Today’s Millennials are the Brainwashed Masses

November 11, 2016 at 8:11 AM 2 comments

I have to laugh at how those whose candidate lost this recent presidential election can wail, moan, groan, and swear about it. I’ve heard some of the most vile things since Donald Trump won the election and let’s not even talk about the fact that some in California want to secede from the “union” and all the violent protests that have occurred. Ignoring the fact that the only state of the United States that could even possibly secede would be Texas since they were their own Republic prior to becoming part of the United States, it’s all just a bit too much.

People are angry. I get that. They are afraid all their “free stuff” is going to go away and much of this lies at the feet of those referred to as the “Millennials” who honestly have no clue because of years of being brainwashed by the system. Those in charge have succeeded in dumbing down a generation enough so that they cannot think straight and thoroughly believe that Marxism and Socialism are the best options for society, for the Constitutional Republic we call America. These folks truly have no clue and because they are so entrenched in their thinking, there is very little hope that they will ever see the light of truth. It boggles the mind at times, yet what can you do?

It’s the very same with respect to the health “industry.” On one hand, Big Pharma has worked overtime brainwashing people into thinking that health is really only achieved and maintained through the drugs dispensed by licensed physicians. The problem with this is that these drugs – for the most part – do not heal anyone. They have no ability to actually heal. The drugs simply treat or mask symptoms and normally cause others.

Case in point. I recently had shoulder surgery and powerful pain medication was prescribed. I followed the directions and took them religiously for two days. Oh, I was feeling great! One of the side effects was itching skin. No matter because I was feeling great! I then did some research and discovered why and it is due to the fact that this particular narcotic artificially creates endorphins. It’s like Prednisone artificially taking over the role of the adrenals, leaving your body feeling really good, though at times, you can go from being really intensely happy to simply intense.

I chose to stop taking the medication and instead used a lot of ice on the spot, only taking an over-the-counter pain pill occasionally. It has worked so far and has allowed me to do the exercises I’m supposed to do.

Blood pressure medications treat the symptoms of high blood pressure but often deplete the body of needed vitamins and minerals, which if not, replaced, will cause the need for other prescriptions to take care of the problem. Before I knew any better, I was on certain blood pressure medications that depleted my potassium levels. Answer? The doctor prescribed a drug that put the potassium back into my system.

With the exception of emergency surgery and intervention and surgeries that repair broken or torn limbs, Western medicine is in the business of treating symptoms and it is helpful to realize and remember that. It does not heal anyone. Even cancer patients are not actually healed in the true sense of the word. Why did they get cancer in the first place? The treatment program never addresses that at all. It simply goes after the symptoms and does its best to alleviate them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but there are plenty of people who develop (interesting word) cancer, receive treatment for it, the cancer goes into remission but oftentimes comes to the surface again. Why is that? It’s often due to the fact that people continue to do the same things they did before (eating or drinking garbage, smoking, etc.), developing the cancer so it’s bound to rise the surface again.

orthomolecularHowever, in the meantime, the companies that have created treatment plans continue to grow exceedingly wealthy off of the illnesses of people throughout society. Ask the average individual today about “alternative” health practices and they look at you with a knowing smile. Even if you’re just talking about supplementation, they aren’t willing or ready to put their faith in the efficacy of vitamins.

Yet, actual medical journals from several generations ago are filled with study after study, report after report, and article after article of how certain vitamins have shown great efficacy in reducing and even removing completely symptoms that have caused everything from schizophrenia, to cancers, to behavioral problems, to diabetes, and more. Why is all of that pooh-poohed today by the medical profession? Simply because doctors make no money at all from vitamin supplementation unless they set up shop in their own office helping their own patients understand how to treat what ails them. It’s easier to simply write some prescription.

Yet, at the turn of the last century (the 1900’s), tremendous strides were being made in the study of the positive effects of Niacin, as a for instance. Yet, if you consider the FDA, their daily recommendation is no more than 50 mg/day and any more (they say), can cause major health problems. This is based on a study (paid for by the pharmaceutical companies) in 2012, in which mega-doses of Niacin were added to a new statin drug to see if the combination would help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good. That didn’t happen so the blame was placed squarely at the feet of Niacin (though the statin was very quietly withdrawn from the market). By the way, the particular form of Niacin used was the extended-release form, not even the naturally occurring form in nature. Because of this study, the medical profession started to call into question the efficacy of Niacin in large doses. Yet, here is at least one individual who blows the lid off the study itself, which is certainly worth consideration.

niacinYet, there have been a number of very well documented studies of using Niacin to treat a number of diseases (including alcoholism and other addictions), going back to the early 1950’s and used for people in Alcoholics Anonymous by its founder. There have been studies done and articles as well based on the efficacy of Niacin, but who loses money if people actually learn that Niacin can and does benefit people’s health?

