Bizarro World Has Arrived

May 8, 2020 at 9:08 AM 10 comments

The world has officially gone crazy. I’m at the hospital for my wife’s surgery and was originally told I could go in to wait. Then I was told I’d have to wait in the car even though I was “screened” and have no fever or other symptoms, not only related to CV-19 but for anything else.

I’d like to know if all the staff running around here are tested DAILY for CV-19? If not, why not? A sign says certain caregivers will be allowed in the hospital for certain patients. Why? Wouldn’t a hospital staff be able to do what that particular caregiver does?

Why does it appear that no one at the hospital knows what HERD IMMUNITY is all about?

I knew that restrictions would increase even after society began to “reopen” (and it should never have closed in the first place). This has happened and the foot on our necks will continue to increase pressure until all of society is subdued as noted through our compliance.

But now we can also look forward to society shutting down each and every time a new health issue rises. Welcome to Bizzaro world.

CV-19 is a drill. The powers that be are using a REAL illness to see how far they can push society. They’ve gained quite a bit during CV-19. Does anyone really believe they’ll let us get back to the previous normal? If you do, I feel sorry for you that you are entertaining that delusion.

The world needs to usher in the final kingdom of Daniel 2. Satan is making a huge push for this. It’s very clear.

For the one world global order to be installed, society must be brought to heel and this includes America. We must willingly give up our freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution so that this coming world order can come to fruition.

On one hand, it can be frightening (for those who either don’t know Jesus or those who know Him but aren’t trusting Him). On the other hand it can be exhilarating (for those who know Jesus and are trusting Him as well as for those who worship Satan and trust him because of the deception that has engulfed them).

Substitute CV-19 for the seasonal flu and then ask yourself why we shut down all of society for this. Why have millions become unemployed? Why have small businesses gone out of business. Why have people killed themselves over this?

The one stark answer is found in one word: FEAR. People fear death. They fear illness. Above all things people want government to protect them from sickness, plagues, unemployment, sadness, malaise of all kinds and of course, death itself.

The saddest part? Too many Christians are giving into fear as well. Actually it’s worse as many Christians have unknowingly joined the ranks of Leftism’s Social Justice Warrior battalion. They believe we must do everything possible to obey government restrictions if it helps “keep people safe.”

Again, this is in spite of “herd immunity,” which God designed to help our immune systems because of our sin nature and propensity to become ill.

By following all restrictions, we are actively canceling out any/all benefits of herd immunity. Why didn’t we do this before with every airborne illness?

The reality is that it’s not the government’s job to keep us safe. The government is not there to mandate health safety issues. While government agencies can order a restaurant to shut down for health reasons or shut down a business for safety violations, the government does not have a right to force people to remain indoors, to stay six feet apart, to wear masks, to force people to close their businesses or anything else currently in practice because of CV-19. The most government can do is recommend.

But let’s look back just a few years to the flu season to see what happened. “The 2017–2018 flu season was severe for all US populations and resulted in an estimated 959,000 hospitalizations and 61,099 deaths. This is the highest number of patient claims since the 2009 flu season.”[1]

We didn’t shut down for last year’s flu. We didn’t shut down for SARS, MERS, HIV or anything else and if you research it, you’ll find that models used to project deaths related to those health issues were also WAY off base. The actual deaths were far under projected totals and all without the current restrictions used now.

Every “model” used for CV-19 has been wrong and there’s an excellent chance we may well have a second wave of it because Herd Immunity was not given a chance to do what God intended it to do.

As a reminder, everyone dies because we are all in dying bodies, because of the effects of SIN. Seems a lot of folks would like to forget that.

No one gets out of here alive. I find it fascinating that people who advocate wearing masks etc., are boxing themselves into a corner and will be forced to wear masks etc., the next time seasonal flu kicks in. But why stop there because there are ALWAYS airborne illnesses roaming around society looking for victims.

If a person is not healthy and overweight due to the garbage eaten, they’re likely to become a victim of any number of diseases in the air all the time. But these folks are expecting all of society to concern themselves with doing their best to ensure they don’t infect others even though they continue to eat highly processed foods laden with man-made chemicals, they don’t exercise and in general don’t really pay much attention to their health at all. This is the height of absurdity.

