Discerning the Times: February 5, 2021

February 3, 2021 at 4:57 PM 2 comments

We have changed the name of our “News and Notes Update” to Discerning the Times. There are many aspects of these days that appear to be catapulting us toward the Tribulation. Frankly, I’m amazed that more pastors and teachers are not covering the things that are occurring in society. I’m not sure why that is except possibly a lack of interest or understanding on their part. Jesus, Paul and others talked about it some 2,000 years ago. How much more relevant is it today? Of course, the other extreme is what I constantly see on social networks where people are still trying to figure out who the Antichrist is or believing all things related to Q; that the USA’s salvation is just around the corner.

I also have plans on producing several short (5-10 minutes), videos each week. I want to get information out to you in short bites to make them easily digestible and to allow people to view them on phones without using up a ton of data. It’ll also make it easier for you to share with others via your phone or social networks, if you choose. Stay tuned.

Gun Control
There’s a huge gun control bill sponsored by Sheila Jackson-Lee coming. Of course, they want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. That’s very difficult. So, they’ll settle for other things. None of what they want passed will have any affect on criminals though. It never does. Read and share.

The Antichrist?
I saw one post yesterday on Gab where a person concluded that Joe Biden is the Antichrist. As you can see from the image, the person quotes Revelation 13:16, then goes onto to “prove” that Joe Biden is the Antichrist based on the “number” of his name (30330). That number is the one you text to receive updates. This goes back to the end of 2019 when Joe Biden asked people to “Go to Joe 30330” when he actually meant to text to Joe 30330.

The idea that Biden is the Antichrist is too absurd for words. Joe may not finish out his first term, likely being committed to an assisted living facility for the memory impaired. What the Bible is most likely referring to in Revelation 13:16 is gematria, a language that also numbers for each letter, like Hebrew. Only those living during the time Antichrist is alive and ruling will be able to discern the number of his name. It’s not for us now anymore than Daniel or John could fully appreciate the visions they were given then.

The apostle Paul tells us that the Antichrist will be brilliant.

 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10 NKJV)

Does Joe Biden fit that bill? Not even close. He is a globalist puppet. He is not the Antichrist.

Decreeing in Jesus’ Name
Moving on…I’ve purposefully blocked out the name of the person in the tweet image, but look at what she wrote. “Lord of hosts, I DECREE that you…” (emphasis added).

Um…we do NOT decree anything! We do NOT tell God what to do! He is NOT there to fulfill our every wish, nor does He need our permission to do anything. There is nothing biblical about what this person has “prayed” and Christians who do this should take a good, hard look at some of the prayers of the prophets to learn what humility is all about. By the way, this is part and parcel of the Charismatic Movement and the faith healer/Word of Faith movements. They are diabolically wrong and dare I say, even blasphemous.

Daniel 9 presents true humility before God. Just read the way Daniel prayed (Daniel 9:4-7 NKJV)

4…O Lord, great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant and mercy with those who love Him, and with those who keep His commandments, 5 we have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled, even by departing from Your precepts and Your judgments. 6 Neither have we heeded Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your name to our kings and our princes, to our fathers and all the people of the land. 7 O Lord, righteousness belongs to You, but to us shame of face, as it is this day—to the men of Judah, to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel, those near and those far off in all the countries to which You have driven them, because of the unfaithfulness which they have committed against You.

I don’t see Daniel “decreeing,” demanding or dictating anything to God, do you? Do you think God answered or will answer the prayer of the person in the image with her “decrees”? Eventually He will but only because His overall plan for this world, which will not occur until He physically returns and sets up His Millennial Kingdom at the end of the Tribulation.

How dare we assume such a position of dominance before our great and holy God! This is totally disgraceful. It should not be done. Yet, people “amen” such a prayer.

Something everyone should seriously consider and take into account.

CV-19, CDC, Vaccines, Masks and SPARS?
There’s a good deal of info coming out related to CV-19 and the vaccine. While it appears millions have been vaccinated and/or are lining up for their poke in the arm, many others are not having it. Their reason is they are concerned about its efficacy and safety. Too many have already been harmed or died, though these are often downplayed. [1]

By the way, we highlight CV-19 facts simply because we believe these things are being used by globalists (under Satan’s direction), to gain full control over society. It is important we understand what is actually occurring, which appears to be creation of the final global empire over which Antichrist will rule for seven short years. The USA is in its death throes, to be “assimilated” into the coming new world order and totally stripped of its superpower status.

To that end, I’d like to recommend the following video from Pastor J. D. Farag of Hawaii (jdfarag.org). I’ve grown to enjoy his videos albeit I watch them at the increased speed of 1.25 or 1.5 because he tends to speak slowly and pauses a great deal. I’m more engaged when I speed up the video. It doesn’t change the pitch of his voice. It simply moves things along more quickly.

