Daniel 11, Part 2

September 25, 2018 at 10:46 AM 5 comments

In our previous article, the first one in this series, we tackled some introductory aspects of Daniel 11. If you have not read that particular article, it is recommended you do so before reading this one. In it, we broached the subject of the higher critics and their concern that the book of Daniel was written by someone who only adopted the prophet’s name, but who lived well after the events recorded in the book. This, they say, is why the details seem to be so authentic, real, and accurate. We noted that this view undermines God’s sovereignty and power. In fact, the goal of so-called higher criticism is really to cast doubt on Scripture as being fully inspired and literally from the mind of God. As far as we’re concerned, that is the problem of the higher critic. They are welcome to their opinion. One can only imagine what they will feel and experience the day they stand before the Lord of Glory, God of the universe and hearing their thoughts, words, and arguments against God replayed before Him there. The smugness and arrogance of those who believe themselves to be the intellectual elite of this world will come crashing down around them. They will have no answer for their insignificance. We should certainly pray for these people, that God, in His mercy will open their eyes to the truth

As I began this series, I happened to take a look back into the history of articles I’ve written and lo and behold, apparently I completed a nineteen part series on Daniel Chapter 11! I’d completely forgotten about it, so in reality, it would be ridiculous to write another one since the first one already exists. I will likely take all of these individual parts and publish them in a book as well in the near future, but all chapters can be read here without having to buy the book.

Here is the first in that particular series, followed by individual links to the remaining parts:

Ultimately, the book of Daniel is simply one example proving God is sovereign. If God is truly God, then for Him to look into the future from any point in humanity’s history and reveal details of that future to people living in a previous time, that is proof enough that God is omniscient and all-powerful. Nothing can set aside His purposes.

At least 33% of the Bible deals with prophecy. It is where God looks ahead and reveals that information to people living in a time often long before those prophetic events. This is God. It is how He stoops to humanity to prove something He does not have to prove.

If Daniel 11 shows us anything, it shows us that God is intimately involved in humanity’s affairs is actively directs things to the climax of this age so that His purposes – all of them will be accomplished – while still allowing humanity to have some semblance of free will, in spite of the fall of man.

God is good. He is especially good when He chooses to reveal hidden things of the future to puny man. This He did in Daniel 11 as well as many other portions of the Scriptures. We have a choice. We can take God’s written Word as He meant us to understand it or we can try to make it fit to our preconceived beliefs. If we do the former, we will receive His blessing. To do the latter is to essentially call God a liar and that will only come back to ruin us.

What do you believe about God’s Word? Do you, like some, believe that it was written by “men” who ultimately decided what would be included in God’s Word, essentially leaving God out of the picture? Or, do you believe that God wrote a book, guiding the minds and hearts of roughly 40 human authors over the course of 1600 to 2000 years in order to tell us what He wanted us to know about Himself and His purposes?

We would do well to study His Word for ourselves, to seek His face as we do so, to endeavor through our submission to God to live holy lives before Him based on the truth found within His Word.

These are the only real two choices we have concerning God’s Word. Either the Bible is truth or it is fraudulent. Each person must decide. However, when we actually take the time to study His Word, we often find that the truth shines the light into our hearts so that where we were once blind, we now see.

Many atheists throughout history have come to the truth by endeavoring to prove that the Bible is fallacy. During the process they met the Author of that book and it changed their lives, providing them with eternal life.

Study His Word for all it’s worth. Study as though your life depends upon it. In the end, it actually does. The alternative is death…eternally. Don’t be fooled.

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  September 25, 2018 at 6:08 PM

    Hello Modres, I just finished reading your 19 part series!

    Praise God for your insight. Very well written and so much knowledgeable information. Thank you! It has been a great blessing!

    I have a few questions – LOL:

    1. What are your thoughts now, as you wrote this in 2015, and sooo much has happened since then? If you have an updated article, you can direct me to it. Thanks so much.

    2. What are your thoughts about the 3 musketeers – Edrogan, Rohini and Putin we are missing Libya, Sudan and Ethiopia I think?

    3. What are your thoughts about Chinaman – President of China – and his shenanigans at this moment – persecuting Christians, credit scoring, total surveillance of the people?

    4. We have Chinaman, Obummer, Macron, Trump, Putin, Edrogan all possible contenders as being the antichrist with all their shenanigans, do you have any thoughts on that? Anyone else on your radar?

    Like the sons of Issachar, I am aware – like you – of signs of the times, and a Berean when it comes to the Word.

    My husband and I have a saying “we are here till be hear”. We are pre-tribbers because we already are seeing pre-cursors of the time of Tribulation in so many ways, Venezuela, Yemen, etc and everything else in between. Signs in the earth, skies etc but aware we will only know once we are on the way up! Like yoi, our lamps are full and we are watching and praying to be counted worthy to escape all that will befall the earth soon! YHWH’s ultimate will be done!

    We are “ONLY JESUS” born again believers and refuse to be deceived and put our trust in only Him not man. We are praying daily for more people to wake up especially our family members.

    Anyway, thanks once again for your teaching on Daniel 11 and blessings.

    It is well!

