News and Notes Update: October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020 at 12:25 PM 2 comments

CV PCR Testing
Not sure about you, but I’ve been noticing a lot of articles by medical professionals who not only cast doubt on the CV situation as it exists today, but also cast aspersions on it. Quite possibly, for a very good reason.

Take the good Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who was recently interviewed by Del Bigtree, host of the popular HighWire alternative-health news show.

Dr. Kauffman…says no one has ever used standard scientific methods to prove that a novel virus, known as SARS-CoV-2, even exists and that, even if it does exist, there is no proof that it is responsible for the illnesses and deaths attributed to it. [1]

The other issue that needs to be seriously entertained and discussed is the fact that there is a huge question concerning the reliability of these PCR tests that indicate whether a person is “positive” or “negative” with respect to having CV-19. The problem, as noted by many within the medical field who are being banned, censored and/or panned, is that it appears scientists have not successfully isolated the CV-19 virion.

What this means is that if they have NOT successfully isolated it, how can they possibly create a successful vaccine based on it that will supposedly “cure” people of the virus or keep them from coming down with it? Let’s also not forget that they’ve not ever made a successful vaccine to kill a virus. People still contract the flu and/or colds and do so because these are viruses. Antibiotics don’t take out viruses though they are often used to fight any secondary complications that might result from contracting a virus.

But there is this mad “warp speed” rush to develop a vaccine that we are now being told will likely require two separate dosages to be effective. Honestly, I’m not sure how they can promise us anything like this as it will be a first. Please continue to do your own research to determine truth from fiction.

By the way, I’m also hearing/reading a good bit of information that indicates that a second “wave” will be happening in November. Will this be a new release of another CV, possibly 20 or 21? Remains to be seen, but Bill Gates is on video smirking as he notes that while this CV-19 didn’t really get people’s attention (really, Mr. Gates???!), the “next one” will get everyone’s attention.

By the way, speaking of Gates, have readers read this article: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

As I’ve indicated previously, unless God Himself throws a monkey wrench into the works as He did during the days of Noah, we are speedily moving toward that one world government that Daniel highlights in Daniel 2 and 7. This one world government will be global in scope and initially, according to Revelation 17, will be headed by 10 different “kings” working in conjunction to oversee the entire world. From that point, an 11th “king” (the Antichrist), will rise up from outside this 10 king group and through subterfuge, politics and deception, will work his way to the top, much like Antiochus Epiphanes IV did in 168 BC. You’ll recall at that point, the Grecian Empire had been divided into four parts after Alexander’s untimely death and each part was controlled by one of Alexander’s generals. Antiochus Epiphanes IV rose up under one of those generals. This is historical fact and Daniel 7 – 8 highlight these facts without naming the people.

By the way, I’m losing a bit of faith in my fellow Christians because too many are all too willing to go with the flow, thinking that life will get back to “normalcy” if we don’t resist or “defy” and go along with the program. Imagine if Luther, Zwingli, Tyndale and many, many others went along with the program. People do that to avoid forms of persecution. No one wants to willingly be seen as being the “defiant” Christian standing against a godless system.

In reality, we need to adjust our thinking. It is not that we are being defiant for the sake of being defiant and I’d like to be clear here that Christians should NOT be intimidating nor should we engage in any form of violent protests against the government. However, even though the Constitution is hanging by a thread (if at all), we Christians do have an obligation to stand up for what it right, always. That is really not an option.

In this case, the state is working hard to eradicate our rights by telling us that churches are “non-essential,” that we cannot gather for worship, that if we do, it must be outside and we cannot sing together. All of this should be seen for what it is – the enemy’s attempt to silence Christian voices and eradicate God’s involvement in society. We cannot buckle to that type of pressure. Yes, it is unnerving when we see what the government is attempting to do by subverting our freedoms to worship God as we have always done.

The government has identified certain businesses like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and grocery stores as “essential” therefore going to those places is fine but even there we are supposed to mask up, social distance and generally treat all other people as though they are “unclean” as they treat us the same way. I cannot do that. People are not unclean.

