Racism Used to Divide, Conquer, and Create New Truth

September 28, 2016 at 8:06 AM 2 comments

Dr. Bell is no longer with us, but his hatred lives on in others.

Dr. Bell is no longer with us, but his hatred lives on in others.

I hate discussing this subject. I don’t like throwing the spotlight on it. However, I also believe it is important for Christians to understand what is taking place in society and how to respond to it. Having said that, I’m hoping that I won’t be dealing with this subject again, or at least for quite some time.

What we are seeing in society involves truth and lies. The truth is that racism, in some form, exists. The lie is that it is automatic where blacks are concerned who are on the receiving end of it from either whites or law enforcement.

Society is faced with a constant barrage of lies trying to force us to believe that law enforcement officers (LEOs) are unofficially hunting down blacks and killing them. It’s an absurdity that pushes itself to the forefront of the conversation. We’ve seen how this untruth operates with Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddy Gray, and others. The most recent situation occurred in San Diego, CA, where a black man – allegedly unarmed – was shot by police officers. Reports indicate that the man was acting “erratically” and would not obey orders given by police.

The media seems to enjoy promoting these types of tragedies without properly vetting them. The implication of the article is that this black man was doing nothing wrong and the police simply executed him. This was the same type of thing we heard immediately after the shooting of Mike Brown with 911 callers essentially telling operators that Brown was just “standing there” or that he was “doing nothing” but got shot by a trigger-happy cop. That turned out to be false, but the media went with it anyway.

Even though the truth has come out about Mike Brown – that he was not simply standing there with his hands up and back to the officer, but was in fact running directly at the officer – it doesn’t matter to some. The lies connected with the Mike Brown case are accepted as truth and the overarching lie that cops are hunting blacks is increasingly being accepted as truth. It is putting people on edge and erasing any of the racial gains made since the 1960s.

This is how lies work. They are repeated so often that they cannot help but be seen as truth, in spite of the fact that they remain lies. In society right now, it is unwritten law that you do not criticize Black Lives Matter (BLM), President Obama, or Hillary Clinton. If you do, you could face suspension, loss of job, or worse.

Because of that, Colin Kaepernick, a pro-football player, can pretend he relates to inner city black youths, in spite of the fact that he was raised by white adoptive parents. He refuses to stand during the National Anthem and is allowed to protest in such a way. Those who criticize him are censured by the same league that allows Kaepernick to protest. Freedom of speech only goes so far. He is allowed to wear socks with images of pig police officers, but the same league prohibits players from wearing cleats that highlight the 9/11 tragedy.

Yet, a restaurant owner has to take the time to explain that using a Kaepernick jersey on the floor by the door as a welcome mat has nothing to do with Kaepernick’s race and everything to do with his disrespect for America’s National Anthem. The race-baiters are out in full force because they have an agenda that needs to be adopted wholesale by society.

A young black woman in the military is highlighted in the press for her refusal to stand during the playing of the National Anthem on the grounds that she believes that racism is rampant in the United States and America has never given blacks a fair shake. This is in spite of the oath she took when she joined the military.

Then we have people like the late Dr. Derrick Bell, who believed and taught critical race theory; that, among other things, it is impossible for blacks to be racist toward whites because they allegedly do not have “power” over whites. The absurdity of this type of belief is appallingly transparent to thinking people, but not to those who grab onto it and make it their own to avoid being responsible for their own actions and words born of hatred and racism.

What we are seeing in society is a general ramping up of lies in the hopes that these lies will one day become unquestioned truth. Notice that President Obama has not weighed in and by his silence can be seen as in agreement with these lies. He’s not calling for calm. He’s not asking that society wait until all the facts are gathered in each situation where police use lethal force against a suspect. He’s remaining deliberately aloof from these situations and allowing the media and race-baiters to do what they can do to create the change needed by the powers that be to create more tension throughout society.

It would be asinine to believe that racism does not exist in society. Only a fool (or racist) would believe that there is any excuse for racism in any part of society or that it does not exist at all. However, it is equally asinine to believe with the world watching, police officers are involved in a concerted effort to hunt down and kill black men. It’s the height of stupidity to believe this, yet this is exactly what the media and others want us to believe. In fact, it doesn’t even matter whether the officer involved in the shooting is white or black. We are to believe that if black, they have been “turned” by whites. If white, they are simply racist.

