The Real Coming Great Awakening

August 23, 2018 at 4:58 PM 4 comments

If you are on any social network and/or follow the mysterious Qanon, you’ve likely heard the term “great awakening.” This refers to a coming time many believe to be in the near future when lawless politicians who’ve gotten away with many crimes over the years (including treason), will be arrested, tried, and if found guilty, punished with incarceration or execution. After writing that, I realize just how improbable it may actually be.

At any rate, this great awakening is said to also includes a time of unity in America and other nations as well. Qanon has specifically stated 11.11.18 is the date when America will no longer be divided.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Many long for that time yet it almost seems like a pipe dream. However, let’s assume for this article that it will happen under President Trump. America will see a general unity that we’ve not enjoyed for decades (since at least the 1960’s forward).

Lets also assume President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 for his second and last term. We will further assume he will accomplish much by way of uniting USA and ferreting out corruption in government. Just go with me here, okay?😎

What about AFTER Trump is done being President, what then? Could someone after him be elected to this nation’s highest office who would immediately start undoing what Trump accomplished, just as Trump began undoing what Obama did to America? Yes, that is a major possibility.

I know there are many within Christendom who believe great things are just around the corner. They believe Trump is God’s man like Cyrus of old where Israel was concerned. There are many today who either call themselves “prophets” or embrace that label foisted upon them by others and they go with it. They offer us weekly more “words” from the Lord about Trump, America, and the world. That, to me, is seriously off-putting. I don’t wish to offend anyone if you follow some of these alleged prophets, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know where I stand on the subject of modern-day “apostles” and “prophets.”

People who see what’s happening encourage us to pray harder and work more diligently to make these good things ahead come about. Many within this group of people also believe that the harder Christians work, the more God’s coming Kingdom will be brought to earth.

In other words, these particular folks believe that Christians partner with God to usher in His Millennial Kingdom over which Jesus will physically reign. It is apparently not something God does by Himself. Forgive my incredulity, but unfortunately this belief is entirely at odds with Scripture, in my opinion. Oh, I’m very aware of how these often sincere believers arrive to what they believe are biblical conclusions. However, I firmly believe these folks are in error. It seems clear to me that the Bible reveals no such evidence that God’s future physical Kingdom comes about in part due to God’s efforts and in part due to efforts of human beings.

Large portions of Scripture speak of a gradual worsening of society until truth is overthrown completely and the father of lies (Satan), installs his spiritual son, Antichrist, as ruler over the reformed old Roman Empire. In order for that to happen, Satan is the one who must partner with human beings to help him with his dirty work. As powerful as Satan is, he is a limited, finite being who attempts to turn as many people to him and away from God in order that he might use them to bring his plans to fruition. God needs no such help from any of His Creation though He has chosen to stoop at times to include certain human beings in the process. That’s far different from believing God must use us to accomplish His purposes.

This Kingdom of God is yet future. Like the many other things in Scripture that God foretold and which did occur, His Kingdom will come to earth, physically, just as God has revealed to us throughout His Book.

I’ve written extensively about this subject in books and articles here and elsewhere. The bottom line is that this world is headed toward judgment with God Almighty and the time leading directly up to that judgment goes from bad to worse. In fact, it is extremely ugly, with society becoming increasingly thoroughly anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-truth.

In that sense what we are experiencing now and possibly in the near future under President Trump is a respite and little more. If Trump is able to accomplish even half of what he promised (and things are looking very good), I’ll certainly be glad about it but I’m not naive enough to believe any changes will last. Why? For two very important reasons. First, Satan is alive, he hates God and His Creation, and second, God has specifically told us as much about His plan for this earth leading up to eternity future.

A friend of mine is extremely educated in the wiles of Marxism, how Marxists get their tendrils into every aspect of society, and how they work to take hold of a society. He believes that President Trump’s election may simply be another ploy by very powerful people to make us think good things are on the way. In the end, the changes that will occur under Trump will push us toward a one-world government anyway. He bases that on many of the psychological warfare operations (psyops), Marxists have used and written about regarding how to take over and ultimately control and crush a society.

Personally, I like to believe that Trump is on the up and up. However, I go back and forth myself. I want to believe that under President Trump, we have someone who is like one of the “good kings” who ruled over Judah and thereby extended the life of that nation, pushing off judgment until a later date. That’s what I’d like to believe, but I still have questions. My friend may be correct. The only way to know, is to see the actual outcome. If it’s bad, it’ll be too late. If it’s good, it won’t last.

