CNN Producer Admits Russia Story is Fake for Ratings

June 27, 2017 at 9:29 AM 2 comments

Thank goodness for people like James O’Keefe and his company, Project Veritas. He goes undercover to learn the truth about how the Fascist Left operates and over the past few years, they’ve uncovered some interesting things that prove how low and despicable the liars who hold power are as they seek to deceive and push their own agenda.

For years, many have known that at best @CNN stretches the truth. Since Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, CNN, MSNBC, and other so-called “news” networks have been called on the carpet for their obvious lies or questionable reporting. O’Keefe’s company does what it can to allow the perpetrators to paint themselves into a corner and his latest video is revealing.

In it, O’Keefe strips away the subterfuge and gets to the heart of the problem and what’s great about it is that the producer in question – John Bonifield, a senior producer at CNN for 15 years – talks a blue streak and essentially admits that, among other things, CNN continues to push the fake Russia narrative because it increases and maintains the network’s ratings. That’s what it’s all about. As Bonifield also admits, reporting news (even fake news) is a business and clearly, CNN is in it to make money. They make money with higher ratings because advertisers can be charged more to run their ads with a guarantee of a larger audience.

I will apologize ahead of time. If you are easily offended with the use of swear words, then you’ll want to know that the video contains some expletives. It’s the way of the world today and it’s how most people converse. Years ago of course, this was not the case. People didn’t so easily swear in public or in normal conversation. This speaks to the fact that people in general have lost the ability to discuss things without resorting to base language. Today it is seen as being hip or cool. So there you have it. If swear words offend, please do not watch the video.

Our hats off to James O’Keefe. I know he’s received death threats for his undercover work, which is also par for the course when dealing with the Fascist Left. If Michael Moore creates an undercover documentary as he has done on numerous occasions, the same people who high-five him for his efforts show great disdain and hatred for someone like James O’Keefe, who is essentially doing the same thing. Many reporters have used undercover videos to flesh out the truth. O’Keefe isn’t the first, but he’s probably the first to successfully use it to uncover exactly how the Fascist Left news lies and relies on fabrications to drive a story for the sole purpose of garnering greater ratings.

I hope Project Veritas will continue fleshing out these guys who traffic in lies, successfully creating a false narrative and it’s all done for ratings. As Bonifield states in the video, presenting the news is “business.” So much for journalistic integrity.

I realize none of these revelations will make any difference to those on the Left. For them, “by any means necessary” represents their marching orders. Like Donna Brazile, the only problem is in getting caught.

It would not surprise me to learn that the higher-ups at CNN disavow John Bonifield’s comments with some sort of comment along the lines of “The opinions expressed in the Project Veritas video do not accurately represent @CNN editorial policy and producer highlighted in video no longer works for @CNN.”

The truth comes out and even though Fascist Left seems to enjoy highlighting what they say are President Trump’s lies (while dutifully ignoring every actual lie of President Obama), it appears that CNN has been caught in substantial lies. The truth is that they push the Russian hacking narrative because it supports their bottom line of increased ratings. It’s a cash cow for them. Bonifield says in the undercover video that CNN spent a day and a half on the Climate Accord President Trump pulled out of and CEO Zucker stated they needed to get back to Russia.

It’s an eye-opening video, one that will confirm to critically thinking people that the alleged Russia hacking is a created situation to increase ratings and bring down President Trump. It will not, however, convince anyone on the left who believes beyond doubt that the Russians did hack into our election in order to get Trump elected. The whole idea is preposterous since Russia benefited greatly from their dealings with Hillary during the Obama Administration. They would’ve continued to benefit had Hillary become president. Now, there is virtually no benefit for them, which speaks directly against the false notion that they wanted Donald Trump to become president. Makes absolutely no sense and this Project Veritas undercover unmasks the situation as a simply ratings ploy. If it was successful in taking down President Trump, that would’ve been fine with CNN as well.

All of this is to show that what is considered “news” today is often political espionage. Reporter Jim Acosta constantly whines on Twitter about not being allowed to ask questions (or why are cameras off with only audio). He’s ignored because continued information comes to the surface showing that CNN is not real news. They are out only to direct things by creating narratives that serve their agenda. That’s not real reporting. That’s not having journalistic integrity. CNN did not start out that way, but it has morphed into a beast solely lacking in integrity. I’m not sure there is a way for CNN to regain what they may have had originally. The more they deny, the greater the loss of integrity.

Hats off to Project Veritas and James O’Keefe for finding and revealing the truth about how CNN works. They are a business, interested in ratings and profits. There is obviously more profit in being a tabloid rag than in telling the truth. Clearly, CNN is not interested in truth, which means as an alleged news organization, they are hoodwinking the American people. It is plain from comments made by Bonifield in the undercover video that most of their viewers are “liberal” and he admitted that had they scrutinized Obama as much as they do Trump, their viewers would not have liked it. The clear meaning is that the Left has an agenda that resists truth in all forms. They cannot handle truth and prefer lies. CNN obliges them by presenting lies masquerading as news.

The Psalms are filled with high thoughts. Many, though they are imprecatory type prayers (prayers that Christians should not use today because of God’s overflowing grace to all of His Creation), nonetheless, they teach us of the future.

Lord, do good to those who are good,
to those who are upright in heart.
But those who turn to crooked ways
the Lord will banish with the evildoers. (Psalm 125:4-5 NIV)

Verses like the ones above plainly show the difference between people who love truth and yearn to live by it and those who hate truth and do what they can to spurn it. Ultimately, the Lord will banish those “who turn to crooked ways.” That is the end result. People who love the Lord only wish it would happen sooner than later, but that time is in His hands, not ours.

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  • 1. Don  |  June 28, 2017 at 7:22 AM

    Love this, finally the truth comes out! Shouldn’t these producers of fake news be made to pay? After all they caused a lot of hatred and riots and shooting of republicans. They did it for money so they should be sued for millions that is the only way they will learn…These maggots should also serve jail time….


    • 2. modres  |  June 28, 2017 at 8:03 AM

      Yes, but true to form, it is incredible how the Fascist Left is downplaying Project Veritas’ undercover video. One person told me “All networks exploit stories for ratings.” Of course, the problem is that while it is understandable to “exploit” a TRUE story for ratings, it is unconscionable to exploit hearsay, lies, or innuendo for ratings. When a “news” bureau does that, they are lowering their standards to that of a TABLOID.



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