The idea that police officers cannot use deadly force against blacks is a lie that has gained traction and taken to its extreme, will make it impossible for law enforcement to use such force against blacks, in spite of their record of criminality. Eventually, I’m sure it is hoped that it will become unwritten law that whites should not use lethal force on someone trying to break into their homes, if that suspect is black.

The real result of all this is to create a truly privileged race of people who can live on the wrong side of the law and not have to worry about consequences. Even the Obama Administration has stated that they want to see lighter penalties for blacks because they believe too many blacks are needlessly incarcerated or incarcerated for longer periods of time than whites.

For instance Terrence Crutcher, recently killed by a police officer, had a lengthy criminal record. Was that justification for killing him? No, but it’s very easy to be an armchair quarterback in situations like this and to say that the female police officer who shot him overreacted. She has been placed on leave and charged. The courts will decide whether or not she acted correctly or not. In the meantime, people with long criminal records gather in cities to create havoc by looting, stealing, and destroying.

In society, this push to make lies truth is par for the course. We have been warned about this by the apostle Paul who told us that these last days would make for terrible times (2 Timothy 3). Living through it is enough to make your stomach turn. It is how Cultural Marxism (political correctness; emotional virtue), works and it is doing its work, whether we like it or not.

It is the same Cultural Marxism that allows Hillary Clinton and other politicians to continue to walk free when they should be in jail for their criminality. There is a dire duplicity in society that says a Christian who owns a bakery and refuses to make a cake for a gay couple must be financially destroyed, yet no one focuses on Muslims who own a bakery and would do the same thing. This duplicity says blacks are downtrodden, beaten down, and hunted by whites and law enforcement, in spite of the fact that blacks are the main killers of other blacks in America.

But let’s be clear here. Racism is not solely an American problem. Racism has existed since Genesis 11, when God dispersed people according to languages and cultures He created. Since then, people have been at odds. Prior to that, everyone was essentially one in thought, mind, and purpose. Throughout history, we’ve seen problems associated with one race, culture, or group hating another through “ethnic cleansing.” This form of racism is appallingly real and the toll on human life has been in the millions.

In spite of all this, what should the Christian’s response be? First, we must be aware of what is happening in society and do our best to ignore it. Understand the lie and reject it as the lie it is, while continuing to uphold the truth, in spite of the push back. The truth is that law enforcement are not out to deliberately kill blacks. It happens, but there is no concerted effort to kill blacks. The idea is ludicrous, yet this is what society is expected to believe and unfortunately, is accepting as truth.

Second, do not be changed by the lie. Do not allow it to conform you to the designed and deliberate preconception. There are many lies in society and we must rise above all of them, just as Jesus did when He walked among us. He couldn’t change the lies because they were powerful enough to have gained tremendous hold over people. However, He could and did meet individuals where they were and helped those who were willing to see the truth. That’s the best we can do. We cannot change society, though many Christians today believe that is their calling. We cannot stand in the gap against the lies that were literally created in hell. God allows those for His purposes. What we can and should do is seek those who are seeking truth and help them find it.

This is part of the Great Commission, where truth is revealed to people and they embrace it. After they embrace it, they then begin to walk away from all the lies society can create. This is discipleship and it takes a Christian to come alongside a new Christian to help them focus on truth, to become anchored in that truth.

The first time Christ came, He did not come to change society. He did not come to eradicate lies. He came to create a way for humanity to gain salvation. Certainly, if all people were authentically saved today, society would be a different place, but the sin nature would still exist. It will only be when there is a society of people who do not have the sin nature and have Jesus as Lord and Savior that the change will be complete. Until then, we live not only among sinful people, easily swayed by the deceits of the enemy, but we ourselves continue to be taken in by our own resident sin nature. Though we have salvation in Christ and the Holy Spirit lives within us, our inherent sin nature keeps us at odds with ourselves and with God at times.

If we give into the lies that abound in society, we will be giving into the sin nature within us and we will do more harm than good. Only in rejecting lies will we maintain a truly spiritual outlook in life and we will then be in a position to help others who truly want help.

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  • 1. ptl150  |  September 28, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    You have hit it on the nail!! Very good article…this should be shared in the hopes that one or two or more individuals will see the truth and the TRUTH…then they in turn can help others also see the truth!


    • 2. modres  |  September 28, 2016 at 9:59 AM

      Thank you. Hopefully, it will do just that. Please feel free to share wherever you’d like to do so.



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