Check out “Prophecy Update: 01/31/2021.” Start around the 26 or 27 minute mark where Farag speaks of the problems with the CV-19 vaccine based on what actual experts have been saying since 2012. Links to those other videos are underneath the main video. The CV-19 vaccine is not a vaccine, but an “irreversible genetic modification,” (Dr. Wakefield). It is “software” loaded into the body turning people into GMOs.

The CV-19 vax is a mRNA vax. The “m” stands for “messenger” to our cells. What is the message? Most doctors tell us the vax is merely designed to cause our immune systems to fight the disease. Other doctors tell us it will alter us at the cellular level and not for our good. These latter are often banned from social media and some have even lost their jobs.

Farag also notes from health officials that getting the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus at all. So, it’s a genetic modification and it does not prevent transmission. Hmm. Why get a vaccine that is billed as 95% effective for an illness that has a 99%+ survival rate?

Speaking of truth tellers, here is a very lengthy thread by Dr. Shahzad Faisal Chaudhary from Twitter. His thread was “unrolled” on Threadreader so you don’t need Twitter to view it and it’s all in one place. If you do not have time to read through it now, please at least scan the charts and bookmark it to read later. It is an absolutely fascinating read as he deals with Metformin as a medication for CV-19 and gets into numerous related areas about CV-19 vax, masks, and the rest. Please read through.

Apparently, the CDC now says that teachers do not need the CV-19 vaccine for schools to reopen safely. [2] Gosh, who knew (forgive my sarcasm)? Now, there appears to be no reason to not have in-person school. Please note that this info (like others), came after Trump was out of office. Check this thread from Ann Bauer for more on public schools in MN.

Remember the Pandemic tabletop role-playing scenario that Bill Gates was part of in 2019 (Event 201)? It was allegedly coincidence that CV-19 occurred not long after their simulated LARP (live action role playing). Right, okay.But wait! There is another scenario on the horizon called SPARS. Please notice the date: 2025-2028. [3] I’m guessing SPARS (or something like it), will be on the scene in society earlier, but notice also that it ends before completion of Agenda 2030. Convenient. These people actually get together and plan…er, I mean discuss possible scenarios related to public health situations that could (read: will), happen in society. We are the guinea pigs, folks. Proceed with extreme caution and discernment.

Remember back when I highlighted the WHO recommending a lower cycle thresh hold (Ct) number be used in PCR tests to determine CV-19 infections? Well, a mere three weeks later, we are learning that CV-19 infections are down by 30% and deaths are down by 21%! [4] It’s a MIRACLE!! Actually, the miracle is determining if a person is infected with CV-19 since they have not isolated the CV-19 virion in the lab yet. In spite of this lack, they were apparently able to create a vaccine? No, they simply used a generic spike protein they “think” is similar to CV-19. We’re being played, folks, as I’m sure you know.

Reductions in infections and deaths are not even close to a miracle. The new situation exists simply because labs took the WHO’s recommendation and lowered the Ct# for PCR tests. Of course, the article does not mention that. It simply states it must be at least partly due to vaccinations people have had and must be creating the “herd immunity” needed in society. All the sheeple sigh in relief.

Our friend Dr. Shahzad highlights a study that confirms long term mask use breeds microbes that can ultimately cause advanced stage lung cancer. We knew that wearing masks all the time was not healthy, but people have gotten into the habit of wearing them, they make their kids wear them and also wear them by themselves in their cars. It’s more than unhealthy. Masks can be deadly, but again, CDC wants us to wear TWO. Surely, they must be aware of this study?

By the way, I’ve got a series upcoming called “God’s Coming Great Reset” where we’ll look at the order of upcoming future events leading to the establishment of Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom. Be on the lookout for that.

Go with God, folks. I pray that until we meet again whether in written, audio or video form, God will open your eyes to show you how blessed you are in Him!



[1] https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/181-dead-in-the-u-s-during-2-week-period-from-experimental-covid-injections-how-long-will-we-continue-to-allow-mass-murder-by-lethal-injection/

[2] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-03/cdc-director-says-teachers-don-t-need-vaccines-to-reopen-schools

[3] https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_archive/pubs-pdfs/2017/spars-pandemic-scenario.pdf

[4] https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13893232/covid-infections-down-30-percent-coronavirus-vaccine/





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Keswick Movement: Mark and Avoid God’s Coming Great Reset, Pt 1


  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  February 5, 2021 at 2:37 PM

    Thanks for the article…

    “How dare we assume such a position of dominance before our great and holy God! This is totally disgraceful. It should not be done. Yet, people “amen” such a prayer.”

    When did asking stop being the way to pray! Lord forgive her.

    The whole mask wearing is also really getting out of hand. I believe Bacterial Pneumonia is actually what’s causing a lot of concern in Nigeria right now. The symptoms are the same. I don’t believe they would have been washing the masks and it’s extremely dirty over there.

    It’s getting sadder each day as we continue to try and expose this wickedness…


    Have a blessed weekend to you both. This week flew by…


    • 2. modres  |  February 5, 2021 at 6:54 PM

      I agree!


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