Christ, Our Fellowship, Part 15

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Being physically healthy can go a long way in keeping us in balance so that the spiritual areas of our lives also benefit.

Last time, we introduced the concept that just as people often find that the way they feel impacts their relationships with people, so can the way we feel impact our relationship with God. When we experience illnesses/diseases or even emotional or mental stress, these leave our bodies and minds feeling overworked, tired, and even depressed. I firmly believe that Satan will use whatever is at his disposal to impact our fellowship with God. Though his first priority is to keep people from gaining salvation, for the person who does become a new creation in Christ via salvation, his priority at that point is to keep the person’s relationship or fellowship with God off-balance or even non-existent.

Clearly, there are some things that some cannot avoid. Some are born with debilitating diseases. Some acquire them through accidents or other means throughout life. In those cases, it is all those folks can do to keep their heads above water and their life because of it is extremely difficult. I’m confident though that in circumstances such as those, God’s grace is often felt or experienced more keenly by people in those positions who came to their current state through no direct fault of their own. You may know someone like that who manages to always see the positive or expresses him/herself in a way that helps others draw closer to God.

However, for the rest of us, there is a great deal of responsibility we should take upon ourselves in the area of our own health. The first problem is that too many are simply unaware of the problems with the food they eat or the water they drink. They may not simply be paying attention to the problems associated with toxins found in plentiful supply in our food and water. The other problem is often associated with western medicine in general that seeks to essentially treat symptoms of problems rather than the source of the problem itself.

Even though doctors tell patients they need to lose weight, they still usually prescribe medications to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels because these issues are the things that kill people. If you’re ever had to deal with any of these issues, you know how tiring they can be and the side-effects that many medications can cause. All of this affects the way people think and feel. It can also affect relationships. It’s not just losing weight that will make a difference, but an overall lifestyle change, eating better foods, including quality supplements, and daily exercise

But imagine if people ate healthy foods – organic or homegrown – and avoided the garbage foods out there (the stuff that’s extremely cheap, GMOs, non-organics, etc.), how much better would people feel, think, and behave? I’m not advocating a strict vegetarian diet. I’m simply saying that in truth, we are what we eat. 

We are born to die and we are constantly moving in that direction. This wasn’t God’s plan but it is the road we are on now because of sin. So why is it as people get older, issues begin to develop that were not there previously? I believe it has to do with eating garbage for decades. Our bodies can only handle so many toxins and our livers can only clean our blood so much. If we are constantly ingesting foods or drinks that are laden with toxins from the ground or with added chemicals that are supposed to “clean” those things, eventually our systems will become completely polluted by these toxins and chemicals.

Food is not enough today: Depleted farmland, hybrid crops, GMOs, pesticide use, and food processing has severely depleted nutrient levels in our food.

In today’s world, it is not enough to simply eat the right foods. That’s a good place to start, but it isn’t enough. Avoiding glutens and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is also a very good thing. But more is needed. If a water source is polluted, it is not enough to simply add more fresh or pure water to it. The water itself needs to be cleaned and I believe the same holds true for our bodies. Over time, the build-up of toxins, heavy metals, and man-made chemicals takes its toll and begins to destroy our bodies. Eventually, our vital organs begin to stop working as well as they used to work or they quit altogether.

Other things besides food play a large role in how people feel today and the quality of their health.

Impaired nutrient absorption: Most people have low levels of digestive enzymes, intestinal infections such as candida, parasites and other intestinal problems that don’t allow proper nutrient absorption.

Beyond even this, I think we would all agree that stress is at an all-time high today.

In today’s society, we are stressed, this is no secret. Stress increases the need for zinc, magnesium, and B-Complex vitamins because these are used up a lot faster when the body is under a lot of stress.

Because of these things, our bodies are highly toxic and we are paying the price in our health and in the quality of our lives. Bad health not only negatively impacts our bodies and vital organs but our outlook on life. Unhealthy people become more easily depressed, saddened, angry, fatigued, and susceptible to many illnesses and maladies. All of these things affect the quality of our relationships and our relationship with God is absolutely no exception.

