Can We Do Anything About All the Evil in the World?

August 1, 2016 at 12:14 PM 2 comments

In the long run, the final analysis, and certainly in the big picture, even if all Christians were completely united, we would not be able to eradicate evil in this world. The main reason for that is because that particular job has not been given to us. It is solely and completely God’s job.

Now, before anyone accuses me having a laissez-fare attitude toward evil or that I’m really preaching that since we cannot ultimately get rid of evil, then all our efforts to right wrongs are wasted, I’d like to clearly and plainly state that this is not what I’m saying at all. Christians have a right and responsibility to take care of orphans, to help the widows, and set things right when it is in our power to do so. We cannot idly sit by and watch evil overtake the planet…our cities…or our streets and simply throw up our hands with the words, “que sera sera,” (whatever will be, will be), in deference to God’s will.

We Christians have an obligation to do what we can to stand between the victim and the victimizer. Lot proved this to be the case when he tried to convince the men and boys of Sodom to not rape the two visiting angels (Genesis 19). Jesus did it with the woman who was caught “in the very act” of adultery (John 8).

So while there are things Christians should do to help right wrongs in society, there are only so many things we can do. If all we did was tried to right every wrong, that’s all we would be doing. It is impossible to correct all the problems created by Satan because evil undergirds global society. It is an illness, a deep sickness that runs rampant throughout every corner of global society.

With the coming presidential election, it’s good to know what we are up against. In the past few weeks, I’ve studied and prayed and studied and prayed some more. I’ve read blogs, articles, and watched videos that have helped me flush out the truth regarding the coming election. What I’ve learned is nothing new. Hillary Clinton is entirely corrupt. She is self-aggrandizing to a fault (as if being self-aggrandizing in itself is not enough of a fault). While I’d like to stand on principle, I think it is more important to try to stop the oncoming destruction if I can help. In order to do that, I must choose the best candidate who is in the best possible position to make a difference.

Hillary has lied, stolen, and allowed Americans to die in Benghazi though she had the power as Secretary of State to help. Beyond this, as a lawyer, she has been classified as unethical. She does not respect the Constitution and constantly skirts the law. Her supporters are seemingly legion and they dutifully ignore her wrongdoings. I believe she serves the Elite completely. Here is a video about Hillary’s early years as a lawyer in which she managed to get two suspects cleared of assault and rape charges (of a 12-year-old girl), by lying and suppressing evidence.

Here is another video in which she – in her own words – lies, lies, and lies some more on a number of issues. She even successfully turns it around and blames a journalist when cornered and the journalist lets her get away with it.

Now, given all of this (and we’re not even including the nearly 30,000 emails released by WikiLeaks), what is the left’s main complaint about Donald Trump? They want his tax returns released. Oh sure, they call him a bigot, a racist, and much worse, but most of that is based on exaggerations or misquotes of what he has actually said.

Even now, RINO (Republican in Name Only) John McCain is busy denouncing Donald Trump over the brouhaha with the Muslim parents of a dead Muslim soldier. Did Donald Trump kill the soldier? There is evidence that because of Hillary’s lack of effort, four Americans died in Benghazi. Why isn’t McCain denouncing Clinton? Why isn’t McCain and other Republicans denouncing the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the media for their collusion to bring down Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? I called McCain’s Washington office to ask why he was taking the time to denounce Trump when he should be denouncing Hillary and the DNC based on the nearly 30,000 released emails from WikiLeaks? Feel free to do the same if you would like: (202) 224-2235. You’ll actually be able to speak to someone or you can “press 1” to leave a message.

This may be the biggest reason why things seem to appear to be out of our hands. They've got an agenda. However, in spite of how things may look or work themselves out, God will only allow them so much lead. They are still on leashes though they don't see it that way.

This may be the biggest reason why things seem to appear to be out of our hands. They’ve got an agenda. However, in spite of how things may look or work themselves out, God will only allow them so much lead. They are still on leashes though they don’t see it that way.

John McCain is a RINO and yet, consider that he was supposedly the “best” candidate to stand against Barack Obama in 2008. This is a travesty, but it brings to mind the very possible fact that the entire political system has been overtaken by the Elite quite some time ago. I recall my parents voting for Barry Goldwater in the 60’s because of his honesty, integrity, and willingness to stand against the Elite then. As history notes, Goldwater did not win. Is it possible JFK was actually killed because of what he learned and was willing to reveal about the Elite to America and the world?

In the past few weeks, I’ve had time to reflect and like many, I am convinced that if Hillary becomes our next president (as I believe the Elite will allow), America has had it. We may sink to a point from which America will never recover.

Is Donald Trump corrupt like Hillary? There is no sign of it. He inherited his millions, but didn’t earn them. He has claimed bankruptcy. He has gone through several divorces. He’s certainly not the most moral person who has ever run for elected office, but if we compare him to Hillary, he’s angelic! While Trump may be a bit of a buffoon and full of himself, there doesn’t appear to be a hint of corruption. I also do not believe we need to “make” him a Christian in order to feel good about voting for him.

