Dawn of the Satanic Age

April 29, 2021 at 2:54 PM 7 comments

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I’ve been wanting to start several series recently that would at least be beneficial to me and hopefully to readers as well. One has to do with the order of events of the End Times. The other has to do with secret societies or what the Bible would term “mystery religions.” There may be some overlap.

I’d like to emphasize that I do not discuss these things to frighten people or to glorify the evil one. I present this information to inform so that Christians might know the times and seasons and what to expect.

Secret Societies
A reader recently sent me a link to a video that is over 5 hours long. I watched the entire video over several days and it is certainly worth it. I’ve seen things contained in it elsewhere but it’s nice to have so much in one video.

Recorded by Altiyan Childs of Australia, who previously won the Australian version of X-Factor and a contract with Sony Music. He became a Christian not long ago as well.

He was also part of the secret society of Freemasonry and ultimately left after receiving salvation. He put together the video to spread the truth: X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion

You might be interested to know that those of us outside the secret societies are considered “vile, vulgar and profane” to them. We are virtually nothing and as such they believe they can do anything they want with or to us. “Do what thou wilt” is the code they live by and Satan is their god.

Childs notes how these people are given to telegraphing their secrets through the way they shake hands, hide part of their hand inside their jacket or shirt, place finger over their lips (as in “shhh”), the pins they wear or their clothing and tattoos, etc. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten used to seeing celebrities with one hand covering an eye. According to Childs, these are all symbols of the secret society of which they are part. Childs says it all goes back to the oldest secret society, which he says is Masonry. In actuality Masonry cloaks the actual mystery religion behind it, Satanism.

It’s also very important to note that most Masons have absolutely no clue as to the real darkness of the inner circle of Masonry, which in fact, teaches that darkness is the true light. The secret knowledge (gnosis) is reserved only for those who actually attain the highest level of masonry, the 33rd degree. Once an initiate has attained that level, they are then given the true facts concerning Masonry. Don’t take my word for it, please. Do the research and start with people like Manly Hall and Albert Pike. These men are highly revered within Masonry and what they teach is remarkable.

Masonry is not the only secret society of course, though they are all connected by way of common beliefs. However, Masonry appears to be the largest globally of all secret societies; the umbrella over all secret societies.

Masonry, though it officially only goes back to about the mid-to-late 1700s, in reality, indirectly connects all the way back to the Tower of Babel and Nimrod. Books written by Hall and Pike outline the many beliefs upon which Masonry is based.

Worship of Lucifer
As noted it all boils down to the worship of Lucifer (Satan). Freemasonry, Theosophical Society with Madame Blavatsky, Lucis Society (initially the Lucifer Society), with Alice Bailey, Anton LaVey’s the Church of Satan, New Age philosopher Annie Besant, and many other variant societies, all are united in their worship of Satan. All these people were Freemasons. Their core religion is literally Satanism but this is not generally known except to those who have been invited into the deep inner circle after proving their worth. All these societies are all connected.

So, why should Christians know anything at all about these secret societies? Certainly, we should know how the enemy of our souls works, but there is also a danger of focusing on it too much and glorifying it. We need to be very careful, but we should know about our enemy.

The overarching goal of all secret societies including Masonry is to destroy Christianity and God Himself. That’s laughable, right? How can God or Christianity be destroyed? But hasn’t this always been Satan’s goal from the moment iniquity was found within him? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Recall Satan’s five “I will” statements in Isaiah 14:13-14:

  1. I will ascend into heaven,
  2. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
  3. I will also sit on the mount of the congregation In the sides of the north;
  4. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
  5. I will be like the Most High.

If Satan were to be successful, he would actually destroy Christianity and God. Of course, he can’t do this, but those involved in today’s mystery religions believe he will. Why? Because Satan has told them so and they believe it and have joined with him to make this happen. His followers are united in their belief that Satan (Lucifer), is the true “light-bearer;” the good guy. Jesus is the bad guy.

The reason they say Jesus was crucified was because He was a false messiah. They say the true messiah is yet to come and of course, we know him as the Antichrist. They’re convinced it will be the “light-bearer” and they work diligently to bring him up. They show us by their constant use of symbolism.