Jesus touched the lepers. He used His own spittle to touch the eyes of a blind man for healing. He allowed a woman to pour alabaster ointment on His feet and her tears also. Jesus was a physical Person who loved people. He did not treat people as though they were unclean even when society said they were! Yet, today’s Christian too willingly complies by saying such nonsense as “Jesus would wear a mask to prove His love” or some other thing to justify their social justice warrior position. By the way, if you believe you need to or have been told by your healthcare professional that you should wear a mask, then by all means wear one. I doubt you go around bullying people who do not (at least I hope you do not).

This world is getting very strange, but that should not be a surprise at all to us based on what God’s Word says about the end of the last days, we as approach the final seven years of human history. Think of that! We are approaching the start of the time when God will pour out His wrath onto this world! This time should be used by Christians to call the lost to repentance. We shouldn’t worry about trying to fit in.

Hunter Biden’s Woes
It would appear Hunter Biden (and Joe Biden), has problems. Allegedly, Hunter brought his laptop into a computer repair shop and promptly forgot about it or failed to pick it up. The shop owner who was attempting to fix it, saw the contents of the hard drive and what he saw apparently, astounded and mortified him to the point that he turned it over to the FBI. This was over a year ago and it appears as though the FBI, under FBI head Wray, sat on the contents even though it looks like it would’ve exonerated President Trump among other things.

I recall hearing or reading the phrase, “Trust Wray” before and with what I know now about the way Wray works in the FBI, he is not worthy of my trust. How about you?

At any rate, here is a link to a video that is allegedly of a Chinese whistleblower who managed somehow to get out of China. It’s a short, ten-minute video and in it, he speaks Chinese but there are captions for English readers. It’s an interesting video and if true, there are major problems for people like the Bidens, Pelosi, Bloomberg and many in Congress (on both sides of the aisle), all of whom, according to our whistleblower, have been compromised through blackmail. Obviously, it is difficult at best at this point to verify the information contained in this video but it sounds reasonable and explains why some in Congress are so adamant to get rid of Trump.

This also ties in with the fact that China, as the world’s first successful technocracy, is ultimately being controlled by the Elite (globalists) and President Xi is merely a puppet doing their bidding. In return for this, he has become a very wealthy man. The whistleblower also promotes the idea that China wants to rule the world. In reality, I beg to differ a bit here. It’s the people or elite group behind the Chinese communist government that seeks to control the world and they are using China’s resources and protected standing in the world to accomplish that very thing.

If you’ve been reading our series on Technocracy, you’ll note what I’ve already stated about China and how their efforts to control the world has made great strides. They have over 3 million factories and make everything imaginable. The reason most products are so relatively inexpensive is due to the fact that they are made in China and workers there receive a pittance and are desperately worked overtime with very little reward. In essence, China uses and abuses its people so that only a top tier of people in China are heavily rewarded. The Elite who control China gain the most reward.

I see this continuing to move forward toward the final one-world government. I don’t see any break in it, but that does not mean I am correct as I’ve said, God can throw a monkey wrench into the equation if He chooses to do so. He can do that, though He may not because the timing may be right on schedule. I really do not know.

There are major things that concern me like the upcoming vaccine and the push of China. It is not the vaccine itself that troubles me. They could actually end up being very weak in and of itself that would cause little to no harm and certainly not be able to “cure” anything. So why give it then? Why insist that everyone needs it to go back to “normal”? It could very well be due to other things they put in it that we’ve discussed and highlighted here on this blog that others in the medical profession have weighed in on. Could this upcoming vaccine have the ability to change our DNA? Neither Facebook or Twitter thinks so and don’t allow that type of discussion to occur on their social network pages. That makes me think that there’s something to it, but who knows?

Each person will have to decide what path they will need to take with things like this upcoming vaccine. I know for people like our daughter-in-law, she will likely have to have it because she works in the healthcare industry. Is it the Mark of the Beast? I don’t believe so but certainly the technology they are creating now will likely be part of that future Mark of the Beast.

