Christians Pushed to the Edges

October 27, 2020 at 2:18 PM 2 comments

Just a brief update on things before I post more from the series that are already in progress. Recently, I received two separate emails; one from Amazon and one from Zazzle. They didn’t seem connected until I thought about it and realized that there could be a connection.

A few days ago, I received a notification from Amazon telling me that an employee illegally provided my email address to a third party. The employee had been fired and Amazon stated they were helping local law enforcement authorities in their pursuit of justice with the employee.

On the heels of that post, I received an email from Zazzle telling me that one of the images I had uploaded several years ago was going to be removed. The image was for a bumper sticker that essentially said “Islam is a Totalitarian Ideology, Not a Religion. Say No to Sharia Law.” I found that ironic that after all this time, my bumper sticker image was found to be in violation of the dreaded “community standards” of Zazzle.

Then, I put two and two together thinking that quite possibly, someone had taken offense at an Amazon review I had left regarding a product I had recently received. The product, advertised as new, arrived and was clearly not new. It had bird droppings on it, some grass clippings and dirt. My review wasn’t mean. I gave it a 3 star review and simply asked the question as to whether I had been inadvertently sent a used item.

Is it possible the third party person got hold of my email address, looked me up on the ‘Net, found my Zazzle account, perused the images and issued a complaint? Possible. Of course, it’s also possible that both the Amazon and the Zazzle emails are in no way connected.

When I asked for a review of my image, I was told that the image did violate their community standards so it would be removed. I told them I understood, but there was absolutely nothing untruthful about my image. It simply did not fit the politically correct standards reflected in their guidelines. It’s also doubtful that Zazzle would’ve cared unless this was brought to their attention.

I did a quick search and found numerous images on Zazzle that could easily be construed as offensive toward Christians and pointed these out to the folks at Zazzle. I also stated clearly that because the First Amendment of the Constitution, people should be allowed to say what they want to say, whether others agree or disagree. There is no “hate speech” defined by the First Amendment. It’s all “free” speech, or should be.

In the end, I’ve asked Zazzle to delete my account simply because there are enough places on the ‘Net and throughout society that censor people. Without firing a shot or changing any laws, many on the Left applaud the use of the “hate speech” label to silence those with whom they do not agree. We see this throughout society at all levels.

My point is very simple. As things progress, we can expect more restrictions placed on conservatism and authentic, biblical Christianity. Expect to see Christians being pushed more to the edges and not allowed to participate fully in society because of our “hate.”

There are some very interesting and remarkable things happening throughout global society today. In many ways, we are seeing a repeat of what existed during the First Century when Rome was a superpower. In fact, Dr. Randall Price of World of the Bible, has written an excellent article on the comparisons between First Century Rome and what is happening now in the world. I’d encourage readers to read through it. It’s a bit longish, but sometimes, it’s difficult to take a great deal of information and truncate it into smaller articles because too much is left out.

The name of the article is Jerusalem in the Coming Days and it is really well written, in my opinion. Dr. Price speaks of the central importance of Jerusalem, the prophetic importance of Jerusalem, Jerusalem’s preparation for the future, and then delves into some of the comparisons between what existed in the First Century under Rome and what exists today.

  • a moral and spiritual vacuum of competing religions offering no value
  • Jewish people facing unparalleled persecution
  • a new “universal” language
  • global transportation has made massive immigration to Israel possible
  • a global pseudo-peace deal in the works
  • Jewish people have a fervent Messianic expectation

Price goes into some depth and discusses other things related to Jerusalem and what the Bible has to say about that region of the world (with the use of Jerusalem being synonymous with the entire nation of Israel). Make no mistake. Things are moving us toward the Tribulation/Great Tribulation. It appears as though we have gone beyond the tipping point in many ways.

Much of Europe is moving again toward “lockdowns” to keep people “safe.” What we’re learning though is that lockdowns do not make things better. Look at Italy. They basically did everything recommended by Fauci, yet are getting ready to lockdown again!

Here’s the problem as I see it, based on the papers I’ve read by medical practitioners and experts. Most people at any point in time have “viral material” in their bodies. This does not mean they are sick or going to be sick or need to quarantine for 14 days. It simply means that we have viral material, just like we all have our share of bacterium in our bodies. By locking down, social distancing, masking up and constantly worrying about washing our hands, we may be doing irreparable damage to our immune systems, which will not be able to benefit from herd immunity.

