Letting People Die?

December 3, 2021 at 12:14 PM 1 comment

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Interesting, short video compilation regarding deaths and injuries with respect to the CV jab. It is unconscionable to me that these leaders can continue to double down and push something that appears to clearly be detrimental to way too many people. Yet, they persist in pushing the jab and even making boosters mandatory. Why? This is a just under 4 minute video with compiled clips highlighting how leaders of various countries continue to push the CV jab in spite of the known detrimental effects of it. Please watch and share.

Along those lines, this Pfizer document was just released via FOIA and after reading it, it’s clear why the FDA wanted to keep this hidden from the public for at least 50 years. This is shameful and again, it’s from Pfizer’s own studies regarding the CV jab. I find it just as unconscionable that leaders within Christendom have pushed this vax and will likely double down in spite of this information. Will they continue to believe that pharma companies just want to help?

I find it astounding the restrictions that have been placed on doctors and pharmacies. If my doctor – who has been fully trained to be an actual medical doctor, wants to prescribe Ivermectin, HQC or something else entirely to help me fight COVID, why should their hands be tied? Why would they be literally forbidden to write such a prescription? What is the harm?

There are cases where hospital staff refused to allow an outside doctor to treat one of their patients who was on his/her deathbed with Ivermectin. Those patients eventually died. In one recent case a man near death in the hospital was refused Ivermectin after his daughter requested its use. He had been on a mechanical ventilator and was in decline. The man’s daughter asked an outside doctor to treat her father with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to allow it.

The daughter went to court and the judge agreed that since her father was already close to death, it would certainly not be harmful to treat him with Ivermectin. The hospital still refused because the outside physician was not vaccinated. The judge again ruled against the hospital stating that as long as the physician could provide a negative test for COVID, the vaccine should not be an issue. The hospital finally backed down and the doctor began treating the patient with Ivermectin, which was administered to the patient from November 8 through November 12. Patient began to improve immediately and was released from the hospital on November 27.

According to the article, the patient, a 71-year-old man, who had been on a mechanical ventilator in the ICU, has now fully recovered from COVID. Ivermectin was approved in the 1980’s for human use mainly as an anti-parasitic, but it also has anti-viral properties as well, though there is a good deal of fear-mongering concerning this particular drug. Yet, people are attesting to the fact that it has worked for them where COVID is concerned, myself included.

But the big question here is why on earth would any hospital oppose treating a dying patient with Ivermectin or anything else if there is a chance to save that patient? Why wouldn’t that hospital try just about anything to save each and every patient? Would it have to do with money? Does the hospital receive money after the death of any patient who is said to die either with or from COVID? I am literally flabbergasted that hospitals are only willing to do what the CDC or FDA recommends and yet it has become clear (or should be), that both the FDA and CDC appear to be mouthpieces for pharmaceutical companies. Both of these agencies can and do accept donations/funding from outside organizations and much of that comes from Big Pharma. Wouldn’t that cause a conflict of interest?

Moreover, why would hospitals forbid a top doctor from being able to treat patients the way he believes is best for that patient as in the case of this doctor here? This is absurd.

The idea that you have to take a hospital to court to force them to use a drug that may save a life says a great deal. Remember, this man was on his deathbed, with very little hope of survival. How could Ivermectin make that situation worse? But do you want to bet that the hospital continued treating other CV patients the same way they were treating this other patient instead of being willing to try Ivermectin on all of them?

Moving on, I wanted to briefly highlight the app PushHealth (that I spoke of previously), so that folks can have options. Please note that PushHealth does not accept any type of health insurance, so anyone choosing to use them as a health option will be paying out of pocket. If I recall, the health consultation with a doctor was around $65. The medicine was a bit over $200 if memory serves me correctly. This was just for Ivermectin, which used to be cheaper but with the amount of people who want it these days, the price has gone up.

Barring using PushHealth, the next best thing is to find a local doctor who works as an independent practitioner or is employed with an independent small, family-owned clinic that does not have to follow mandates handed down by CEO’s from their ivory towers. It’s also best to have access to a local pharmacy that is also independent or family-owned, who will be far more apt to simply fill a legitimate prescription from a doctor, rather than decide they will act as doctor and pharmacy.

