All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 7

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It's coming whether we like it or not...unless you think God is a liar?

It’s coming whether we like it or not…unless you think God is a liar?

Since the first article in this series, we’ve learned that you can’t believe every conspiracy theory. By the same token, you shouldn’t disparage or choose to disbelieve all conspiracy theories because they are labeled “conspiracy theories.”

It is important to understand that it is difficult, if not impossible to prove the veracity of each and every conspiracy theory. A person who dedicated themselves to doing that would likely have little time for anything else. Even if a person could do that, the ability to prove the integrity of each conspiracy theory to another person would still be in serious doubt. People come to their own conclusions based on a number of things, most importantly, their own worldview. This is often the main thing that guides people to accepting something as truthful or rejecting it out of hand.

For the person who chooses to believe there is no God at all, that worldview and belief system will guide how they approach and embrace viewpoints. The same applies to the person who says they are a Christian and embraces God’s Word as truth. The opinions they make and embrace are based on that outlook.

Having stated this, it’s also clear that even if we ignore the Bible (and to do so is to do so to our own peril), there is ample evidence to more than suggest that this world is being directed toward a one-world system of governance. I think I’ve provided enough basic information in this series of articles to prove that. There again though, it is ultimately left up to each individual’s worldview and what they see as valid or reasonable.

We ended our last article stating essentially that aside from the fact that God has set aside a total of 490 years (“70 weeks”) to deal with the stubborn people of Israel, by allowing them to fall under the control of various Gentile nations starting with Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, there was another reason He has chosen to allow the world’s leaders to gather together to create a final dictatorial global system that will essentially control every portion of this world and all the people in it. That reason has to do with who God is and what He wants not only the world but all Creation to understand about Him.

I wrote about this truth in a book I wrote called “His Highest Purpose.” I’ll restate the intent and purpose of the book here. In essence, God has an overarching, highest purpose in everything He does. We can point to salvation as being His highest purpose and while it is very high on His list, it is not His absolute highest purpose. His highest purpose is that everything will bring Him glory. This is, in effect, why God has undertaken to do anything.

While He purposed to create all sorts of animals, the earth, the angelic host and even humanity, God created these things to bring Him glory. This is clearly seen in His sovereignty. Is God sovereign or not? This does not mean He decides what you’ll eat for breakfast today or which shirt you’ll wear to the office.

When we speak of God’s sovereignty, we are referring to the fact that ultimately, all things work together to bring God glory. In other words, though things seem out of control in many ways now, we know that this cannot be what is actual. God is allowing discontent to build up in the world. He is allowing circumstances to develop so that a one-world governmental system will come into existence. He is allowing things to occur that will one day bring the “man of sin” to the point of ruling the entire worlIn short, God is giving Satan as much leash (and he is remains on a leash) as needed in order for Satan to attempt to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition.

Ultimately, the battle that has been playing out on earth and in the air above the earth is between God and Satan. We might do well to ask, why is God allowing any of it? Why didn’t He simply deal with Satan and toss him into the Lake of Fire when sin was first found in him?! It’s a reasonable question. Consider the things that Satan promised himself in his heart of hearts without uttering an audible word found in Isaiah 14:13-14.

You said to yourself,
“I will climb up to the sky.
Above the stars of El
I will set up my throne.
I will rule on the mountain of assembly
on the remote slopes of Zaphon.
I will climb up to the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High!”

Notice that God heard or saw what Satan said to himself. This of course, is proof that God sees all things. Satan made his plan in what he thought was the secrecy of his own heart. He may well have simply shouted it from the rooftops because God heard.

Since that time, God has chosen to prove to the entire Creation that Satan not only will not be able to keep those promises to himself, but God will give him as much opportunity as possible and will do so publicly so that when Satan fails, his failure will be that much greater!

God began to defeat the powers of darkness at the fall in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), but it really didn’t start to work out directly until Jesus died a sinless death and rose again three days later. In that instance, God made a spectacle out of the powers of darkness as Paul tells us in Colossians 2:15.

Disarming the rulers and authorities, he has made a public disgrace of them, triumphing over them by the cross (emphasis added).

