Understanding Leftism’s Disconnect with Truth

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A "gift" left in the wake of the recent Women's March in DC. While these women would argue they support the environment, clearly, they don't.

A “gift” left in the wake of the recent Women’s March in DC. While these women would argue they support the environment, clearly, they don’t.

Since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as this nation’s 45th president, many on the left have painted a very vivid picture of what Paul expresses in Romans 1. The world has witnessed some deplorable visual displays of extremely base actions (lacking higher values), violence, cruelty, and verbal filth spewed onto television screens. This is, unfortunately, the way many on the left roll. They do not believe that laws apply to them. Even those on the left who don’t join in with others to create havoc, often their thinking is completely disjointed and off-kilter. They lack logic.

While peaceful protests are allowed under the Constitution, this isn’t good enough for those within the left’s camp. For them, a man punching a female opponent during a verbal altercation is the chosen (and accepted) response. He is then protected by other women. Attempting to light someone’s hair on fire is also well within the boundaries of the left’s tortured political activism. This is in spite of the fact that these actions are against the law. In fact, just about anything goes where the left is concerned, from outright racism, to massive littering, to causing all sorts of destruction with violent acts. These are temper tantrums to the max, complete with many forms of criminality.

In the final analysis, many leftists (certainly not all), believe that anything is permissible as long as it moves their agenda forward. That’s all they care about and unfortunately, for the past eight years or so, the actions of leftists have been viewed with impunity. The Obama Administration essentially looked the other way and succeeded in granting clearance for criminal behavior when those individuals stepped across legal boundaries during their protests. Eric Holder hit the ground running in this regard and Loretta Lynch picked up where he left off.

Yes, Trump is your president, just like Obama was mine, whether anyone likes it or not.

Yes, Trump is your president, just like Obama was mine, whether anyone likes it or not.

Many (not all), within the leftist camp use their feigned self-guided outrage exclusively for their own ends. While they are content to shout slogans like “Trump is racist,” nothing is ever stated about President Obama’s potential racism from these same people.

While it is fashionable to blast Trump for comments he made years ago regarding parts of the female body, virtually nothing is said by these same individuals regarding Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades where he was actually impeached for lying to Congress about a sexual liaison he said he did not have with Monica Lewinski. Beyond this, Bill Clinton has been accused of raping several women and his wife Hillary, has been accused of going after these women to shut things down. Rather than being a supporter of women’s rights, Hillary prefers to degrade and defame in order to protect herself and Bill. In spite of these things, the left continues on their chosen path of support for the Clintons, unconcerned of their own duplicity.

Moreover, we just witnessed the Women’s March on DC, which was headed up by one Linda Sarsour, a devout Muslim who believes in Sharia Law. A number of these marches throughout the world had women chanting, “Allahu Akbar!” as they marched. What they fail to realize (or refuse to acknowledge), is that Sharia is dead set against women’s rights. If allowed, Sharia would turn the clock back hundreds of years. Apparently, that’s okay with many on the left.

sallykoneWhen you have outspoken lesbians like Sally Kohn publicly tweeting support for Linda Sarsour and Sharia Law, it’s clear that there is something missing with many of these folks. Homosexuality cannot exist under Sharia Law. Namely, executions occur because homosexuality under Sharia Law is punishable by death. That fact does not seem to penetrate the thinking of people like Kohn. It is either that or they dutifully ignore the truth because currently, many Muslims want the same thing as many on the left as far as America is concerned; its destruction. So for now, they work together.

In order to understand leftism and what drives leftists, it’s helpful to look at Romans 1. We’ve noted this section before in numerous articles, but it always helps to go back to see what else we can learn.

Romans 1 provides insight into the guaranteed downward spiral of the person who is dead set against the God of the Bible. The first 15 verses of Romans 1 deal with Paul’s salutation and desire to visit Rome. Verses 16 and 17 explain his understanding of the power of the Gospel to save anyone who comes to God in faith. The entire chapter provides a serious look into what Paul calls a depraved or darkening of the mind. This is devolution of the soul, if you will. People who think they’re wise and cunning become very depraved or darkened in their thinking and reap those consequences as they reject the God of the Bible. For them, anger is their constant companion.

Verse 18 begins Paul’s teaching on why God’s condemnation of sinners is just. Paul first states that the very existence of God is proved throughout the Creation (vv. 19-20). Because this is fact, no one has an excuse to not accept God’s existence.

Years ago, it was fashionably intellectual to deny God’s existence. This is still the case today, but more often than not, today’s intellectual has created a god in their own image based on nothing but their own or popular ideas. They’re certainly also denying God’s existence, though they would argue that they believe in some form of God, just not the God of the Bible.