Look, there’s simply a great deal we do not know yet. We may never know it until things actually happen. What I’m pointing out is the fact that things appear to be progressing toward that one world government that Satan will be allowed to establish. In the meantime, the Christian’s attitude and demeanor toward society should be the same as it has always been: the desire to tell everyone we come in contact with about the hope we have in Jesus and why that hope is so important.

Carry on in Jesus!



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  • 1. Terri Lewis  |  October 20, 2020 at 3:49 PM

    I think the vaccine might be the Mark of the Beast. There is nano technology they will likely try to use, either in the first vaccine or the second one. Anyone who lives long enough after the first vaccine. . .well, let’s talk about that first. Anyone who catches a virus AFTER they have taken that first vaccine is likely to get it worse because of how this type of vaccine works. The vaccine itself will kill some people, of course, but they won’t want to kill too many on the first round–it would raise suspicion. HPV kills about 1 in 900, and people still take that and get it for their children. But if you double that number, people might begin to question their intent–a bit faster than we are collectively doing now. The second vaccine may be the one that contains nanotech combined with bacterial goo to affect our. . .functioning as human beings. This makes me think of the part in Revelations stating that men will want to die and not be able to. It’s hard to see how people would be so controlled by AI (within each cell) that we literally couldn’t die, but that’s what is stated in Revelations (unless I’m mistaken or fail to understand). Please correct me if I get something wrong here. The idea that part of our consciousness could somehow be preserved, as part of their computer network AI internet of “things”–occurs to me as a terrifying thought. In any case, please. . .let’s all continue to pray for ALL of us to see the light that only Jesus can fully bring to get us back to our real Father. We may not agree on everything, but I follow what you write. I, too, see things moving forward toward the 11th king (perhaps we already have him, or will after the election–or perhaps it will be someone else completely). Thank you for all that you do to shed light on our times. It is hard to read, see, hear. . .and understand. But we are called to do just that and to do it in faith.


    • 2. modres  |  October 20, 2020 at 5:13 PM

      Hi Terri,

      You make some very interesting points and thank you for sharing them. This coming vaccine is very concerning. If you look at the official documents from California’s CDC, they SEEM to indicate that the CV vaccine will actually SPREAD the virus! Here’s the verbiage:

      “California’s planning process for the eventual distribution and administration of COVID-19 is guided by the overarching principles of ensuring the COVID-19 vaccine meets safety requirements; ensuring that the vaccine is distributed and administered equitably, at first to those with the highest risk of becoming infected and spreading COVID-19; and transparency, by bringing in community stakeholders from the outset.”

      I’m hoping they simply forgot to include a word after “COVID-19…” It makes it appear that they are going to distribute and administrate COVID-19 the way they have it worded. Here’s the link to the full document:

      The vaccine may actually do quite a bit of harm or it may be so weak that it does nothing with the agenda to include other things that you mention in the vaccine. Frankly, I think there will be a great deal of pushback on this vax from a lot of people because of how quickly it was produced and the steps they failed to include in the process. My goodness, a vaccine that’s supposed to be safe AND effective in only a few months? We don’t really have that type of technology and if you consider what doctors are saying – that they’ve not actually isolated the CV-19 virion, how can they make an effective and safe vaccine based on what they have not isolated? I think you’re right in that other things will be included in this vaccine. If this particular vax does not have DNA changing material in it, it looks like it WILL be the type of thing that allows contact tracing and this article outlines that:

      As I say, you make some cogent points. The only problem I see is that when the Mark of the Beast is actually made mandatory for everyone (with those rejecting it facing death), it will be made so by the Second Beast of Revelation as noted in Revelation 13:16-18. So if this coming vax is the Mark of the Beast, this would make Bill Gates the Second Beast of Revelation, but we still have no clue who the Antichrist is because Antichrist comes on the scene first, before the Second Beast. Beyond this, the actual Mark of the Beast is not mandated until the second portion of the Tribulation, which has not begun yet.

      I agree with you that the technology that they are on the brink of rolling out will certainly be utilized for the coming Mark of the Beast but since we are not in the Tribulation yet, this I don’t believe this coming vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. It’s certainly on its way though.



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