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March 5, 2019 at 12:15 PM

I’ll have to stop saying I’m done posting on 5G since daily, there is new information regarding the whole technology. I REALLY want to get back to the Life of Joseph as well and hope to do that later today.

For now, there are two articles that I came across; one my wife forwarded to me and another, a friend on Twitter tweeted to me. They both deserve some attention as they raise some serious questions and concerns related to the upcoming 5G phenomenon.

Let’s start with the article titled 2019-02-11 IN US HEARING, INDUSTRY ADMITS NO STUDIES RE. 5G SAFETYIt says a good deal about safety or lack of it, or even if level of safety is known regarding 5G. From the article:

One US Senator finally is asking the right questions about health effects of wireless radiation. Sen Blumenthal gets the industry reps to admit that there are no studies and industry has put no money into determining whether there are health effects caused by 5G technology. The FCC and FDA, like Health Canada, seem to depend on non-existent studies and experts, mockery that is endangering the health of millions of people.

So what we’ve got is that no one knows because no one is asking any questions about the safety of the coming 5G technology. Logically, wireless technology has its risks and we know that. Experts have warned us about using a cell phone all day long right next to your ear. The brain is just on the other side of the skull and can be impacted by the wireless radio waves emitted from our cell phones. There’s even discussions as to whether or not wireless ear pieces are much better.Bottom line appears to be that with constant cell phone usage, our health can be negatively impacted.

Yet according to the article above, no one seems concerned. In fact, as the above paragraph notes, one senator got people in the technology industry to admit that there have been no real studies and that is due to the fact that the industry itself has not paid any independent research group to do some studies on it.

This reminds me of how Big Pharma only pays for studies that they want in order to confirm the efficacy of one of their medications. As a quick aside, they did a study using a statin drug and accompanying the drug with a low dose Niacin. The verdict? Niacin doesn’t make any difference. But years ago, Dr. Abram Hoffer (Niacin The Real Story) did quite a bit of clinical trials and studies leading him to the conclusion that not only is Niacin the best natural statin that God created, but it also helped in eliminating symptoms of schizophrenia in some patients at very high dosages (upwards to 30,000mg/day). It seems that Big Pharma was simply trying to “prove” that Niacin had no real effect. What they actually proved is what Hoffer knew; very low doses of Niacin (50mg/day or less) doesn’t really do much for people with high cholesterol. It takes 3,000mg/day (divided into three equal doses of 1,000 throughout the day), for cholesterol to be dealt with by Niacin. I’m living proof of it. My doctors wanted me on statins. I tried it and found that my muscles started severely aching after only a month. I quit the statin, found out about Niacin and gave it a shot. That was several years ago and I literally watched my cholesterol reduce itself into good ranges over a period of six months. Upshot: Big Pharma wants to create a statin to replace Niacin so they can patent their creation and make Niacin harder to obtain. They don’t care about the safety issues that may be related to their statins.

This same thing appears to be happening with 5G. No one is talking about safety issues. They aren’t even asking any questions, but simply trying to railroad it through. The article above links to the video of the hearing with the senators who were asking the questions about safety. You can view the video here: Winning the Race to 5G

Blumenthal asked if there were any safety concerns. He followed that up with how much money had been spent for specific studies into the safety of 5G. The answer is a bit startling but not unexpected. Apparently, there have been no studies at all. This should be a red flag, but the 5G industry keeps pushing us toward 5G. This article also asks the questions as to the safety of 5G: Is 5G Safe? Are EMF Radiations Harmful at This Level?

It’s important to understand that each new wireless technology has its own frequencies used. Apparently, 5G will be the first to use “millimeter waves” with the much higher frequencies we’ve discussed previously. Is there a problem with this? From the article:

Millimeter waves have a major downside. They don’t travel as far as lower frequency waves–they are unable to pass through buildings, and are absorbed by trees, earth’s atmosphere, and even the uppermost layers of human skin. To get around this issue, telecom companies will install small cells (which essentially are short range cellular antennas) in huge numbers.

So there will be many more small cell antennas all around us in order for the 5G signal to get where it needs to go. Notice that these waves are absorbed everywhere, including people’s skin. How can this be good?

The problem is we’ve watched Sci-Fi movies for decades. Are we finally coming to the Star Trek generation where the futuristic things we’ve seen on film/TV will become part of the fabric of society? We watch those shows where people are “beamed” here or there and simply accept it as science fiction but real within the context of the show. What we won’t see happening with 5G is the fact that it will embed its radiation into our skin and certainly will impact our health.

So again, why is this all being ignored or downplayed by the 5G tech industry? Two reasons: money and keeping up with China apparently.

But what is being hyped as the next wonderful phase in wireless technology has downsides beyond our health that few are talking about as well. Remember, in previous articles on this subject, I talked about the fact that when tech industry presents information about 5G, it’s always done with positives, never any negatives.