But Paul says no one has any excuse to deny God’s literal existence. He further states that in times past, even though Creation itself proved (and continues to prove), God’s existence, people then (much like people now), refused to honor Him as God. This is the first step in this downward spiral – rejecting God’s existence.

From there, Paul shows just how foolish people become. They not only deny the Sovereign God’s existence, but actually attempt to create their own gods (v. 22). It’s so much easier to worship a god made with human hands for too many people. That god can be controlled.

Denying the God of the Bible and creating your own little god is a huge step toward depravity or the darkening of the mind. Once God sees that certain people are resolute in wanting nothing to do with Him, He grants their wish (vv. 24-25). He literally gives or throws “them over in the desires of their hearts to impurity, to dishonor their bodies among themselves,” (v. 24b). This action allows these individuals to continue the downward progression they’ve chosen for themselves. But it gets worse.

According to Paul, not only do people worship created images and things, but they begin to “dishonor their bodies.” This means simply that people begin to do what God has forbidden.

26 For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged the natural sexual relations for unnatural ones, 27 and likewise the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed in their passions for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

Regardless of what the gay and lesbian communities would like us to believe, the above description by Paul tells us that women who reject God are literally given over to unnatural sexual relations. The same thing happens to men who willfully reject God. You see, without God, we perish and the road to this downward spiral leading to our own deaths is very ugly.

But Paul is not yet done. As if it wasn’t bad enough that God lets people do what they want to do because they prefer not to live by His rules but that they also often become sexually immoral, having sexual relations with members of the same-sex. This is one further long step downward into the intellectual abyss and depraved thinking.

…God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done – Romans 1:28

A depraved mind is one that is incapable of correct thinking and is morally corrupt or perverted as a constant. In other words, that individual is always living in a way that feeds self and felt needs, regardless of how that person’s actions might negatively impact other people. Lighting an opponent on fire? No worries? A man punching a woman in the face? Nothing to see there. Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades? No reason to discontinue supporting the Clintons. Yet, if these same things were done by conservatives, hell would be unleashed on them by those on the left. A depraved mind breeds tremendous hypocrisy because the only thing that matters is what that person believes. Being right or wrong doesn’t matter either; only what they believe and how they go about bringing their beliefs to fruition.

Romans 1:29-32 show us forcefully what these people are like. They are…

  • filled with every kind of unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, malice
  • rife with envy, murder, strife, deceit, hostility

We could stop there, but Paul continues. Depraved people are also:

  • gossips
  • slanderers
  • haters of God
  • insolent
  • arrogant
  • boastful
  • contrivers of all sorts of evil
  • disobedient to parents
  • senseless
  • covenant-breakers
  • heartless
  • ruthless

Wow, what a list! This perfectly describes the type of person who is out causing all sorts of problems for society with their criminal enterprise. Like anarchists, they are opposed to all man-made laws except the laws they see as viable. They have no respect for the rule of law that governs democratic societies in general. They constantly prove it with their words and actions.

Paul’s last statement found in Romans 1:32 sums things up. They are so deplorable and depraved that, “Although they fully know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but also approve of those who practice them.” This is how many of them act when someone in their camp does something malevolent, whether it’s beating up innocent people, destroying businesses, or private homes and vehicles. These people are unconscionable and incorrigible. Their god is their stomach (cf. Philippians 3:19), which means that whatever they do, they do for their own self-satisfaction in spite of the illegality of their actions.

In the end, what we are seeing are people who simply do not get their way. Because of it, they whine in criminal ways. They’re not interested in any opinion that differs from theirs. They’re angry and filled with spite. Watch your back, folks.

So what do Christians do who see the error found within large elements of leftism? First, we need to pray for these people. It is not right to see them as enemies. While they may be enemies of God because of their stance and beliefs, they are not our enemies. In fact, God still seeks to reach out to them and He has chosen to use us for that purpose. It is our obligation to pray for these people.

Second, we should also pray for our own safety. Sadly, because of the elements of criminality within many of these leftist groups, it is not always safe to go to large events. This is part of the reason they do what they do. They want us to fear and stay home. There is a certain amount of wisdom in that. At the same time, fear should never control Christians. We are here for a purpose and that purpose is to be witnesses to the lost of this world.

Third, we should be willing to respectfully stand our ground against the lies of those who stand against God. We should do this with intelligence, gentleness, and faith in God. If you are unable to do it that way, then maybe you should stay out of the way until you can.

Fourth, we have a new president and in spite of what might be thought of him, we are obligated to pray for him, just as we were obligated to pray for Obama and other presidents. God has His purposes for who becomes president and it seems clear with President Trump that he stands for law and order. This is something that leftist extremists hate. Their goals include tearing down the fabric of society, which includes the laws designed to keep people safe.

With this in mind, please navigate life safely.

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