Aww Look, Colin Powell Wants to Be Part of the Global Elite

January 30, 2013 at 1:41 PM

You know, it’s clear to me that the global elite does not even care to hide their intentions anymore.  They have been attacking Republicans for a number of years and every once in a while, they trot out some person of color to stand against the GOP while accusing the same of racism.  The latest “house Negro” to be trotted out?  Why Colin Powell, of course!  Yet, the Dems would fully deny that Powell is being used for this purpose, while they constantly accuse the GOP of doing the very same thing.

It’s no secret that Powell has a storied career, as a four-star general, a Secretary of State (under George W. Bush), and a number of other high-profile positions held within our government.  It’s also no secret that for years, people thought of Powell as at least somewhat of a conservative in position, yet this came to an abrupt end when Powell publicly acknowledged his support for Mr. Obama’s second run as president.  Since then, Powell, has come out attacking the GOP as essentially a racist, antiquated group of individuals.  If you can stand to listen to it, here’s a video of Powell on the O’Reilly Factor.

The trouble here is that even though Powell has his credentials that show he worked as a Republican within numerous Republican administrations, yet he is troubled by the economic plans that the GOP tried to put forth and felt that the Democratic economic plan was better even though it has not been better.

On voting, Powell completely dismissed the notion that voter fraud played any real part in the election.  This is in spite of groups like True the Vote ( and their legitimate concerns regarding voter fraud in any numbers of places throughout the United States during this last presidential election.

Powell also objects to being forced to show a photo ID card when arriving at the polls to vote.  He states that a person should have to prove who they are when they register to vote.  The problem of course, is that if a person can prove who they are when they register, they should have no problem proving when they actually show up to cast their ballot.  Powell believes that forcing people to prove who they are at the time they cast their vote disenfranchises citizens who may not be able to do so.  This is bunk.  It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I’m sure he knows it, but it’s his current talking point.  If a person can prove who they are and that they are eligible to register to vote, they can certainly prove who they are the day they cast their vote without it being too difficult or an additional burden on them.  It’s a complete fabrication from the liberal side of things.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Obama only won big in those states that did not have a system in place where people were required to prove their identity before they could cast their vote.  That tells me that voter fraud was certainly part of the last election and possibly the one before that.

Powell – to me – seems like someone who is desperate to be in bed with the global elite.  This seems to be happening more and more from certain segments of society.  They want to please their “masters” so people like Colin Powell are willing to say whatever the elite want him to say, believing that they will be rewarded in the end by the global elite.

It is becoming the same old, worn out mantra.  The GOP is racist.  The GOP is racist.  Isn’t it amazing though how the Dems and liberals are the first ones out of the chute to accuse conservative black politicians that they are simply offering themselves as “house Negroes” to the white establishment of the GOP?

It’s as if these same accusers are unable to see that there are no real leaders who are also blacks within the Democratic party.  They have their share of blacks, but they only allow them to speak to prop up the liberal message.

The Democratic Party has emerged as a party of libel.  They are so intent on re-imagining the GOP that they started accusing anyone who disagreed with Mr. Obama’s policies as racist long before he was elected the first time.  They have continued the onslaught and show no signs of easing up on it.  It is far more important for the Left to get what they want and they do not care if they have to lie, steal, or cheat to do it.

I tell you this – neither party is perfect.  That goes without saying.  The truth is that the Democrat party is trying to push the GOP into the limelight with their lies, so that both the media and individuals will take their eyes off the Democratic party.  It’s that simple!

If the media would do even half of what it is supposed to do, they would be focusing equally on both parties, not simply the GOP.  Frankly, I have little to no faith in either party anymore because I believe, to some extent, both parties have been bought in paid.  By that, I mean the leadership of both parties, not necessarily every elected politician of either party.  The leaders in each party have been bought and paid and essentially do the bidding of the global elite.

Part of what the global elite wants/needs to happen is that the GOP becomes seen as virulently racist, antiquated, and fully outmoded.  This will cause several things to happen.  First, more and more people will wanted to be Democrats because who wants to be associated with a racist party?  Second, the Democratic party will become the majority party in Washington, DC and have no problem passing whatever Mr. Obama puts in front of them.

This is the only reason why the GOP is being attacked as they are these days.  As far as I can see, there are more blatant racists in the Democratic party than within the GOP!  Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Jesse Jackson, Sheila-Lee Jackson, and too many others to name.  These individuals are clearly and obstinately racist to the core and care only about their agenda, which, I believe, aligns fully with that of the global elite.

It is another way that the global elite can tear down the fabric of America, by attempting to destroy a political party; namely, the GOP.  They are doing whatever they can to make conservatives appear to be Neanderthal racists who have no intellectual bone in their bodies.

If people will take the time to stop and take a number of steps backward, they will (hopefully) see that the key people within both parties really want the same thing.  Look at Marco Rubio’s voting record of late.  How about John McCain?  These guys all talk big, don’t they?  They’re going to go after such and such and they’ll stand tall against this onslaught by the Dems, but in the end, they usually wind up giving in and voting with the Dems!  It’s ridiculous and it continues because again, these people are career politicians who have been bought and paid for and I’m not talking about bribery here.  I’m talking about the way the global elite works in securing people’s loyalties.

Colin Powell is no different from the others.  These guys make their decisions based on what they think is best for them at that moment.  So, for a long time (since 1995), Colin Powell was a registered Republican.  Now, he has little to nothing good to say about them.  Whoopee.  Since there appears to be so little difference between the leadership in either party, does it really matter which party a person is affiliated with then?  Not anymore.

I am tired of the media in this country.  It has not done its job for a long time and it allows people like Colin Powell to appear to have cogent points.  In the end though, the media is literally owned by the powers that be and most of those powers that be are the global elite!

If you have enough money that gives you almost unlimited power, what is the first thing you will try to control?  The media.  Once you gain control of the media, the rest of it is simply child’s play. Though things may not happen overnight, it will happen because you control the most powerful force in the world – the media.

Recently, Mr. Obama complained that if it was not for FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and others within the blogosphere, he would be doing even better.  The hubris from Mr. Obama is amazing.  He essentially does not want anyone to disagree with him and if they do, it’s because they’re racist, wrong, or both.

I really don’t know what will change anything, but I do know that I have been spending a lot of time talking with God about it.  I have asked him to frustrate the plans of those in power so that what they want to happen with not happen.  Of course, God is free to simply say “no” to my requests and if He does, He does.  In the meantime, I will continue asking Him to take charge and override the policies of godless people in Washington, DC who do not speak for me.  Will you join me in that prayer?

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