Since Donald Trump has now received the official GOP nomination for the president, then I am of the opinion that conservatives and Christians have an obligation to support him in his run for the White House. He is in the best position to ruin Hillary’s chances of being the next president and if we can thwart her efforts, I believe we should.

I disagree with leaders like Al Mohler, Russell Moore (of the Southern Baptist Convention – SBC), who have publicly stated that they cannot support Trump. I felt that way before as readers will recall, but there is a sense in which we can and should do what we have the ability to do to slow down the malaise of corruption that has overtaken America. He certainly has the best chance of keeping Hillary out.

But let me also offer a warning here too. If Hillary does win the Oval Office (by whatever means available, including voter fraud), we must acknowledge that God is still in control. We must be willing to accept that God has allowed her into that office (as He allowed so many evil rulers throughout history to take charge of various nations), because of His purposes, whether we see those purposes or not.

I firmly believe in 2008, millions and millions of Christians throughout America prayed, prayed, and prayed some more that Mr. Obama would not become president. It was almost as though a delusion had gripped America. Blacks were ecstatic that a black man seemed to have the chance to become the president that they were gleeful. That’s all they cared about. Even so-called Christian black singers and leaders were singing Obama’s praises in spite of his history on the abortion issue alone. Those black leaders and pastors who were asking other blacks to stop and consider were vociferously shouted down.

Millions of people like myself were emotionally involved in the whole thing, hoping against hope that John McCain would beat Barack Obama, RINO that McCain was and remains. It wasn’t to be and the 2012 election seemed to be a repeat. While fewer people voted, I still believe the collusion of the media along with voter fraud gave the win to Barack Obama for re-election. Yet, millions and millions of Christians had been praying that Romney would beat Obama. God chose not to answer that prayer.

Will Donald Trump win this November? I don’t know. I do know that evil is rampant throughout society and for reasons revealed in Scripture (along with some reasons known only to God Himself), it may well be that in spite of prayers and everyone’s best efforts, Hillary Clinton will be sworn in next January, 2017 as the first female president of the United States. God is certainly not mocked and in spite of things, He will be glorified.

IF that happens, then Christians need to accept it as God’s will, whether they want to or not (and who does?). God’s ultimate purposes will prevail.

I know that people will continue to disagree with me and that is certainly their right to do so. If choosing to leave a comment, try to make it short and sweet and leave acrimony aside. The subject of politics – often like religion – has a polarizing effect on people.

I firmly believe God’s will is going to be accomplished regardless of who is elected this November. I’m convinced that God is in control, that He is sovereign, and His will is going to come to fruition. I cannot think of a time in Scripture where His ultimate plans were successfully thwarted.

Are we His servants or not? Do we believe that He is sovereign in spite of the way things appear? I’m reminded of the plagues that God sent Egypt. To Moses and Aaron, initially, it may have appeared that God was overcome by Pharaoh’s hard heart, unable to rebuff Pharaoh. Of course, we know that was not true. God deliberately drew the situation out so that His victory over Pharaoh would be complete and unqualified. Let’s not forget that Pharaoh and his armies drowned at the bottom of the Red Sea, but what it took to get them there!

Let’s also remember how often the Israelites grumbled and complained because they failed to remember God’s power in rescuing them and in providing for them time and time again. Their grumbling required God to judge them at times, but His purposes and goals were never thwarted.

We have an opportunity this fall to make a mark on history. I now believe the best way to make that mark is to vote against Hillary by voting for Donald. But please…if we could all remember that we Christians have a calling, a calling called the Great Commission (Matthew 28). That calling is not dependent upon who is in the Oval Office or whether or not our candidate is elected. We cannot put our involvement in the Great Commission on hold because we need to cheer on our candidate.

Let us all remember that global history is moving toward the point where Satan will rule over a one-world government via his spiritual “son” in the Antichrist. Global society is building toward that climax. It will happen according to Scripture. Even as the final seven years of human history dawns, the Great Commission rolls onward bringing others into God’s Kingdom.

While we are praying about the immediate future this November, let us not forget that there is an overriding commission that affects every Christian’s life here and now and until He comes.

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  • 1. Eric  |  August 9, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    In addition to your comments, I think you will find Ray Gano’s brief article in the link below a nice supplement to your comments here:

    Thank you again for your articles. Your response to my comments was very much appreciated. It is a shame that there are not more viewers out there exposed to these kinds of things or your blog, for that matter, or more authors who ought to write on these topics as they ought to be written. Thank you again for all the work you do and the Lord continue to bless you now. God bless.

    — Eric


    • 2. modres  |  August 9, 2016 at 12:52 PM

      Thanks for providing the link to Ray’s article. I will check it out and hope readers do the same. Thanks again, Eric 🙂



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