Even the confusion of languages of Gen 11 did not stop their secret communication as noted by the words of Occultist, A. E. Waite. Waite was an American-born British poet who wrote extensively on the occult and was himself, a mystic.

I would go so far as to say, evidenced by their unbiblical teachings, that there are many leaders within Christendom (NAR, Kingdom Now, and Dominion Theology), also working to bring Antichrist forward. Some know it while others are deceived into thinking that they are actually working to make it “possible” for Jesus to return.

What should the Christian be aware of now as we approach the start of the coming Tribulation? Several things. First, Christianity is under attack like never before. It is clear that society’s moral climate and norms have changed significantly. This is a major step in undermining Christianity and God. Significant progress has been made to this end. Satan has managed to gain the upper hand throughout most of society because of human beings bent on doing his will.

Second, it is now the new normal to accept gay and transgender people as legitimately normal. In other words, if people question whether a man can become a woman or the reverse, they are seen as fascists, homophobes, transphobic or something else.

It wasn’t too many decades ago that people who thought they were really women or men while their physical bodies were the opposite, were seen as having mental issues. Today, these people are celebrated for their “bravery.” This is all Satan’s attempt to destroy Christianity. We are even seeing leaders within Christendom offering support of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Third, things are moving forward at a frenetic pace also helped by CV-19. Freedoms are being removed at an unprecedented rate for our “safety.” Another created global “pandemic” of any sort will seal the deal.

Fourth, Christians need to realize it’s far more important to spread the Gospel to the unsaved than to focus solely on trying to “save” America. We cannot allow our political interests to keep us from fulfilling the Great Commission.

Symbolism Gives Them Away
The symbolism within secret societies was always kept behind the scenes, but no longer. Music videos, movies, TV, sports events and music concerts are often filled with secret society symbolism. The fact that we are at the point where those in secret societies feel empowered enough to flash their hand signals and other symbols of their beliefs in our faces tells us we have likely crossed the Rubicon.

The All-Seeing Eye atop a pyramid is huge within Masonry and other secret societies. It’s on the back of the US dollar bill. It shows up in music videos and concerts as well as in physical buildings and architecture.

A checkerboard (black and white) floor is often used in music videos and movies. This signals that good (white) and bad (black) co-exist and that you cannot have one without the other. Ultimately, this means that bad is good and good is bad.

The use of the hand signal that appears as “a-okay” is used as the symbol for “666.” I’m sure you’ve seen this a great deal and in fact, when “conservatives” have used it, the media often labels it “white supremacy.” Conservatives are seen as the “enemy” of society today so of course, when they use this symbol it’s bad. When the Left uses it, it’s ignored. Do a search of “666 hand signal” and see the images that come up.

The special handshake and “hidden hand” are also often used today by politicians, pro-athletes and Hollywood celebs. This signals to everyone in secret societies that they are doing their job and are acknowledging that they remain true to their society. The infamous Dr. Fauci has “saluted” his secret society several times from the platform when he gives a press conference by using the “hidden hand” symbol. He’s also used the Baphomet hand symbol as a nod to Satan. He’s not the only one either.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking any of this is merely coincidental because their words and actions are carefully crafted to signal their allegiance to their society and “the plan.”

These people have no fear anymore. None. They know they are on the cusp of global change as the Satanic Age is foisted on society.

This has been a very brief introduction to what I believe is coming down the pike. We are in the thick of it, literally. The USA will not be “saved.” We Christians need to get serious about our faith because difficult times are coming as Jesus, Paul, Peter and others have foretold. We are where they spoke of a few thousand years ago.

It is happening now. We Christians need to awaken from our slumber and come out of Babylon so that we will be free to follow the Lord wherever He leads us. This may involve giving up things that are directly or indirectly connected to the occult (movies, books, comic books, and other paraphernalia we think is “neutral”), and some of our activities. We must be decisive and even painful in looking at our lives to determine what things God wants us to throw off. By having one foot in Satan’s kingdom and one in God’s, how can we expect to be fully protected and used by Him for His glory? We will talk more about how demons and Satan gain a foothold in our lives in an upcoming article.