By the way, here’s a pastor who “gets it.” We need more of them.


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  • 1. Kerry Redmond  |  May 9, 2020 at 10:34 AM

    Great conversation rob45 and modres, I love knowing that I am not alone is my thoughts about the “new normal” being thrust upon us at the behest of the evil that think they own us minions. I for one and apparently you two as well, are truly awake and have been for long enough to know that we are servants to the one almighty God, not mortals that are only in search of power and greed! I don’t fear what is going on as far as myself, but I do for my children and grandchildren, I don’t want what is coming for them and I raised them under a Christian roof and mentality, but one has strayed and the other is so busy trying to keep her little family and household above water that she hardly has time to just breath let alone focus on her/their Savior! I suppose all I can do is continue to pray and remain focused myself and not distracted by the “illogical nonsense” (good term modres) going on in our world! Prayers to you both, there are many of us warriors out there and we need to stick together and see this through!
    God Bless you both!


    • 2. modres  |  May 9, 2020 at 11:08 AM

      Thx Kerry. We’ll be in prayer for your kids and their kids. Yes, I admit I fear for them in this world. It’s difficult to let them go to allow God to have His way. Both our kids are Christian and understand what is happening in the world. However I believe they could both draw closer to God but couldn’t we all? I feel for my grandson who is only 14 months old but will grow up in a world that is destined to become far more illogical than it is now due to the growing evil that permeates society. Let’s all carry on in the Lord and do what Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles. He met fear and concern with prayer that turned to praise and victory was His in the Lord.


      • 3. Kerry Redmond  |  May 9, 2020 at 11:49 AM

        Thank you modres and thank you for all the emails you send with such great messaging. I don’t often comment, but I DO read and appreciate them! No need to reply!
        Best regards


      • 4. modres  |  May 9, 2020 at 11:50 AM



  • 5. Kerry Redmond  |  May 8, 2020 at 9:47 AM

    I know it’s hard to put your trust into someone you cannot see, but that is part of the test in life as a Christian! We are definitely being tested with the Chinese virus SCAMdemic and sadly too many people are proving that they will gladly climb on the train when told to as well! The complete compliance by much of society makes me sick to my stomach!


    • 6. modres  |  May 8, 2020 at 10:08 AM

      It is amazing, isn’t it. But it’s all part of the falling away and resultant delusion that’s been occurring in society. I agree, I think many to most would hop onto that train if it guaranteed to take them somewhere “safe.” It would be maddening if we didn’t have God and His Word that highlights upcoming events.


      • 7. rob45  |  May 8, 2020 at 5:04 PM

        Agreed. You know, as Christians, it’s really not that hard to see as God Word just keep being proved out in our lives, in the things we see in the world, in our relationships, etc. But for the lost who are blind to the Truth, they truly are wandering, groping, in the darkness, full of fear (and maybe some in irrational godless confidence). That pastor’s message was fantastic and it’s clear he really did his due diligence putting all that information together. I believe we are living in the very end of the last days. It’s fascinating to watch on one hand and at times it’s easy to be angry at what I see going on in the world. Like I said in a previous comment, it’s hard to find a good balance and I’m constantly reminding myself that a good soldier does not entangle himself in the affairs of the world so that he may please Him who sent him. Thanks for another good blog post Fred, God Bless.


      • 8. modres  |  May 8, 2020 at 5:43 PM

        Yep! Interesting that I have no fear about what’s happening because it’s so clear why it’s happening. What I have a hard time with is seeing and dealing with new levels of illogical nonsense every time I go out. I also have to deal with the urge toward anger because of what people are so willing to accept without question.


      • 9. rob45  |  May 8, 2020 at 8:42 PM

        I know exactly what you mean. I really struggle with my attitude and my wife is constantly reeling me in and reminding me “God is in control,” and “God told us this would happen!” “I know but…” “No buts…” “Yeah, I know…I’m trying” and she just smiles. She’s a real gift from God.


      • 10. modres  |  May 9, 2020 at 7:06 AM

        My wife is also the steady one. I’m glad she’s in my life. Carry on, Rob. 🙂

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