But let’s rest assured in the fact that God has everything under control. Satan is a pawn who is only allowed to do those things which coincide with the perfection of God’s will. What we’re seeing in global society is the indelible and unmistakable mark of Satan. Yet, though he tries to thwart God, he always ends up either directly or indirectly supporting God’s plans and he will do so to his very end.

If we look back at the kings of Israel and Judah after the split of that nation, we get some sense of what happened when a good king came into power. There were no good kings for northern Israel and only a few good ones over southern Judah. The few good kings over Judah were why Judah lasted longer than Israel. By the way, I am not comparing the United States with Israel as many want to do today. There is no comparison in my mind. The United States is not a nation that God directly created for purposes of redemption as He did with Israel. Certainly, God allowed America to come into existence and in spite of what certain politicians have recently stated, the United States has been a great nation, founded on biblical principles. However, the USA was not a nation that God birthed and chose to use as His arm of judgment or specifically for His glory as He chose Israel.

Israel was meant to be a light to all nations. They birthed the Messiah. Through Israel (Abraham), all nations would be blessed. This speaks of God’s plan for Israel as well as people from many nations who would come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. God still has a plan for Israel, which will be fulfilled when Jesus returns.

We see in the Old Testament that the few good kings who ruled over Judah actually ended up extending the life of Judah. However, Judah eventually fell because of evil kings who blasphemed God with their lives and taught people of Judah to do the same. God blessed Judah under the few good kings who wanted to do what was right in God’s eyes. But please do not fail to notice that Judah also eventually became a conquered nation. Israel will remain so until our Lord returns.

In that sense then, it is possible that President Trump is a “good” guy who wants what is best for America. So far, it appears that this has been his goal and he is trying against many odds to literally make America great again (MAGA). It seems to be working and if it continues, the push back against evil forces in the spiritual realm and in this world through human agents will have some measure of success…for as long as President Trump is in office. As my friend says, this could also be a total ruse to make us think that good things are coming, but it’s all a major distraction to keep us from seeing what’s behind the curtain. Again, only time will tell.

In the end though, it is important to understand that there will be no permanent change to any good degree in society. It will not last. It cannot last. I firmly believe that for however many years I have remaining, anti-God forces will continue to push their aberrant ideology on society. They will continue to lie and vilify anything that even smacks of biblical values. They will continue to change definitions of words, twisting them to their meaning. They will repeatedly foist their strained sexuality and gender fluidity on society. They will not relent regardless of how much good President Trump is able to achieve. We need to be aware of this.

But for the time remaining in my life, there will be push back against these anti-God agendas. We may even see some small victories here and there against the Left. I cannot imagine much good changing with the few years I have remaining. No, the big changes will happen to my children’s generation and their children’s generation, should the Lord tarry. This knowledge gives me a heavy heart because I don’t want my children or grandchildren to grow up in a world that is that much closer to the coming terrible times known as the “day of the Lord” or the Tribulation, ending in judgment of this world. We do not know just how bad things will get before the actual start of the Tribulation.

Because of all of this, it is important for Christians to understand why we are here. Yes, we should make our voices known in the voting booth. We should take advantage of all legal avenues to resist the tyranny and evil of the Left. But that is not the main reason God keeps us here after we become saved and are adopted into His family. The main reason is to spread the Gospel to those who are dying.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 that our commission is to tell others about the saving grace of Jesus. We are to “go” and actively tell people what they need. We are to make disciples of people from all nations.

I know it’s difficult. It’s not easy to talk to people about their need for Jesus. It almost feels like you are “interrupting” their life, yet it is that very interruption that may make a huge difference in them eternally if they will listen.


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Public Decorum Is Gone like the Dinosaur Fake News False Prophets of Yesterday AND Today

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  • 1. Scholar of Decline (@infocyde)  |  August 24, 2018 at 2:31 AM

    I’m glad you are starting to have more skepticism about the “Q” drops. I’m convinced Q is a psyop, the only question is if Q is a well meaning fraud or a nefarious fraud. I’ll say this, if I hadn’t been researching this stuff for years I would have taken the bait as well. Q was what we were all hoping for…push back, justice, letting the truth out, from insiders in the institutions we longed to trust like military intel. It was easy to believe in Q because we all wanted to…Q even sweetened the deal by providing a lot of good info mixed with the LARPing…but those of us (and I’m not patting myself on the back I’m just kind mad at fellow Christians who ignored my warning and took the bait) who have been digging at the behind the scenes stuff for years know that the deep throats and the gift wrapped info often are not what they appear, thus we were inoculated from drinking the Q-Aid. Everyone who took the bait needs to learn from their mistake going forward. I didn’t get taken by the Q ride but all of us looking into the behind the scenes stuff have been taken for rides somewhere along the way. You need to get burned good a few times to get a healthy skepticism. When Sessions resigns or gets canned we can put Q behind us as Sessions being a secret white hat is a corner stone of the Q op.

