Screams of an Aborted “Specimen”

April 9, 2013 at 5:47 PM

My son and I went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner this evening.  While sitting in the booth, waiting for our food, I glanced at the TV overhead to catch the local news.

We were there for probably an hour, eating chips and salsa, drinking some diet soda (I know, it’s bad for you), and then ate our food once it arrived.  I’m glad we went.

On the news, I saw everything from an interview with Tiger Woods from the current Masters golf tournament at Augusta, to brush fires in the West, to snow drifts in the Midwest, to a tale of a family that had kidnapped their two sons and run off to Cuba, to other things in between.  I even listened to a bit of news about political website Mother Jones and the accusation that they bugged Mitch McConnell’s office and overheard his plans of how to take care of actress Ashley Judd when it looked like she was planning a run for his seat.

However, one thing I did not see was anything related to abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell and his alleged “house of horrors” clinic.  Not a peep.

Yet, there has been dramatic and even traumatic testimony from at least one worker yesterday in Philadelphia.  Abortion clinic employee Sherry West spoke of how she heard the “screams” of a child who was aborted and survived.  West stated that the child sounded like an alien.  West told the judge “that the body of the child was about 18 to 24 inches long and was one of the largest babies she had seen delivered during abortion procedures at Gosnell’s clinic.” [1]

Can you imagine how many times West will relive that sound in her head?  I cannot imagine hearing the screams from a child that was supposed to have died during the abortion process, but lived, screaming itself to death. “West said she saw the child, whose face and features were not yet completely formed, lying on a glass tray on a shelf and she told a co-worker to call Gosnell about it and fled the room.” [2]

I am at a loss.  I simply do not understand.  How is this not murder?  How can people do this to other people?  Where is the outrage from Hollywood?  Where is Jim Carrey to call abortion doctors “mother “f*ckers” like he did gun owners?  Where is the constant parade of celebrities stepping up to the microphone to condemn the killing of unborn children?  Nothing but silence.

Many on Twitchy wonder why the news is not covering it at all?

It’s a good question to ask.  I guess it’s more important to get the latest from Tiger Woods than to learn exactly what went on in the horror shop of Kermit Gosnell. [3]

It might also do well to ask where Obama is regarding this?  He has had little problem inserting himself into other situations where blacks were victims or when he personally has an interest in something like gun control.

Recall the case of a black college professor who was arrested for what seemed to be breaking into a vacant house and Obama’s statement that the police may have overreacted.  We also know what Obama said with respect to the tragedy surrounding the Zimmerman/Martin situation.  Yet, in the case of Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationing in apartheid Cuba (with plenty of blacks treated as 3rd class citizens there with indefinite stays in jail), or the murderous exploits of Kermit Gosnell, Obama’s pet crickets speak for him.

Like Obama, the mainstream news is silent about this latest testimony related to Gosnell’s inhumanity.  They would likely provide some excuse about not wanting to create a situation that may prejudice people against Gosnell.  No, it’s more likely they do not want to publicize the terrible problems associated with abortion.

Look, the Left’s agenda is very clear.  When it comes to abortion, the right of women to murder on demand must be protected.

According to political correctness, women are “victims” and as such, must be accorded every opportunity to level the playing field.  If this means making it legally permissible for women to kill their unborn child, so be it.

Gosnell “faces 43 criminal counts, including eight counts of murder in the death of one patient, Karnamaya Monger, and seven newborn infants. Additional charges include conspiracy, drug delivery resulting in death, infanticide, corruption of minors, evidence tampering, theft by deception, abuse of corpse, and corruption.” [4]

I’m at a bit of a loss here.  Gosnell is an abortionist.  He kills unborn children for a living.  Why is he being charged with the deaths of seven newborn infants and infanticide?  Aren’t these considered late-term abortions, when their necks are cut as they exit the womb?

Oh wait, they must magically go from “specimen” (not viable) to “baby” (viable) once they leave the womb.  How stupid of me not to realize the difference, nuanced though it may be.

I cannot imagine for one second that God sees a difference.  Abortion is murder and thou shalt not murder (kill).

Not only have we made murder accessible, but we have made it completely acceptable.  Woe to us.


[2] Ibid



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