If someone told you that you were eating rat poison every day, would you stop or would you just “dial it back” a bit? I would hope you would stop immediately. That, in itself, would go a long way in starting the healing process because your liver would get the chance to begin cleansing the blood.

Consider this, we live in the most toxic times in history. You’ve survived up to this point, nice work! however most likely you’ve been accumulating toxins and heavy metals your whole life that brought you to your current state. Realistically it’s going to take at least 2-3 years to bring you back to a place of true health and vitality.

So in reality, you would need to avoid eating foods or drinking beverages that contain toxins in them to allow your liver and other organs to start cleansing your body. But you’d also need to start taking other measures to increase the quality of your health, which might include a nutritionally balanced approach to eating with supplements.

You’d have to agree that your body didn’t go from great health to terrible health overnight, just like you didn’t wake up one morning with 30, 40, or 50 extra pounds on you either. It has taken time to get to the stage you’re at and it will take time to reverse the effects. Are you willing to do that in order to have better relationships with people and God because you will:

  1. be thinking more clearly
  2. have more energy
  3. be able to do things you haven’t done in years
  4. have more stamina
  5. feel younger
  6. be healthier

If you are really ready to heal your condition and reclaim your vibrant health, whether it’s adrenal gland fatigue, diabetes, depression, thyroid issues, mental instability, anxiety, or any number of complex health concerns, it’s not going to be remedied quickly or easily. That’s the bad news.

Did you know that if your body cannot find calcium as a for instance, it will substitute a heavy metal that might already be present in your system? We’re talking about how your body works at the enzyme level and enzymes are life’s basic building blocks. Your body needs them and if you refuse to give your body the healthy things it needs, it will find substitutes in what you do give it. Some call this nutritional balancing and it makes sense if you consider the fact that God created our bodies to be in balance with itself. When the body is in balance, disease does not gain a foothold.

Today though, western medicine says we should get a flu shot every year or make sure your kids are all vaccinated with the latest vaccinations. While this may seem preventative, it often isn’t because it is introducing harsh chemicals into your system in an attempt to force your immune system to fight off infections or diseases.

There are things you can do right now to start improving your health, which will have an effect on the quality of your relationships. I fully realize this particular article is very pedestrian and perfunctory. It’s not “spiritual” that you may have come to expect from this blog. It is practical and because of that, it can provide a benefit to you that you may not have considered before.

Be aware that Big Food companies have made it so that food is – for the most part – inexpensive. The less expensive it is, the poorer the quality, of that you can be assured. If you want to begin taking your health seriously so that your outlook on life is greatly improved as are your relationships, especially your relationship with God, know that it will cost you more. However, you will probably eat less quality food because of the lack of fillers, byproducts, fats, carbs, and preservatives used in the “junk” food that we normally eat. Adding quality supplements to your daily regimen will also cost a bit but the dividends are many.

Consider something. If you have a gaping hole in your hand from a tool wound, that pain affects the way you feel and the way you treat other people. It lessens your ability to be patient with people, to love others, to focus on other people’s needs, etc., all because the pain in your hand is constantly drawing your attention. You are focused on it. It is always in the background reminding you that it hurts. This does affect the way you interact with other people and there’s no getting around that.

But going to the hospital, having the wound cleaned and dressed and possibly taking some pain medication helps you to return to “normalcy” in your demeanor. You feel better, you relate to others in a far less self-centered way because you’re not focused on your own needs.

Poor health robs us of a sense of well being because the symptoms that we experience are often way too “loud” and are difficult to ignore, not to mention that many of those symptoms can be physically debilitating and even affect our ability to think clearly. Sometimes, seeking out quality healthcare from specialists is the only way to go for some folks who suffer from maladies like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other illnesses. We need to learn how to be and remain as healthy as possible. This goes a long way in ensuring the spiritual portion of our lives is also doing well.

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