It is now past time for Christians to be about the Lord’s (and only the Lord’s), business. No longer can we have one foot in Babylon and the other in God’s Kingdom. It must be one or the other. Choose this day whom you will serve!

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  • 2. Jen b  |  April 30, 2021 at 4:31 PM

    Thank you for being so thoughtful a reply. I tend to forget that satanists think they are fighting for the good guy. I just cannot wrap my head around that. Then I recall that yes, when the LORD Jesus returns, they will fight against Him believing they are fighting for righteousness. I always thought that would involve the apostate church and mystery religions united in their worship under the man made little case christ, fighting against the true Christ. The imitation vs. the real. It is very hard to put all of it in perspective.

    Also, very much appreciate your clarifying the difference in learning about false religions as opposed to trying to gain knowledge from them…as well as recognizing the covert way they use our terminology.

    I can’t disagree with any of your comments and insights and agree wholeheartedly about the warnings needed for NAR teachings and Beth Moore et al.

    I guess it is a matter of maturity in these matters and how much strength one has to endure it. You a wealth of experience and Biblical knowledge and perhaps are strong enough to in these areas. These days, prophetically speaking, I have a very hard time discerning what is true (outside of scripture) especially end times predictions based on current events as related to scripture. I do see now I had placed far too much faith in faithless men and politics….they’ve all failed and proved worthless in that regard. There is a sense in which all events currently underway seem almost contrived…forced. There are some prophetic ministries who believe the current dark-light (left-right) dichotmomy fostered within the political system is a false operation designed to bring about the “light” and that many christians will fall for it. Meaning they are attacking with such outrageousness and wild abandon anything tethered in reality, it will cause people to unite against it. Example when a politician calls out the LEFT citing us all as “children of God”. That is a concern also.

    My husband and I have been watching a BBC show from the late 70’s called “enemy at the door” about the Nazi occupation of Guernsey during WWI. It is quite good and some of what the islanders experience remind me on an initial basis of what we are seeing now. Very timely. All throughout the occupation the German soldiers were so convinced of their victory. Good for us to remember now.

    Thank you again for your response, and I will look forward to your next post.

    Also, regarding the snakes, I am a dog lover and now I will have to pray for your dog too!



  • 4. Jen b  |  April 30, 2021 at 2:38 PM

    Modres, prayers continually ascending for your grandson, Caleb.

    Regarding the above, it isn’t I doubt it’s validity, but it is that none of this information is provided within the clear teaching of scripture. In order to understand the satanic inner workings, one has to seek information outside of scripture. Separately, but somewhat relevant to this, A Christian friend gave me a book recently by Carl Teichrib who attends conferences like burning man and writes about new age practices. I cannot explain this but there is a sense in which I felt I was learning too much and that, despite his warnings, almost admires these mystery religions. The verse in Revelation came to mind where our LORD condemns those in the churches who were learning the “deep things of satan”. It is like watching a filthy movie….there is a sense of shame in it. Re Teichrib, who professes to be a Christian, this book is so enormous that it occurred to me, if I have time to immerse myself in any writing, it will be in the scriptures. Is it really the case that we can’t fulfill the great commission in our day without writers like Teichrib to fill us in on details on the belief system of the pagans? My friends argument (and others) is that we need to understand these religions so we can speak to people under their deception. This seems to make sense on the surface, but soon leads to our own wisdom does it not? Paul spoke on Mars Hill and I don’t see him spending a lot of time on their pagan Gods.

    As soon as I start reading the symbols and signs my spirit gets an automatic disconnect notice…is it really necessary to have to learn about these children of darkness in order to remain faithful? I was once very immersed in trying to understand. Now, I just stay close to the LORD and His Word, our protection and shield…as I know you exhort us to do.

    Somewhere the apostle Paul clarifies he would have us be wise to that which is good, and innocent as to that which is evil.

    Just offering and asking….thank you as always for your warnings, teaching and exhortation to remain firm.


    • 5. modres  |  April 30, 2021 at 3:54 PM

      Hi Jen,

      Thank you for your prayers for Caleb. Hopefully, he’ll be home soon.

