One-World System on the Way Because God Has a Plan

April 11, 2014 at 8:54 AM

satanI’ve been doing a good amount of reading and studying on aspects related to the federal government and what it has done to ensure that it has a solid way of maintaining a complete hold over all aspects of society should America experience a “national emergency.” The results of my study, though not complete, has been a complete eye-opener.

I noted in an article I wrote for Wayne Dupree that the use of Executive Orders (EO) by presidents was to circumvent Congress to create law. That, in and of itself, is revealing, considering the fact that FDR used EOs to the tune of over 3,700 during his presidency.

rome_front_smallBut the more I study, the more I have come to the unshakable conclusion that society is being directed to a one-world system as foretold in Scripture. In my next book – Rome Rising – I detail the process, from Scripture and using events from society to prove how accurate the Bible is with respect to all things, especially in terms of prophecy. We need to remember that though we live in 2014 and look back at many of the events in Scripture, those events were foretold long before they actually occurred and in some respects, many of the events that were foretold by Daniel, Ezekiel, John (Revelation) or someone else have not yet occurred. We are still waiting for them to take place.

This makes the events in society even more important, not that we use the events to fit into biblical prophecy, but we can judge whether the events themselves are fulfillment of prophecy as revealed in Scripture. It is important to understand the distinction.

I believe the Bible teaches a coming one-world system as fact. What I glean from Scripture and what I see happening in society appears to be one and the same. From ancient times, secret societies have longed for a one-world governmental system under which all people would essentially be treated equally. This dates back to the Tower of Babel. Even though God stepped in and confounded people with the introduction of languages at that point, it does not mean that God would not allow that one-world system to come to fruition in His time and for His purposes.

We need to remember that Satan fell because of pride. That pride prompted him to believe that he would find a way to be equal with God Himself ((Isaiah 14). Because of that, sin entered into his thinking and he fell. He was thrown out of heaven, meaning he lost his position in heaven (though he still has access to God’s throne as we see in Job). God allowed Satan’s power and authority to remain with him and he has it today.

It is this power and authority as prince of the air and the ruler of this age that has caused him to use everything at his fingertips to bring about a situation where it will ultimately be him against God. The Global Elite (GE) is blind to this fact. They are being used for Satan’s purposes, but unfortunately for them (and the world), the GE has no real idea that this is what it’s all about. They are too focused on themselves to see it.

Satan has been lying to the “illumined” from the beginning, causing them to believe that they were put here to rule the rest of us. Because they believe this lie, they have worked to create this one-world system for their benefit. Unfortunately, as we learn in Daniel 7:8, once everything is in place and the ten kings take their place to rule, the Antichrist (Satan’s spiritual son) rises among those ten (as the eleventh), kills three of them (becoming the eighth), and takes his place as supreme ruler. The remaining seven give the Antichrist their loyalty.

While [Daniel] was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it; and behold, this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts.

I’m sure at that point, they begin to realize they’ve been duped, but there’s nothing they can do about it. This is why I believe so many things have been occurring in society due to our government’s willful determination to ignore the rule of law based on the US Constitution. There is no denying that this attitude is so prevalent in the federal government. The fact that we are seeing so much of it, yet nothing seems to be done to correct it, proves to me that the power behind it is tremendously strong. Moreover, it is being allowed by God Himself so that after Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire, he will fully understand that he was given every opportunity to fulfill his own promise to be “like the Most High,” yet failed completely because in the end, he was still a created being and as such, could never become God.

It is interesting though that of all the lies Satan tells, this one – “you shall be like God” – permeates everything he does because that is what drives him. It is the goal of all secret societies to “become like God.” This is absolutely unattainable, because like Satan, we are all created beings. How can the thing created become the entity that created it? Impossible, yet the lie persists against all reason.

I fully believe that we will see more assaults on our rights and freedoms in America. It will happen because God is allowing Satan to create his one-world system. That does not mean we sit by and do nothing. It does mean, however, that in spite of our best efforts, the one-world system will come into being because it will be by that system that Satan will be fully defeated for the entire universe to see.


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