Is CV Ushering in Final Global Kingdom?

July 20, 2021 at 4:50 PM 3 comments

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Logic appears to be gone. We are being told that other people have a right to know if someone near them is “contagious” and our private health information is no longer private. We are told that an unvaxxed person is a threat to the vaxxed and those who refuse to get vaxxed should not be allowed to fully participate in society.

Excuse me? If someone gets the vax, aren’t they safe? Allegedly, it’s only good when everyone gets it. Some want everyone to see vaccine “evaders” as a danger to society. Tell me…how do we know the person near us in the store does not have the beginnings of the flu or some other airborne illness but aren’t showing symptoms yet because they’ve just contracted it? People now believe they have the right to know what others may not yet know about themselves, which is fascism.

Regarding CV, we know that the PCR test was not created to try to find CV. It will often find non-infectious or dead viral material showing up as “positive,” depending on the specific cycle threshold number (CT#) used in the testing process. The higher the number, the greater the chances of finding viral material. So why are lower numbers being used on people who have had the vax, while higher numbers are used for those who have not had the vax?

Moreover, why are so many people constantly being tested in the first place? Apparently, the number of “cases” is rising, but shouldn’t things be based on how many are actually hospitalized and/or die because of the illness?

Heart disease and cancers are still the leading cause of deaths each year, and how many died in 2020 because they could not get treatment because they didn’t have CV? They want us to think CV is the “perfect” disease; a disease so deadly, you have to be tested to know if you have it and apparently, many are completely asymptomatic. You know why? Because they don’t have it, but the PCR test says otherwise by finding dead or non-infectious viral material.

When did our immune systems stop having the capacity to fight airborne illnesses? Since CV came on the scene, our immune systems became confused and can no longer create herd immunity, which now allegedly only occurs via the CV vax. I’m sorry for the folks who believe that.

Researchers found long-lived immunity in survivors years after Spanish Flu, who still had antibodies. Yet everywhere you turn today, one headline after another is designed to create absolute fear within people.

Simply put, whom or what we fear determines how we react to life’s trials. The experts want us to live in abject fear of impending death. God says we should fear Him and Him only using His Word, common sense and logic to make correct decisions.

The book of Isaiah notes that God has things under His ultimate control. While it might look like powerful people – kings of old or even today – seem to be controlling the direction of society, God controls all situations by controlling outcomes.

Isaiah 14:12-21 explains in picturesque terms the destruction of the last king of Babylon. Some commentators believe this description is ultimately about Satan and I agree. However, in human form, I believe it applies to kings of old and ultimately, personified in the coming Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2). Verses 22-23 describe the destruction of the physical Babylon (Daniel 5), but also points to the final destruction of the spirit of Babylon (Satan’s ideological kingdom), leading up to the second advent.

Isaiah 14 seems to confirm that the ultimate destruction in view is one related to the second advent of Christ and the Day of the Lord. The satanic power behind Babylon addressed as “Lucifer, son of the morning” (14:12) is portrayed both in his original rebellion against God and in his ultimate judgment. The destruction of Babylon is related to the judgment upon “all the kings of the nations” (14:18). [1]

Ultimately, all rulers of these empires are brought low and sent to the pit to join other kings who have gone before them. In hell, no one is above another. Every human being sent there because of the decisions they make in this life has no authority over any other person (Isaiah 14:16-17).

So what does any of this have to do with today? Quite a bit if for no other reason than we are steadily moving toward the time of the final global kingdom (Daniel 2), God’s judgments pouring out and the return of our Savior! The current CV situation is what is being used to get us to that point.

The gathering of the final rulers and the building of the final one-world empire (the Revised Roman Empire; Daniel 2), is underway in earnest. This move toward global unity is happening politically, socially and within Christendom, the latter by hired frauds and wolves in pulpits who began leading churches away from conservative theological moorings. This all adds up to the falling away spoken of by Jesus, Paul and Peter. The world is falling away from all truth.

We can wring our hands over the state of the world and even within our local communities, but where does that get us? If correctly understood, it should carry us to a two-point realization.

  1. bad things happen but they are done for our good and His glory, and
  2. there can be no conforming to Christ’s character without suffering through trials

Lately, I’ve wondered why the concept of fear (of offending) the Lord remains in my head and not yet in my heart and the outworking of my life. I’ve come to a rather interesting conclusion, I shared with my wife, that may already be obvious to you.