      Thank you also for your comments and questions. With respect to Satanism and the occult in general, I believe Satan LIES to those who have chosen to follow him. They believe things that will never happen. They believe he is the “good” guy, while Jesus is the “bad” guy. They believe Satan will gain the victory over God in Christ. These are absolute lies proffered by the enemy of our souls and accepted as truth by those who worship him.

      When I view information related to Satan that is outside Scripture, I take it with a grain of salt and all I’m doing is relating what his followers BELIEVE to be true. It’s NOT true and what I provided in the article (with a bit more to come), is based on Scripture (Isaiah 14) as well as the “testimony” of those who have been or are involved in the occult.

      Yes, the Lord is seriously warning those in the church mentioned in Revelation, specifically, the church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29). Here, Jesus notes the things they do that are acceptable to Him and He praises them for it. He also, as you points out, has an issue with those in that church (not all), who put up with or are willing to tolerate that “prophetess” whom Jesus calls “Jezebel.” She was a false teacher and there were some at Thyatira who at least put up with her and others may have been enamored with her teachings. I liken that to the way many within Christendom today are following after the many “apostles” and “prophets” of NAR and women like Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and many others who believe they speak for God. People need to be warned about the heresies these people teach, in my opinion.

      Understanding how the enemy works is far different from looking into these things in order to gain secret knowledge from it or because a person is enamored with it. Paul clearly stated, “lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices,” (2 Corinthians 2:11). I think Paul’s point is that he was well aware of Satan’s tricks and because of that, Paul was always on guard.

      Frankly, I do not see anything wrong with learning about Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Buddhism, or other false religions if it helps prepare us for the times when we may be in discussion with them. What I have personally found is that many within these false religious systems use words that are very familiar to us as Christians but they have a completely different meaning for those words. It is how they can pretend that they are Christian.

      For instance, they claim to believe in the “Trinity.” However, once you read the documents created by Joseph Smith or Ellen White or Rutherford, etc., you quickly learn from their own words that their meaning of the word is completely different from the actual biblical meaning of that word.

      Years ago, I recall being in discussion with Jehovah’s Witnesses and it was remarkable how much we “agreed.” I was very young in the faith then. It was only after I studied more, not only the Bible, but from those who came out of Jehovah’s Witnesses that I began to more completely understand that we do NOT agree and that they believe LIES. Had I been aware of that at the time, I would have offered a much better defense of the Gospel.

      Is there a danger in focusing too much on Satan and his activity? Yes, there is and I stated that in the article. However, I also believe that it is truly important to know the basics about Satan and as I’ll point out in my next article in this short series, the Bible actually has a great deal to say about it.

      By way of example, I live in the country, with many fields and pastures around. My wife and I will often take our dog and walk through them. The woman who owns the 1300 acres across the road from us has given us an open invitation to walk on her property any time we’d like. I’m also deathly afraid of snakes even the non-poisonous ones. So, I’ve taken the time to find out which snakes live in this area and what I have to be on the lookout for as we walk. I usually take a .38 with what is called “snake shot” when we walk. I’ve only seen a few snakes and so far and not one has been poisonous. However, they all bite as their defense if they feel trapped.

      I was walking just a few weeks ago with my dog, not paying attention and I looked down the path in front of me to see a long tubular glossy black shape. I first thought it was a roll of black plastic that may have fallen off a truck or tractor. It did not dawn on me that it was a snake until I went a few more feet. It was nearly 6 feet in length, jet black and stopped with its head off the ground. Fortunately, I knew it was not in a “strike” position because of my study. I also realized it was a rat snake, a good snake, non-poisonous, but they can still bite badly. Even though I doubt seriously it would’ve tried to attack, I simply turned around and went the other way.

      Now, had it been a copperhead or diamondback (that are also in this area), the situation might have turned out differently. Because of how I have studied about snakes and what they do, etc., I am far more aware of their danger. I also understand that for the most part, the only time a snake will attack is when they are cornered and feel they have no way out. We’ve had a few very large snakes in our small barn where our chickens roost. We’ve had to actually go out and extricate several from there, which was not fun. Since then, I’ve done everything I can to snake proof our barn and coop. So far, so good.

      We’ve had to even go further because of hawks, who have killed four of our chickens. It was a learning process where I’ve had to find out how to make our chicken area “hawk proof.” So far, so good also.