This particular article – We Need to Prepare for the 5G Jobs Apocalypse – notes some of the negatives and the impact that 5G will have on jobs and the economy. Worth a look.

According to the author of the above article, many jobs that we take for granted now will be gone when 5G comes fully of age. What kind of jobs? Well, what have tech leaders talking about for a while now? Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, vehicles without drivers and more.

Think about what’s been happening for the past five to ten years because of the Internet. Brick and mortar stores/chains are going out of business. Why? Because it’s far easier to buy online and save money than drive to a store, look around and hope that what you’re looking for is in stock. I’m as guilty as you are of buying online. Lately though, I’ve tried to buy more from actual stores.

Yet, with the coming 5G and beyond, there’s talk that virtual reality will make actually going to a store and trying things on obsolete. You’ll be able to do this via wireless virtual reality where you can try things on and see how they fit and feel. I cannot imagine this actually replacing trying things on in person, but who knows? A favorite clothing store of mine where I’ve bought numerous suits, shirts and ties just closed its doors permanently after over 40 years in business. Why? Because people are buying things online. I don’t know how you do that unless you buy something online that you already have in your wardrobe so that you know it’ll fit correctly.

Vehicles without drivers, is that coming? Yes, in fact, it’s already here. Tesla has cars that drive people and you don’t need a driver. You can literally sit behind the wheel and read the newspaper if you want to do so. This is all moving into the Sci-Fi, Jetsons’ age, isn’t it?

But consider that if taxis, trucks, and other types of work vehicles become driver less, what does that mean for the people who used to drive them in their jobs? It means, they will be unemployed, forced to find work elsewhere.

Go to any big box department or hardware store and what might you find? For now, there are actual people who can help you find things. When they aren’t around, it’s easy to go to the Internet, go to that store and look up a particular product and your phone will tell you where the item is; aisle and bin. I’ve used it numerous times when I couldn’t find someone to help me.

Self-service checkouts are also the new thing. In this instance, one clerk might oversee four to twelve (or more) cash registers. They are on hand to help if there’s a problem. I’ve also noticed that at times, the only lane open are the self-checkout lanes. Really strange, but these cost-saving measures are a company’s delight.

Consumers used to go into the General Store (decades ago), and the owner/proprietor would take the list of items written down and fill the order for the customer. Watch The Waltons to see this in action. Eventually, “supermarkets” came into being where items were placed on shelves and housewives were allowed to roam the aisles and pick their own items. They then went up to the cashier who then checked them out. That’s the way it’s been for years.

Go to a store now and often you’re bagging your own groceries simply because there are not enough baggers. If you go through self-check out, you’ll do everything. We’ve come to accept this as normal.

All of those new business models [related to 5G]…signal old ones that are going away. Autonomous vehicles will eliminate truck and taxi drivers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts 1.8 million trucking jobs, at $40,000 per year. Gone. Taxi drivers: 233,700 jobs at $23,510 per year, gone. That’s just from autonomous vehicles.

Everything is moving quickly toward automation. “Amazon’s Go grocery-store concept promises cashier-less stores. That’s 3.4 million jobs gone, probably offset by a smaller increase in security guards. And if we’re shopping by augmented and virtual reality, we may not even need those guards, as storefronts go dark across the nation.

There’s worse news too.

Automation-driven increases in productivity have already devastated manufacturing jobs. According to a report from Ball State University in Indiana, ‘Almost 88 percent of job losses in manufacturing in recent years can be attributable to productivity growth …Had we kept 2000-levels of productivity and applied them to 2010-levels of production, we would have required 20.9 million manufacturing workers. Instead, we employed only 12.1 million,’ the study says.

All of this is being pushed by the industry because of the money that will flow into the coffers. Safety doesn’t matter. Privacy doesn’t matter. Joblessness doesn’t matter. All that matters is to have society look like it’s from the future with big payoffs for the tech industry.

While 5G will create jobs, those jobs will not be for everyone or even the average person. They will require high qualifications and unfortunately, the particular skill set required can’t fully be known until 5G is fully rolled out.

Once again, the Bible is correct. If you take the time to read through Revelation chapters 6 through 18 (the Tribulation), you’ll see in detail what’s going to occur. Yes, some of it is metaphorical language but still only has one particular, specific meaning and it’s your job to find out what that meaning is; not what you think it means, but what God means by His Words.

With every advance there are setbacks. 5G leaders hype only advances. They ignore all the setbacks because it doesn’t support their narrative. It’s like listening to a Leftist talk highly of Socialism. They attack anyone who offers a dissenting voice. Ridicule is their best weapon. If they’re not doing that, they are completely ignoring any concerns. Leftists do this all the time and while it is maddening, I have to give them credit for being so stalwart. Would that conservatives en mass could do the same but we’re often too polite.

5G is coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, you can be prepared for it and understand the positives and negatives, hopefully adapting so that it doesn’t leave you out in the cold.


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Final Thoughts on 5G…for Now Joseph’s Life and Lessons, Part 6

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