Developing a real sense of a growing fear of offending the Lord can and does occur to some degree through our reading of His Word, studying and memorizing it and praying it. But these things can only take us so far. Job 1 informs us that he “feared” the Lord. There is no doubt about that. But clearly, Job learned to fear offending God that much more through what actual trials and tribulations in life.

If you and I are serious about wanting to grow in a healthy fear of offending the Lord so that we develop a far greater love, respect and awe of and for Him, it will come in part through His Word because it starts there. It will also come in part through the situations God sends or allows our way and our reaction to those situations.

This is the example given in Scriptures repeatedly. There is no honest life-altering growth in a Christian without having to go through experiences that indelibly change us in our inner being for His glory, is there? I don’t see how it can be any other way, do you? This is clearly the most difficult aspect of being a Christian – actively living it.

Who among us wants to go through what Job went through? I don’t and neither do you I’m sure. Yet, look how much closer Job became to his Creator because of those trials; how much further he moved away from Self after recognizing just how much Self still had a hold on him. Greater humility and fear of the Lord grew out of Job’s terrifying experiences.

To think that I will learn of God and that He will change my character into the character of His Son only by reading His Word and without going through the requisite and necessary trials and difficulties that God sends or allows in my life is nonsense. Those trials and difficulties are opportunities for me to apply His Word to my life during those difficult times trusting Him for His chosen outcome.

As sandpaper is used to smooth off rough surfaces or even bring out the shine of metal, God will use “bad” situations to create within us the reflection of Jesus. Studying and memorizing Scripture provides weapons for daily warfare. But it is in going through the hardships of life that allows us to use the weapon of His Word so the power of His indwelling Spirit in conjunction with His Word overcomes trials. This ultimately recreates us into His image over the protestations of the sin nature that continues to abide within us. It is Scripture that helps us develop the proper attitude – God’s perspective – as we go through life’s trials and tribulations allowing us to gain the victory.

How do you react to life when you encounter a trial? I can tell you what I do more often than not, sadly. I’m reaching a point of understanding in the practical realm (where rubber meets the road), that in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Jesus if we will but allow ourselves to understand that even this bad situation is going to be used by God to recreate our character!

The woman who loses a baby prematurely is in a better position to minister to other women going through the same thing. The person who has survived cancer can come alongside someone else suffering from it. The couple who loses a child in a car accident or illness can more easily relate to another couple going through that same thing. Gaining the victory over trials can be used by God for His glory to bring others into relationship with Him as well as shaping us more into His character.

Situations don’t even have to be as extraordinary as the examples given above. What situations do you react to with frustration or anger? Do you tend to view them as disrupting life and therefore, not wanted? It could be any situation that causes you to momentarily turn from God to yourself, giving your sin nature control over your temperament and disposition, reacting in an ungodly way. God wants us to have the victory over these.

We are in the world but not of it (John 15:19). Jesus has promised that we will have trials and difficulties while living here. Beyond this, we will suffer as Christians in this life due to the added fact that we are Christian. What God is intending for me through situations? Rather than focusing on how awful, frustrating or annoying those situations can be, I need to draw close to God. If that is my desire, it really cannot occur without difficulties we tend to label as “bad.”

The way we react to life’s situations determines how willing we are to mirror the way Jesus dealt with the difficulties and sorrows that came His way. May we endeavor to submit to His will in all things.



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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  July 23, 2021 at 11:03 AM

    “The book of Isaiah notes that God has things under His ultimate control. While it might look like powerful people – kings of old or even today – seem to be controlling the direction of society, God controls all situations by controlling outcomes.”

    “We are in the world but not of it (John 15:19). Jesus has promised that we will have trials and difficulties while living here.”

    We thank God for all His mercies! I personally am not surprised at what’s going on – Isaiah, Daniel, Revelation told us so, what I’m struggling with is the amount of sheep that are being slaughtered because of their “lack of knowledge”…the fact that as Christians we know persecution would come, but to actually line up to take it just has me shocked to my core!

    God Almighty was good enough to give us all around 9 months before this poison came out and yet…May He forgive us for our lack of discernment!

    Thanks for another great article. I’m taking time off all this – the “foolishness” factor is doing my head in!


    • 2. modres  |  July 23, 2021 at 11:19 AM

      I agree. I’m also astounded at how many cannot see what’s happening.

      Yep getting some time away is probably a good thing 🙂


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