      During the summer months, we are especially aware of the constant possibility of coming across a snake. I’ve studied about snakes not because I want to become one or because I have an affinity toward them. I’ve studied them because it can mean the difference between life and death for me, my wife, or our dog.

      The article I’ve presented and the few that I will be presenting are designed to help Christians “demon proof” their lives. Yes, we can go through life simply focusing on Jesus and the Bible. That’s the BEST! However, there are Christians who tamper with evil and don’t understand what they’re doing. It is for these Christians that I address certain topics.

      My blog reaches into nearly 40 countries throughout the world and many of those countries are thoroughly pagan with voodoo and other mystery religions. Many Christians there do not understand the problem of “syncretism.” Because black magic and voodoo might be thoroughly ensconced in their area, it almost seems “normal” to them. Christians in America are often lazy about the Bible and their relationship with Jesus. People like you do NOT necessarily need to be aware of how Satan works, but there are many others who have no clue and area easily susceptible to his lies. While I don’t plan on focusing on these things that often, I do think it is needed occasionally.

      I DO understand what you’re saying. If it’s not in the Bible, it is suspect. Yes, I get that and I agree. What I’m simply pointing out with this article is what Satan has TOLD (lied) to his followers. This is the consistent message that they write about constantly. We know Satan is a liar. The truth is not in him so we can know that what he tells his followers are LIES, but they are believed by them and this is what they base their beliefs on. Knowing what he tells his followers allows us to better counter it with the truth of Scripture, just like Jesus did in Matthew 4.

      The guy in the video – Atliyan Childs – was previously involved in Freemasonry. As a teen, I myself was involved in the DeMolay. Many people have come out of Freemasonry and offered their testimonies as to what the very top inner circle teaches and believes. This usually happens when these people become Christians and realize what they are involved in and leave. Their testimonies are valuable if for no other reason than we learn specifically the LIES that Satan has told them, which they strongly believed at one point.

      Recently, I purchased two books by the same author. They both delve into the area of Satan and demons. While he has some good things to say (he is a Christian), I got to the point of telling my wife, “It seems like he is simply focusing way too much on Satan and demons and he is using extra-biblical sources like the Book of Enoch, etc., to do so. I wasn’t really sure what his point was, so I stopped reading the books.

      By the way, I think part of the reason Paul did not spend time dealing with the pagan gods at Mars Hill is solely because that would have devolved even more quickly into an endless debate that Paul would not have been able to win. In fact, he was seen as a babbler for what he did say about Jesus as you know.

      I want to assure you that I am not going to delve too deeply into this area. However, I believe it has some importance for Christians today because I personally do not think that most Christians are even aware of how easily we can open the door to the enemy if we are not careful. Your reference to Paul’s words in Romans 16:19-20 is duly noted. There, I believe he is saying that we should avoid ALL forms of evil and only do that which is good, as considered by God. In other words, we should stay away from any participation in evil things.

      I also believe Paul is specifically speaking to the Romans about false and true teachers. The “good” here is referring to the truth of God’s Word. The “evil” is likely the messages from the many false teachers that existed during Paul’s day. Paul wanted the Romans to AVOID the false teachers and ignore what they said, preferring instead to grasp and grow from God’s Word.

      Paul was concerned that there were those in Rome who were not mature enough in Christ to understand the difference between the evil teachings of the false teachers and the good teachings of Paul and others he recommended because of what they came out of. He wanted them to do all they could to avoid the false teachers (the evil), and to cling only to the true teachers (the good).

      There are some definite things the Bible teaches us about Satan and I believe it’s important for us to know. Pointing to certain individuals who have come out of that tends to support the testimony of Scriptures.

      I apologize for going on this long, but your question deserved a full response. If I’ve not made anything clear, please let me know. Again, I thank you for your comments/questions, Jen.


  • 6. Maranatha Today  |  April 30, 2021 at 12:39 PM

    Thanks Modres…can’t even begin to get my head around how wicked these people are…but God…Jesus can’t come soon enough!


    • 7. modres  |  April 30, 2021 at 1:35 PM

      I know. Astounding.

      Yes, come quickly!



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