    On Tue, Sep 25, 2018, 10:46 AM Study – Grow – Know wrote:

    > modres posted: “In our previous article, the first one in this series, we > tackled some introductory aspects of Daniel 11. If you have not read that > particular article, it is recommended you do so before reading this one. In > it, we broached the subject of the higher criti” >


    • 2. modres  |  September 25, 2018 at 6:38 PM

      Thanks so much for your comments and questions. Not sure I can answer them all but will try to do so Wednesday. You should receive another notification when I do but if not check back tomorrow afternoon.

      Amen and God bless!👍🏼


    • 3. modres  |  September 26, 2018 at 9:06 AM

      Hi Maranatha,

      In considering your questions, especially regarding China, Macron, Putin, Erdogan, etc., it’s really difficult to know, as you can guess. The reason for that simplifies down to exactly when the Tribulation starts. Since we do not know exactly when in the future the Tribulation begins (and the Church will already have been raptured), it makes any guess just that – a guess. By the time the Tribulation begins, we may see an entirely new set of players on the field, though the areas of the world will remain the same.

      For instance, Erdogan as dictator over Turkey is doing whatever he can to foster a new and final Islamic caliphate. This is – in my opinion – why Muslim “refugees” (largely young adult male Muslims) are being sent throughout the world to relocate. As you’re aware, they are not at all interested in assimilating into their “adopted” nation. They wish to bring Sharia law into that new area with their demands. We see what has happened in the UK, Sweden, major portions of Germany, Belgium and other areas, controlled by the EU’s leaders. These individuals – Macron, Merkel, etc. – have sold themselves to the globalists and do their bidding. Merkel herself has received many benefits because of her service to the EU. She constantly turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Muslim “refugees” and it has gotten so bad that the German people are finally taking matters into their own hands.

      I firmly believe that the globalists are using Islam for several purposes including fostering an antagonism between Islam and the rest of the world. This sort of continuous conflict works well for the globalists because it keeps people at odds and fearful. I also believe there will come a day when the globalists, having used Islam for their purposes, will put Islam down like we would put a dog to sleep which is suffering from ill health. It’s all part of their plan to dominate the world and achieve their goals.

      Don’t forget, Islam believes and teaches that on the horizon will come a final Mahdi, who will usher in peace throughout the world. Christians understand this coming individual as the Antichrist, but Muslims will believe he will lead and coalesce the final caliphate currently being built. We know during the Tribulation period, the religious system is ultimately destroyed by Antichrist, replaced with worship of the Antichrist himself. There are also way too many Christians who believe that as they work very diligently to spread the Gospel, Jesus will be “enabled” to return to this earth to set up His Kingdom. This is part of Replacement Theology teaching (Preterism included). So when a guy does appear on the world’s stage and seems to be working toward peace in the Middle East – actually able to seemingly achieve it – he will be held up as the man of peace. So it is interesting how things are moving toward climax.

      I further believe that Turkey (not Russia) plays a major component in the Gog of Magog scenario found in Ezekiel 37-38, who leads the attack against Israel, with God stepping in personally to quash the attack. I personally believe this will occur before the coming Tribulation and because of the massive earthquake that will occur during that time, everything in nearby Jerusalem will be brought down, including the several Islamic mosques currently situated on top of the Temple Mount. Will this pave the way to rebuild the Tribulation Temple? Could be. Some though believe this event is the same one Revelation speaks of as the final revolt at Armageddon just prior to the physical return of Jesus. The world will know when it happens. But Turkey plays a role in this, in my opinion and whoever is the leader of Turkey at that time, will most likely turn out to be this “Gog” of Magog.

      I also do believe that in spite of anything good that President Trump may accomplish, things will continue to move toward a one-world governmental/religious system as clearly outlined in Scripture.

      Regarding the Antichrist? I have no idea. I’ve had my thoughts but at best they are only guesses and it’s best not to speculate. Again, we will not know who the Antichrist is until he appears on the scene (2 Thessalonians 2). In fact, the world will not realize his identity or true purpose until the middle of the Tribulation when he does a replay of the “abomination that desolates” of which Antiochus Epiphanes IV did in 168 BC, also referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24. Once Antichrist desecrates the Tribulation Temple, the mask comes off and the world will see him for the epitome of evil that he will be. That’s when things – as you know – really heat up; the second half of the Tribulation.

      Again though, the Church will have been raptured so we will not even be here to see it, though it would not surprise me if we are aware of what is playing out on the earth. There are several indicators throughout Revelation that seem to support this idea.

      That’s the best I can offer right now. I fully agree with you that our job is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, spreading the Light of His love and truth to those living in darkness. That is our job as indicated in Matthew 28’s Great Commission. We are not build His Kingdom here and now. God and God alone builds His Kingdom. We are merely privileged to share in His work of preaching to the lost.


      • 4. Maranatha Today  |  September 27, 2018 at 8:41 PM

        Hi Modres, Thank you for your detailed reply. I only just saw this as I didn’t get an alert and was wondering why because I know you do reply to people.

        Yes only time will tell and all we can do is continue to watch and pray and tell others about Jesus and the need to be saved before it’s too late.

        Thanks once again and Maranatha!


      • 5. modres  |  September 27, 2018 at 9:10 PM

        You’re welcome👍🏼


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