When I set up my PushHealth account, I was able to set up a “case,” because I was already experiencing some vague symptoms of what eventually turned out to be COVID. I’m not sure if a person can request a consult with a physician for a prophylaxis prescription for Ivermectin or not (without symptoms). Patients have the option of doing a phone consult or doing everything through the app. I chose the latter. The doctor assigned to my case asked questions via the message center and I submitted answers to those questions the same way. I also had the option of using one of their independent pharmacies or my own. I found out later that my own pharmacy would have also filled the medication and my insurance would probably have covered it. I didn’t really want to take a chance at that point, so I simply went through their pharmacy.

In the end, things went fairly smoothly. PushHealth kept me posted via the in-app messaging system and ultimately let me know when my prescription had been filled and how it would be sent. I recommend them and first learned about PushHealth through journalist Alex Berenson, whose book “Pandemia, How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives” has just been released and is available via Amazon. By the way, another book I’ve just purchased is by Dr. Mark McDonald called, “United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis.” Dr. McDonald is part of America’s Frontline Doctors, you know, all those “conspiracy theorists” who have no clue about medicine, if you listen to the Left.

PushHealth did the job and it’s because of them that I was able to have Ivermectin at the ready when I needed it. I’m sure since then, they’ve only gotten busier. I know several other people who have benefited from Ivermectin, while Dr. Fauci and other bureaucrats continue to warn people of the “dangers” of using Ivermectin. Yes, if people go to Tractor Supply and buy Ivermectin paste for horses, and ingest it, there will be a problem. Humans need to take Ivermectin tablets and the dosage is based on a person’s weight.

But I continue to wonder how many people have died in hospitals because of the banning of both HQC and Ivermectin and the use of Remdesivir as mandatory instead, even though Remdesivir tends to shut the kidneys down? People DIED because HQC/Ivermectin was banned (and also from Remdesivir). What would have been the harm in trying HQC or Ivermectin in an attempt to save lives?

In my mind, it’s akin to saying, “NO! don’t do chest compressions to save a person’s life by helping them to restart breathing because it may break their rib cage!” It’s not quite the same thing obviously, but I hope you get the point. Shouldn’t doctors and medical professionals have the freedom to do everything possible to save every person or should they be forced to stick with protocols that are admittedly problematic and not as efficacious as they’d like us to believe?

Ivermectin is verboten, but let’s rely on a vax that remains experimental, has not been fully approved, and offers no real efficacy against CV, shall we? We know that both vaxxed and unvaxxed can get and spread COVID, so what is the benefit of the vax? At best, it may provide limited immunity against one protein in COVID, not all proteins. Natural immunity for a person who had CV and survived it is far better. This is a statement based on the testimony of many doctors and medical researchers.

We are constantly told to listen to the science, yet we are faced with a growing body of “scientism,” which is not even close to actual science, based on what many other reputable doctors are saying. Any doctor today who fights for patients’ rights to be treated with any treatment they deem prudent for CV is automatically relegated to the realm of conspiracy theorist. In the end, CV is a virus and viruses have been around for eons. It’s not the first virus rodeo for most doctors today? Why are their hands tied?

We need to start thinking and politely resisting. If not, we will be forced to take jabs, digital passports and total control over our lives. We may not have the energy to fight every battle, but certainly the battle with COVID is one worth waging as far as I’m concerned because of what it appears the globalists are trying to achieve worldwide. Just take a look at Australia, Austria, Gibraltar, Iceland, England, France and other places as well as even certain states within the USA. No one should be forced to accept a vax against their moral principles. No one. If someone wants it, fine. Forcing people? Nope.

On a related note, my wife submitted her religious exemption at work and after meeting with the head of Human Resources, it appears that it will be accepted. While that’s wonderful and a blessing, isn’t it odd that we have come to this point where a person has to come forward and explain why they will not take the vax? I know people who have offered medical exemptions written by their doctors which were not approved. The absurdity knows no end, it seems. My wife was able to explain her biblical position and for that, God is honored. Who knows if the person she spoke with has ever really heard the Gospel or even what the Bible says about certain things?

God be glorified! Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll chat with you next week, Lord willing!

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