It’s Dangerous to be Conservative These Days

May 12, 2017 at 5:29 AM

Conservatives are learning just how fascist the Left can be when it comes to a specific set of beliefs or a political ideology they are opposed to. Since the election of our 45th president, Donald Trump, the Left has really become unhinged and easily triggered. Apparently, we are in a “constitutional” crisis, according to some on the Left. This was not the case though under President Obama, in spite of the many problems and potential illegal/corrupt acts that dogged his administration.

Allowing AntiFa (stands for Anti-Fascist), to use violent protests in attempts to put down anyone who espouses conservatism is something we see repeatedly. Of course, it goes without saying that any group that attempts to use violence to shut down the beliefs of another group is thoroughly fascist, though the Left denies this charge. The Left tells itself because they believe conservatives preach “hate” in many forms, the proper response to that hatred is violence if necessary.

This puts the Left in the position of determining what is hate speech and gives them permission to violently oppose it when deemed as such. They then believe they have permission to do whatever it takes to shut it down. This form of demagoguery is not unusual for Leftists who believe they and they alone have truth. While Conservatives also believe they espouse truth, they do not use violence in an attempt to shut down the Left, even if their words cross the line into hate speech or abject lies. Conservatives understand the 1st Amendment provides free speech, allowing people to say things that are not politically correct, popular, or even those things which might be defined as hate speech. Nothing allows anyone to physically assault someone else whose views differ from theirs or even if they do cross over into the area of hate speech.

Leftists have a history of fighting causes that seek to disenfranchise people and remove rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America. They have no problem making their position known. Interestingly enough, while many on the Left believe they understand the true ramifications of the Constitution, few prove it with their words or demeanor.

Unfortunately, the news media, which is supposed to be completely unbiased as they report what is also supposed to be actual news (as opposed to spin), too often reveals its own biases. A recent example is during an interview between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway. While Conway was speaking about sexism, anchor Cooper clearly rolled his eyes at her comment. This is completely unprofessional, but in today’s society, this type of reaction toward conservatism is perfectly acceptable and even applauded by many on the Left.

Interestingly enough, when Conway noticed that Cooper had rolled his eyes, she indirectly addressed it. Is it any wonder that President Trump refers to CNN and other networks as “very fake news”? Conway stated to Cooper the following:

Can you imagine rolling your eyes… having a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think not…

It’s one thing to be involved in what turns out to be a hostile interview, but imagine being in a place of employment where you – as a conservative – were seriously outnumbered and you had to work with those folks for at least eight hours every day. Nearly everyone you dealt with was a Leftist, espousing Leftist drivel. If you tried to express your thoughts and beliefs, you would not only be panned, but quite possibly ridiculed, exposed as a “hatemonger,” vilified, and fractionalized. You would be treated with disdain and at best simply tolerated but barely. It would be a very difficult situation for most people who espouse conservatism, wouldn’t you agree?

There are many places of employ that are largely left-wing and working there is difficult at best for those who are not on the left. Most conservatives have likely determined that it is better to keep conservative views close to the chest so as not to draw the ire of those on the left. However, with President Trump, it has now become permissible to talk about things from a conservative perspective even though reprisals may occur. The unwritten law under President Obama was that conservatives were to be seen and not heard at best.

Tim Allen is a conservative. He does not seek to hide that fact and in his recently canceled sitcom, “Last Man Standing,” Allen portrays conservative Mike Baxter, who is married to Vanessa Baxter (Nancy Travis), and together they have three daughters, Mandy (Molly Ephraim), Eve (Kaitlyn Dever), and Kristin (Amanda Fuller). On the show, Kristin is married to Leftist Ryan Vogelson (Jordan Masterson). There is often friendly political repartee between Mike and Ryan. The show’s writers are generally on the left politically, yet they do a decent job of presenting both sides of the issues between Mike and Ryan.

Last Man Standing began airing on ABC (owned by Disney), in 2012 and ran for six seasons. In spite of the fact that the show has performed solidly, apparently it lost a bit of ratings steam in season six. ABC unceremoniously pulled the plug on the show and there will be no further seasons where conservatives can watch and enjoy Mike Baxter et al. Frankly, I’m surprised it lasted for six seasons because of its conservative perspective.

At the same time, Stephen Colbert, who recently ripped President Trump in his monologue with at least one sexually laced (and homophobic), slur, still has his show. However, just a few days ago, the FCC indicated it was investigating Colbert following his “lewd anti-Trump rant.” The head of the FCC (a Trump appointee), has promised to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action and if sanctions are handed down, the Left will go bonkers. But for now, Colbert’s show continues.

Do you remember Dr. Drew’s show? A mere days after making potentially negative comments about Hillary Clinton’s perceived physical ills (she appeared to have seizures in public), his show was unceremoniously canceled. Of course, depending upon who you ask, some say the cancellation had absolutely nothing to do with his comments about Hillary, while others believe the timing was more than coincidental.

However, there is a seeming clear perception that Hollywood producers show preference to those on the Left and denigrates (or at best, tolerates), those on the Right. The fact that Last Man Standing was picked up as a series at all is quite remarkable.

Frankly, giving the years we’ve watched Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, we often laughed out loud and wondered how he was able to get away with some of the things he said. Oh, they were nothing like Colbert’s comments or comments made by many in Hollywood where Donald Trump is concerned, but Mike Baxter’s character clearly presented himself as an unabashed conservative. Yes, he got his digs in where former President Obama and Hillary Clinton were concerned, but those comments were never lewd by any stretch.

It seems that Hollywood has no room for conservatives to publicly express their conservatism. They do what they can collectively to shut down the conservative voice and since the majority of executives and those who wield power in Hollywood are on the far left, they can easily maintain and push their own political ideology while marginalizing or shutting down those who have opposing views.

This is the world we live in where being conservative is seen as a political crime and must be shut down. Whether or not “Last Man Standing” was canceled due to its conservative political content or ratings, the truth is that there are many shows that continue on and on, which seem to have absolutely no redeeming value at all. In fact, there is a dearth of those types of shows. It’s what people think they want because they push the envelope and they each have their own shock value, which piques the interest of many.

The Bible is clear about the problems we face in society today. It stems from the downward spiral created by people opposed to God and His truth (Romans 1). Paul warns us in several places in the New Testament that these last days will bring terrible times. We are seeing it and the Bible seems to indicate that things will get worse before they get better.

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