The Great Barrier Declaration has been signed and issued by 15,000 medical professionals stating that lockdowns are doing far more harm than good. They are extremely concerned about the damage that is being done and instead of focusing on the main group susceptible to CV-19, government leaders – aka politicians! – are locking down their states to the detriment of economies and people’s health. It needs to stop though it likely will not because MSM continues to go to Dr. Anthony Fauci, though he is no longer on the White House health team. This is ludicrous.

On a related note, I’m not sure if you’re aware of these documents from the White House on every state in the nation. Much of these communications are secret and it is up to the governors of each state to determine how much they will and will not do. If you’re in a blue state, you already likely live under draconian limitations put in place by the governor of your state in an effort to keep all “safe,” though the Constitution does not have a “pandemic clause” in it at all. In other words, it is not the government’s job to keep citizens safe from illnesses. They can certainly publish recommended guidelines, but these guidelines have become mandatory in many areas. A few foreign countries are going way beyond this and have determined that if authorities need to do so, they can physically remove people from their homes and place them in “quarantine” facilities against their will (New Zealand and Australia). All of this based on the rise of CV-19 “cases,” which again are often based on simply the fact that a person might test positive for “viral material” in their system, not necessarily or specifically CV-19 virion.

But what may even be more troubling is the fact that the White House is issuing guidelines to governors that they seem to “hope” the governors will put into place. It appears that the White House is pushing for a national mask mandate and when the CV vax is ready, also pushing for mandatory receipt of said vax. Please take the time to read through this information found here, WH Secret CV Red Zone Reports, and tell me what you think. Does it seem to imply that the WH wants both a national mask mandate and a mandatory taking of upcoming vax? I truly hope I’m wrong but that is the impression I’m getting.

But all of this over a virus that has a 99.6%+ survival rate! How can any of this be justified? We’re also hearing warnings and rumblings of a “second wave” that is apparently right around the corner. Yet, many medical practitioners are more concerned about the ill effects and fallout from everyone wearing masks all the time. The uptick in bacterial infections, impetigo, gum disease and other things cannot be ignored, yet it is because that’s not part of the agenda that some are pushing.

All this is to say that Christians need to be prepared for what lies ahead. I cannot see into the future, but if things continue as they are, it will get worse than it is now. In fact, when we took our cross country trip to California and back, this past July/August, things were somewhat tense depending upon the state we went through. Now, if we were to set out on that trip now, I really think it would be close to impossible. Some states are all but closed with more severe mandates put in place in just the past few months.

Fires are still out of control in California with PG & E shutting off power to over 1,000,000 customers due to the fire and fire danger. The amount of restrictions placed on people for upcoming Thanksgiving is unconscionable yet it continues even though average people are truly fed up with all of it.

Even in my state where there is no mask mandate, I’m seeing more and more people wearing masks and I do not understand it. Certainly, if your health is in question, then by all means, take care of yourself and wear a mask if needed. Yet, what we’re hearing more and more is that wearing a mask helps the other person, not the wearer. That makes absolutely no sense.

Buckle up, folks. I’m not convinced that this will all go away after the election. I’m beginning to think that regardless of who wins the election, we’re in for a rough ride. Be prepared and decide now what your reaction will be. Don’t let it take you by surprise because you may be apt to make the wrong decision out of fear or frustration. I’m not trying to scare anyone. I’m simply pointing out what may lie ahead and I certainly hope I’m wrong.

Let’s draw and remain close to God and other Christians. We really need each other now more than ever.


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Focusing on the Future News and Notes Update: October 28, 2020


  • 1. Lynn Holzinger  |  October 29, 2020 at 12:57 PM

    I agree, that as things progress, we are likely to see more restrictions placed on Christians. I also agree that it’s important for us to know upfront how we will respond. We are the righteousness of God in Christ.

    My daughter drove to CA just last week to become a travel nurse and had no problems going in and out of states.

    I live in a blue state and where we live, there is no mask mandate that I know of though most businesses require them.

    I think you said in another post that all the conflicting messages about masks have caused people to live in fear. I’ve not wavered much on my thoughts about masks, but I definitely see how the conflicting messages have caused people to question what is true. It seems like what may be true one moment will not be true in the next. And we just keep following the science which is forever changing apparently. That’s how Fauci can not be for masks and then say we may have to wear them forever. By making masks about protecting other people, he can make those statements and look like he is caring about others. I keep talking about this kind of thing, and how if we keep this up, how will we ever get beyond it, and people just look at me strangely.

    I keep reminding myself that God is in control and that His plan is what matters. We are told in the Bible things will get worse in the end and to not be surprised when these things happen. Even though I am not fully convinced we are there, it has really helped me keep perspective.


    • 2. modres  |  October 29, 2020 at 1:53 PM

      Thanks Lynn. Very well put!


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