    As to your post, excellent post, sobering, sad, but I agree with it 100% and way more importantly the Bible I think agrees with your points as well. Thank God for Trump, I do think he is like a Cyrus in a way, but not because the false profits (spelling on purpose) say he is, but it is because it is obvious God raised him up. I just hope Trump’s time isn’t being cut short. As you stated, two paths have been presented to the populous. American exceptionalism (Christian values, individual choice and freedom) and American decline (elites pandering to special interest, a multi-tiered justice system, centralized control, wealth distribution, hatred for Biblical truth) . What will we as a mass choose and for how long? And how long will God present the choice before acknowledging that we have chosen. Up till this time Trump’s enemies have come at him swinging and left with their tales between their legs. I hope for the same but fear this is a bigger attack.

    As to Trump being an actual psyop…one to raise our hopes and then dash them to pieces, I don’t know. I think he is legit. I just worry that if our people want to choose evil God will honor our choice and let Trump fall.

    Q is right on one thing, and I’m sure you and all of us agree, we need to be praying always.

    Good post.


    • 2. modres  |  August 24, 2018 at 9:01 AM

      Hi Scholar,

      While I have my doubts about Q I’m not convinced he’s a psyops though he could be. If he is it is clear that he has access to highly sensitive material. On Aug 16, Q posted this:

      “Remember, ‘conspiracy’ friends, LARPS have access to a full stock of ‘original’ surveillance photos.”

      Many of the images he has posted suggest that Q is either a one of a kind top notch hacker who manages to get photos inside AF1, the Oval Office, the presidential limo and elsewhere, eor he is the real deal.

      Even if he IS the real deal it does not necessarily mean that everything he tells us is going to pan out. I’d like to believe it but I need to see things actually change in society. For me the cutoff is 11.11.18. That’s when Q has said America will be unified again. If it doesn’t happen then Q failed and not necessarily because he’s a LARP but because God has different plans.

      That’s part of the problem here. As much as we may want good things to happen, it is ultimately up to God.

      The friend I referred to in my article read the article and said it was good. He also told me that part of the reason he has doubts about Q and even Trump is because so far, 14 states have passed new gun laws allowing the state to confiscate a person’s guns essentially without due process. If the state thinks you WOULD be a problem they can swoop in and remove your weapons. You would then have to sue to get them back. He has a point. Attacks on the 2A have been constant and the cabal knows they must get control there or never really have control of society.

      Like you I believe Trump, though far from being perfect, is on the up and up. I do think he wants what’s best for USA. However, it could all be a huge game. If it is, kudos to the people who designed it.

      As a Christian I have the right to vote and should. I have the right to be involved in civic discourse and to make my voice heard. These are all asides though for the most important job for all Christians is to live a life that pleases Him, which certainly includes spreading the Gospel. For that it does not matter what society is like.

      Thanks very much for your comments. Let’s pray for one another that God will help us fulfill the Great Commision.


    • 3. modres  |  August 24, 2018 at 9:33 AM

      By the way, I think it’s also fascinating that the media has come out and attacked the Q phenomenon without doing any research. More than that they have not put the question to POTUS regarding validity of Q. It’s as if they’re afraid to ask Trump about Q. What if Trump speaks kindly of Q? Surely Trump could end this whole Q thing with one response if Q actually is nothing but a LARP?

      Someone needs to ask Trump about Q (not press sec) and see what Trump says. So far, no one has asked even though many of Q’s post are directly related to Trump.
      Why has no one asked?


  • 4. rutnerh  |  August 23, 2018 at 10:34 PM

    Amen…..”it’s difficult. It’s not easy to talk to people about their need for Jesus. It almost feels like you are “interrupting” their life, yet it is that very interruption that may make a huge difference in them eternally if they will listen.”
    Indeed it will! The difference of being eternally in heaven, if born again by free will choice in our earthly lifetime
    OR, by default or defiance, suffering constantly in a real hell.
    This alternative is vividly told by the ever truthful Jesus in the true story, not exemplary parable, in Luke 16; 19-31, about a rich man, now in a fiery hell for at least 2000 y with eons to go.
    The only path into heaven is clearly spelled out by Jesus in the most revolutionary, consequential and totally intolerant statement ever made: His I AM saying (a claim to deity) in John 14;6. It lists The Way, The Truth, The Life, all 3 absolutes in the original Greek, as the exclusive means to God in heaven.



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