Dr. David Williams speaks of the many benefits of Niacin. Others have chimed in and base their articles on studies by several doctors from the mid-to-late 1900’s. In fact, there have been several books published that speak of the benefits of Niacin in detail that every home should have and follow.

Today, there is a growing generation of people who are literally brainwashed and intelligence-challenged. They cannot think for themselves because they firmly believe what they believe as has been force-fed to them since Kindergarten or earlier, depending upon how much television they watched before they even entered school. They are convinced of many things that defy logic, yet cannot be convinced that they are wrong in their thinking.

I knew that even after the election, things would not settle down. It’s going to be quite some time before civility and some sense of normalcy returns to America, if it ever does. Those who have been getting their free this, that, or the other thing, cannot handle the fact that those things might go away. Their thinking refuses to acknowledge that eventually the money for all those free things runs out. They don’t care about that. They cannot see that. It’s not even on their radar.

doctorI know a lot of musicians and I’ve often wondered why so many of them are far into the left zone politically. They want “socialism,” and all that goes with it. They think the government should simply provide for people. I’ve since realized that many hardcore musicians who simply want to live lives creating music are essentially Bohemians. They don’t want the responsibility of having to work a steady job and be an integral part of society. They want to be able to sit around and create their music while the government creates programs that give them what they need by way of healthcare, food, housing, and the rest. Story after story of musicians, singers, and bands depicts lives of crashing with friends, sponging off relatives and others, living from day-to-day, not knowing how they will make ends meet. For them, it’s the music that counts.

I’d like to emphasize that not all musicians are like this of course, but there are too many who are and they create a massive drain on society. If and when they do make it big, they spend money just as fast as they get it on large homes, expensive cars, trips to Europe, and especially booze and drugs. These people are often extremely talented when it comes to playing instruments, creating music, and singing. But they’re like adolescents who never grow up and don’t want to because they are so enamored with their gypsy lifestyles. For every one who “makes it” in the music industry, thousands don’t and continue their lives sucking the energy out of everyone around them. Too many of them crash, burn, and die long before they make it or even after they have made it.

This is today’s generation in too many ways. They know everything, but they don’t know what hard work is really all about, and they have their hands out expecting someone (normally the “government” because that is far less personal than actual people who pay taxes to that government), to place freebies or cash in it. In short, we have a growing generation of spoiled brats who have no concept of responsibility.

But among these people there are also too many who have been brainwashed by Big Pharma and Big Foods and who refuse to acknowledge that Western medicine doesn’t know everything. In fact, there are many things in place to keep people from walking away from the medical profession (except in emergencies) and trying to take control of their health through proper eating and drinking, along with vitamin and mineral intake. Think about the fact that God has given our bodies the ability to heal itself. It’s not something out of a comic book! However, much of what people eat and many of the medical treatment programs used by people are not designed to make or keep us healthy. I think we have a tremendous responsibility to treat our bodies as the temples they are and we are not doing that if we are eating and drinking garbage and then when we naturally get sick, we run to the doctor’s office for a prescription.

We’re not telling everyone to never go to the doctor. We’re not telling people to only use a vitamin/mineral regimen. What we’re saying is that if people learned to eat right, drink the proper fluids, and add vitamins/minerals to their daily regimen, there is an excellent chance that they will not be seeing the doctor as often.

Today’s generation of people are in very sad shape. Either they wrongly believe that Socialism is going to solve the world’s problems (something the coming Antichrist is banking on people believing), or that vitamin/mineral supplementation cannot replace the medical industry, or both.

People need to wise up and understand the forces that are at work in the world to make and keep people blinded to the truth. Those who will not respond positively to the truth will reap the consequences of their decisions. Those who wake up and reject the lies and brainwashing will be taking control of their lives and be in a much better position to live for God. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jack Morrow  |  November 11, 2016 at 6:41 PM

    I don’t think the Retarded Generation, i.e., Millennials, are brainwashed, because I haven’t seen evidence to show that they have any brains worth washing.

    As for the sore losers in the election, bring in the grief counsellors. Aren’t they the same people who, when their candidate won, were telling those on the other side to just accept it?


    • 2. modres  |  November 11, 2016 at 7:10 PM

      Yes, they were certainly busy telling the rest of us to suck it up and just accept it. I’m not sure what the protesters believe they’re actually going to accomplish and I do believe Trump called it correctly when he said that “professional protesters” were busy. That’s exactly what they are and it would not surprise to learn that these are the same folks who protest things like black lives matter, but are simply being used to foment the same attitude where this election is concerned.

      They can’t actually believe that their pitiful actions are going to negate an election, are they? If they weren’t being paid to protest, they likely would not be protesting and since it has taken a few days to get things organized, it proves that it’s not simply a visceral reaction to losing.



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