, then no worries.  Just find the right “dealer” on the street, lay out your hard-stolen dough and you’re in like flint baby!  That’s all it takes.

But on the heels of this type of reality, we have legislators who earnestly believe that if they could just make it more difficult to buy guns or ammo – for the law-abiding citizen – all would be well in Commiefornia…I mean, California.  To that end, Senator Kevin De Leon (D) has introduced a new bill.  SB 53 is designed to make it more difficult for the average law-abiding citizen to obtain ammo.

If SB 53 passes, it would take effect June 1, 2014.  It would require that anyone who wanted to be able to buy ammo apply for a permit in order to do so.  Permits would be issued (if approved) by the CA DOJ and the DOJ would be required to keep track of all paperwork into perpetuity, yada, yada, yada.

Moreover, if this bill becomes law, not only would a person be required to apply for and obtain (if approved) a permit allowing them to purchase ammo, but all ammo sales in California would then be done on a face-to-face basis.  No Internet sales of any kind would be permitted.

They tried this last part – banning Internet sales of ammo – while I still lived in California several years ago.  Fortunately, it went down in defeat, but the Left has not given up.  They’ve been trying to pass new bills since.  SB 53 is merely the latest attempt.

So, if this bill becomes law, every law-abiding citizen in California would need to have a permit to purchase ammo before they could buy any.  Criminals?  Not so much.  They would just keep doing things the way they have always done things:  the illegal way.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say this bill passes.  Then what?  Well, aside from what I’ve already pointed out, let’s look at some other possibilities.  I stated a while ago that the easiest way to literally obliterate the 2nd Amendment is through ammo sales.  If you make it nearly impossible to purchase ammo, then it doesn’t matter what the 2nd Amendment says about our right to keep and bear arms.  Without ammo, guns are really only very expensive steel weights.

So Democrats know that by instituting a system whereby people have to have a permit in order to buy something, it won’t be long before cash-strapped California ups the ante by charging for that permit.  If they start out charging for it (which is likely), it would likely not be long before they increased the fee to obtain and renew said permit.

Maybe after a while, California mini-dictators of the legislature decide that it is in the best interest of the people of California if ammo purchases are limited.  Don’t like that?  Well, then maybe a special permit will be introduced if you have a darn good reason for needing ammo.  Maybe you’re on the target shoot circuit and you go through ammo at all of your shooting events throughout the year.

Okay fine.  You can get a permit that will allow you to buy larger quantities of ammo…at a larger price too.  Do you see where this is going?

Once the government starts getting into micro-managing your rights and mine, it’s really only one step away from eradicating them whenever they want to do so.  Oh, they would argue that they’re not eradicating them.  They are doing things to make it tougher for criminals to obtain ammo (or guns, or super-sized sodas, or whatever) and ultimately, it’s for our safety, isn’t it?

So when our government becomes our babysitter, things have gone haywire.  The lunacy needs to stop and it needs to stop now.  The government should not be in the business of micro-managing our lives, especially since nothing they do actually ever reduces crime like they promise it will.

The elitists in our government think they know what’s best for society.  Ask them and they’ll tell you exactly that.  We cannot be trusted to make good decisions so the government somehow believes it has been elected to do that for us.  It also doesn’t matter how hypocritical many of these elected officials are either.  It doesn’t bother them in the least.

Here’s a perfect example of this hypocrisy.  Please note in this short video that a journalist – Jason Mattera – is literally accosted by Mayor Bloomberg’s security detail.  Why?  Because Mattera asked a couple of questions that deliberately focus on Bloomberg’s hypocrisy.  As you’ll see, in the video, part of the security detail goes up to Mattera and demands to see his credentials, and then follows him along the street.  The security detail was made up of New York Police Officers, who, as far as I know, did not have jurisdiction to demand to see someone’s ID outside of New York state, yet that did not stop the one officer from pursing Mattera.  Do you think Bloomberg would even think of getting rid of his security detail?  They have guns you know.  Watch the video.

This type of chicanery is happening because we, the people, are sitting back and taking whatever our government doles out to us, as if we should be grateful that our “lords” are even willing to stoop to notice us.  But maybe things are turning around.