The very thing that Satan thought he’d kept under his hat and close to his chest has been brought out into the open! What Satan wanted to keep under wraps, God has fully brought out into the open!

Everything that Satan has planned, everything he has done and will do is going to be publicly revealed. What Satan is now doing in the spiritual realm or the “air” above the earth, will be brought out into the open so that all people, all nations everywhere will see Satan publicly defeated.

God is intent on bringing glory to Himself. Defeating Satan and his minions is going to accomplish that in a very public way. As I’ve mentioned previously, there will come a time when one final ruler will step up to take the reins of the final, revised Roman Empire. He will have all of Satan’s power and will control the forces of the world.

Even though the people who are working behind the scenes now to establish a global system of governance and trade do so to help themselves, Satan is behind the scenes urging these people onward for the purpose of helping Satan. Satan couldn’t care less about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, or any other globalist! Satan is only interested in bringing his promises found in Isaiah to fruition. To that end he uses people on this earth who are thoroughly blinded to his true purposes to create a one-world government. Once that is in place, Satan will take his seat there via his spiritual son, the individual he will have successfully turned to his side.

And what is Satan’s ultimate goal? Of course it is to bring his promises to fruition, especially the one where he said “I will make myself like the Most High!” How will he do that? He will do it by keeping the returning Jesus from touching down on this planet!

If Satan can keep Jesus from returning physically to this earth, that means he will be stronger than God. It means, for all practical purposes, that Satan will be God! Obviously, if Satan can keep Jesus out, that would mean that Satan has incredible power. Of course, we know this will not happen because the Bible tells us exactly what will happen as Jesus returns. I would encourage you to read the entirety of Revelation 19:11-21. Paul also tells us what the end result of Satan’s attempt through Antichrist to overcome Jesus, in 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

One word, one breath and Antichrist is vanquished! It will be done publicly so that all will see! This will put everyone and everything on notice that no one is greater than the God of the universe and no one can even hope to overcome Him even in the smallest possible way.

Satan started this ball rolling and it’s been rolling ever since. God will finish it and His message to His Creation is that He and He alone is GOD. We need to let things play out, but we do have a mission as things come to that preordained head. Our job – as Christians – is to minister to the lost by telling them that salvation is found in no other than Jesus, the God of all Creation. That is our mission. There is no other mission.

Too many Christians are getting wrapped up in doing what they can to change the face of America, to somehow bring it back to a time that allegedly existed when this nation purportedly worshiped the one true God. That’s not what the Great Commission is about. It’s about Christians evangelizing the lost, making disciples of all nations. This is also what glorifies God. According to the Bible, this world is moving further away from God and toward a one-world government over which Satan’s spiritual son will rule. There appears to be nothing we can do to halt that progress. It is going to happen whether we like it or not because God has stated that it will. He has apparently given Satan permission to attempt to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition.

I don’t have time to investigate every conspiracy theory and you probably don’t either. What we can do is understand where this world is headed and, based on the testimony and truthfulness of Scripture, make the most of every opportunity to witness to the lost people of this world.

We can do that or we can be involved in political change. Unfortunately, we cannot do both. There isn’t enough time in the day to do both. I’m not saying we shouldn’t vote. I’m not saying we shouldn’t study the issues. I am saying that we will eventually see the resurrection of the revised Roman Empire. That empire will be headed by one individual who will be completely sold out to Satan and empowered by him. His goal will be to fight against God the Son as He returns to this earth to claim what He rightly won by His sinless life, death, and resurrection (cf. Revelation 5). This world is His. Satan is on borrowed time.

Please take the time to see the big picture. Understand what’s going on in the world, yes, but do not be swept up into the political maneuvering that is so common in this world. It is a corrupt system, a system that is broken. Do not look to that system to right any wrongs. That cannot happen.

This world moves toward a time where evil will be publicly vanquished. That time is coming when God in Christ will fully and visibly defeat the powers of darkness. In the meantime, we need to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves and understand that the Great Commission is the only real mission we should be involved in. Even if we could change this world, it wouldn’t last. God will be glorified and He will use Satan and the powers of darkness to do it.

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