Continued Disgrace of the “Knockout Game”

June 3, 2013 at 8:10 AM

I’ve mentioned Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” before.  He’s also written a multitude of articles for World Net Daily (WND) and has become well-known for covering what is nothing less than the many unreported instances of race-based violence, mainly black on white.  What Flaherty reports on is what the mainstream news refuses to touch.  Oh sure, they may write an article about an incident that occurred, but rarely, if ever, will they note the race of the perpetrators.  To those within politically correct circles, that is especially verboten. No one wants to go there.

Those from the black community who enjoy beating the crap out of white people simply because they are white often do so as if it’s a game.  To them it may be a game, but to their victims, it can often end up being deadly.  It’s called the “Knockout Game.”

A very recent example of this occurred a few weeks ago in Syracuse, NY, in which a 51-year-old man was beaten to death by a group of teenagers. A 13-year-old and 15-year-old have been arrested in connection with the assault-turned-murder. We put in a call to Syracuse Police Department to ask more about the incident. We wanted to know, among other things, the ethnicity of the young people involved in this beating and were told that we would have to speak with the Media Officer. Once transferred there, we were able to leave a message but did not actually speak with anyone.

The game is played when a group of young blacks come upon one (or possibly two) whites. One person in the group may say something to the white person to gain their attention.  While that individual is focused on the person who spoke to him, other young blacks in the group will then cold cock or sucker punch the white person from the side or behind.

The trick – if you can call it that – is to knock the victim out with as few punches as possible.  Knocking the victim out with one punch is best. Once they are down (and possibly out), the game does not stop.  Often, everyone then kicks, punches, and stomps the victim.  They’ll do this until they either get tired or chased away by other people or police coming on the scene.  Trevor Godfrey was one such individual you may care to read about. Another victim recently was the aforementioned attack on Michael Daniels in Syracuse, NY. This same police department is investigating at least four other incidents of the “Knockout Game.”

Colin Flaherty has highlighted too many of these tragic events to count.  If you haven’t read Flaherty’s book, you can go to his author site on WND to see a list of links containing articles detailing black violence against whites (or other non-blacks).

Admittedly, this is a difficult thing to talk about, but the larger problem here is that the mainstream media appears to be doing whatever they can to avoid it as well.  They are supposed to report the news, but most of us know that those media sources report news that’s only important for them to report.  When they are forced to report news that is not part of their particular agenda (e.g. the Gosnell trial), they find a way to do so while still maintaining their bias.

If there is a growing level of violence by young blacks against whites, then it logically follows these attacks are obviously racist.  However, the media, elected officials, and individuals don’t want to discuss it for fear of being labeled…racist.  Does that make sense?  Shouldn’t racism be called out wherever it is seen?  Unfortunately, the rules of political correctness do not allow it because black men are considered to be the biggest “victims” and victims are often given passes.

There are so many videos on the ‘Net that prove that black on white violence exists, yet people shy away from discussing the problem.  There are documented cases time after time proving that a growing tide of racial violence exists, making it impossible to ignore, yet police, city officials, the media, and others continue to stonewall or act oblivious. “Just kids acting out” is what we’re told.

“Invariably what is described in the mainstream media as ‘youths’ are, as you know even see the video, are really gangs of young blacks acting as hooligans, rioters, or worse. The first part of accepting reality is to see it as it actually is…” [1]

“Despite the video that showed violence and rioting from large groups of black people over the weekend, local media described it in curious ways. The ABC affiliate described the action as scuffling. CBS Chicago said the crowd was made up of ‘mischievous teens’.” [2]

“Montee Ball, a Heisman finalist from 2011, has not been the same since five black men attacked him in August, sending him to the emergency room with head injuries.” [3]

Reasons why these things keep happening are provided as everything from it being the first heat wave of the summer, to kids being kids, to blaming the events on Sarah Palin as the Chicago Police Superintendent did not long ago. It’s her fault because on her show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” she talked about the right to bear arms.  Yes, he actually blamed it on Sarah Palin. [4] Liberals are so vapid, it is difficult to explain, isn’t it? They live in their own reality, which is tragically, far from actual reality.

What we need to do is force the media’s hand by blogging about what we see and what we know.  We also need to support people like Colin Flaherty and author Taleeb Starkes who wrote “The Uncivil War: Blacks vs. N*ggers.”

True leaders in the black community need to start calling this type of criminal behavior out instead of trying to protect the individuals involved. Yes, some are arrested, but the majority are never caught and black leaders too often refuse to call it what it is: racism against whites. The media are often culpable as well because they somehow believe that reporting the races of the individuals has nothing to do with anything. The truth is that it has everything to do with it if this is a concerted effort by black youths to attack whites. It’s called racism.

People – of all races – need to rise up and stand against it because it affects all of us.  We are all human beings who share this one planet and if we cannot make it work, then it will simply get worse.






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