New York residents, chafing under the new gun-control measures from Gov. Cuomo’s Democratic-led legislature, are fed up and have decided they are not going to comply with the new law.  That’s encouraging that people are saying “enough!”  Are the residents of NY throwing bricks at the Governor’s mansion?  No, they are simply standing up for their rights as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment in this case.  They are quietly and resolutely refusing to comply with the new laws.  That’s gotta cause some chafing by Gov. Cuomo, huh?  You mean, he saw to it that a law was passed that residents of NY are actually going to ignore?  Oh my, say it ain’t so, will you?

As a nation, we lived through Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora, CO and Sandy Hook.  These tragedies should not have occurred and people rightly want answers.  Unfortunately, the only answer they some want to hear is that our government is on the job doing what they can to remove guns from society.  That’s not an answer!  That’s fascism!  It’s a dictatorship that decides people have no right to own weapons and unfortunately, this is where all of this is leading, whether Sen. Feinstein, or Mr. Obama will ever admit it or not.  By the time they are willing to admit it, it will be way too late.

By the way, here is an interesting article to say the least and it’s from an unlikely source too, in my opinion.  The Washington Time writes about TSA training that is geared to helping workers save themselves if a situation ever arose in an airport terminal where some loon might start shooting off rounds into crowded gate areas.  Get this; the TSA is teaching their people how to save their own skins if something goes wrong and a massacre begins taking shape in one of our nation’s airports. [1]

It makes you wonder what the TSA knows…or doesn’t.  However, it’s clear that when the Sandy Hook incident occurred, as well as the Aurora, CO tragedy, the Department of Homeland Security was holding training events near those places nearly at the same time the actual events occurred, as numerous sources allege.

If this is the case, are we to expect a massacre at some airport in the near future?  The Washington Times article asks the question, “Does the TSA already have intelligence about a possible future checkpoint shooting?

If they do, I would hope they would do all they can to keep that tragedy from unfolding, don’t you?  Somehow though, I’m thinking that the event might be allowed to happen to further our government’s overall agenda of a gun-free society.  That certainly sounds more than sad to admit, but the possibility exists.  There are too many individuals who actually believe that by outlawing guns, gun-related violence would also be eliminated.  These are the same types of people who agreed with the government when Prohibition went into effect; that people would actually stop drinking.  Didn’t happen.

The article I’ve quoted from goes into detail regarding the infamous “underwear bomber” incident and one eye-witness – attorney Kurt Haskell – who believes that our government helped him board the plane and provided him with a defective bomb that ultimately be used to “…stage fake attacks to further governmental policy.”

Imagine the implications of that.  IF our government helped the underwear bomber board a plane with a defective bomb that would ultimately not go off, yet cause major alarm in people enough to want to demand our government to do more to keep people safe, would the government comply with that request?  Of course it would, especially if that was the intended goal in the first place.

These are things that we do not like to contemplate because we cannot bring ourselves to believe that our own government would be behind these types of things.  Certainly, we do not want to consider the possibility that our own government might have had a hand in at least muddying the events of Sandy Hook or other tragedies like that.

Yet, it is clear that our government wastes no time at all in moving forward with their plan to further restrict gun rights of law-abiding citizens.  Liberals tell us the government is motivated out of concern for victims.  Conservatives say that our government is simply using an event that plays on people’s fears to move their own agenda to their desired conclusion.

There is tremendous hypocrisy happening in the world today that stems from the elite and unfortunately, a good portion of it also appears to be coming from aspects of our government.  We need to be asking why our government is so concerned about eradicating rights of law-abiding citizens instead of focusing on the criminals that break the law on a daily basis and remain generally unaffected by all the laws that are being continually passed.  Either the criminals are so much smarter than the elected officials (that’s possible), or our government has no concern at all for criminals and their real eye is on taking away rights from law-abiding citizens.  Again, why?

Not too many decades ago, Hitler rose up and cajoled people (at first) into turning in their guns.  The average citizen didn’t need them because the regime would keep them safe.  Eventually, it became mandatory that no one had guns unless you were part of Hitler’s military machine.  Once that happened, then the world saw what Hitler was really like.  Unfortunately, by that point, there was nothing the average law-abiding citizen could do about it.

If we are not careful, this same thing will happen in America.  It’s already begun, but too many are way too blind to recognize it because as often as history repeats itself, there are too many people who believe that history cannot repeat itself and that we always learn from it.  No, we don’t learn from it at all and we are therefore destined to allow it to repeat.

[1] http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/freedom-press-not-free/2013/jan/26/homeland-security-training-tsa-workers-save-themse/

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