Evil: Present and Rising Pt 1

March 4, 2022 at 9:26 AM 2 comments

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In 2010 I published a book titled Evil Rising. In it, I traced the advance of evil through the ages somewhat and highlighted the problem of radical Islam, Satanic soldiers, black awakening, aliens and the way evil is using these things to create increasing chaos in society. It wasn’t a “fun” book to write, but hopefully, informative.

The problem with writing a book of that nature is that it cannot cover everything since there is simply so much evil that prevails throughout global society, whether it’s from the past, the present, or leading us into the future. Evil abounds and there is really nothing we can do against it as a whole since it is allowed by God to proliferate. This world is on a collision course with God’s judgment, according to Scripture. Nothing will change that. The best we can do is help pull some from the fire.

To attempt to catalog all the many forms of evil that pervade global society is difficult at best. Hence the need for updates like this article and potential future parts to this series.

All of the evil occurring throughout the world, which globalists use to impose increasing fascism and tyranny globally is growing exponentially and that will continue. Unsurprisingly, many on the Left are in full support, while at least some on the conservative side of things also seem to be going along with at least some of it, whether knowingly or not. There is a great deal in society that is being framed in a way that seeks to make evil more palatable, more mainstream. This is exactly how Satan has operated and continues to operate. He has done so since the Garden of Eden where he called God a liar, putting a Leftist spin on God’s Words so that both Eve and Adam came to believe following Satan was better. Why would not the Left use the same method to change society? Think of all the definitions the Left has changed through lies. Lies work.

My wife and I have been watching the miniseries, The West produced by Ken Burns. It is a 1996 documentary film about the American Old West originally divided into 8 parts on PBS. Because I’m a student of history, I’ve always enjoyed learning as much as I can about it. If what Burns presents is 100% true and not slanted in any way, it’s very troubling, but makes sense. It’s troubling because when America expanded West, the level of racism, bigotry, cowardice and crime expanded with it. It makes sense because it simply confirms that people are people, regardless of in what age they live. Thieves, cattle rustlers, bank robbers, corrupt government officials and more – it’s all there in America’s past and it remains with us today as well. No amount of gun control or new laws will put a dent in it. Of course, we know that Leftists want guns to be able to gain more control of society, not because they are alarmed at crime (the lie).

As pioneer settlers moved westward, they were drawn by numerous things; gold, space to spread out, free land from the government, freedom itself, starting over, and in some cases, even crime itself. In each case, there were rivalries, corruption, graft, criminality, vengeance, bravery and more. There was a time when Mexicans (and certain Indian tribes), lived in much of the land that we now call California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and elsewhere. Various Indian tribes also lived on the plains and even into what is now Oregon and Washington states.

As the west was settled, we see “multiculturalism” at work, the thing the Left says is “our strength,” but turns out not to be. People from many cultures and ethnicity came in close contact with other ethnic and culture groups for a variety of reasons that drew people together. More often than not, it was the discovery of gold, whether in the Black Hills of the Dakotas, at Sutter’s Mill along the American River in what is now Sacramento, CA or somewhere else. In fact, San Francisco grew out of gold. In the mid-1800s, there were 2,000 people there. A plot of land in San Francisco could be purchased for $16.00. Within three years, there were thousands and thousands more people there and the same land was now $45,000. Gold was making and breaking people daily. One man who came to San Francisco, made a fortune, then lost it and went literally insane. He declared himself the Emperor of the United States and was even listed as that in papers at the time. He wandered the streets, people bowed to him, bought him drinks and when he died, 30,000 of his “subjects” came to his funeral. Seems San Francisco has always attracted people over the edge and still does.

The settlements of that day and age grew up around gold. Miners came from all over the world to stake their claim and get rich. Husbands left their wives and children on the east coast of America, traveled west and were gone for often more than a year before they would return, often empty handed. That is, if they survived the many hardships and diseases that killed many. It seems most were simply discontented with their lives and were always looking for “more,” though most never found it.

This wanderlust is true of many of the settlers and is clearly brought out by authors in books like those written by Laura Ingalls Wilder in her House on the Prairie books, regarding her own family and her life after she married. People seemed to always be looking to the horizon. I cannot imagine living then. It must have been extremely hard on people.

Wherever a new source of gold was discovered, it wasn’t long before people clamored there and started chasing the same things people have always chased after: prostitutes, gambling and alcohol. Gold created towns overnight. While most came for gold, others came to set up and become rich with general supply stores, saloons, brothels, hotels and restaurants. One way or another, people would make their mark on society and get rich.

More than one settler during that time bemoaned the fact that alleged Christian men could be heard uttering the most abhorrent language and blasphemies after drinking to get drunk, losing money at cards and giving more away to prostitutes. I can’t imagine the wretchedness of life then. Most prostitutes had short sad lives and were drug-addled and depressed. Who wouldn’t be considering this was not at all how God wanted humanity to live? Many committed suicide via drug overdoses.

Another component of all this is the various Indian tribes themselves. Not only were Indian tribes often warring against each other (with most of them fearing the Lakota/Sioux), but of course, settlers came against Indian tribes and visa versa as often as possible. There was a growing movement among settlers to completely eradicate all Indians regardless of tribe, from society. Unbelievably, simply murdering them was thought to be best because they were seen as too “savage” to join “civilization.” Really? Okay…

Many of the Indian tribes were very peaceful and only wanted to be let alone to live as free people, doing what they always had done. But with other warring Indian tribes like Lakota and the settlers moving through and either chasing away or killing Buffalo (the main food source for Indians), Indians needed to relocate to find food or starve. Too many starved.

Then you have the Mexicans who were here before American settlers moved into the west. These Mexicans were unceremoniously denigrated and often viciously attacked. They were treated as lower than human as were the Chinese and Blacks as well. The American West was cultivating a large “melting pot” that ultimately became a keg of dynamite ready to explode. Settlers turned against other settlers over gold claims or land. Some people were actually forced out of their homes and off their land due to squatters. This happened to John Sutter (of Sutter’s Mill gold fame). He actually had his land stolen from him and was forced to flee. He spent years trying to get redress from Congress but died failing. Others were also forced to flee back to Mexico.

On top of all this, there was this new sect – Mormonism – in Salt Lake City, Utah, as they built their new “Israel” (they believe they are the true Israel), under the watchful eye of Brigham Young (since Joseph Smith had been killed in a shootout). Originally, people in the east wanted to kill Mormons for a variety of reasons so they moved out to the West to build their earthly paradise. Interestingly enough, Mormons actually worked with one tribe to murder a large group of settlers to the region allowing only some children to live. The Mormons then blamed the massacre on that Indian tribe they had joined with to exterminate the settlers and the Mormons were eventually granted a pardon by the US government.

Eventually, because of all the violence, the ethnic rage, the racism, culture clashes and slavery issue, things came to a head and exploded because each culture looked at other cultures as interlopers. Settlers often simply stole Indian children and sold them as slaves. Some of the most repugnant laws in burgeoning California came into being that ensured that Chinese, Blacks and Indians had no legal recourse. It’s actually unbelievable to know that this type of thing went on in America. What is interesting of course, is that the people who worked in government and got these laws passed were largely Democrats as the Republican party was just getting started and the Democrats knew how to push back even then, just like they do today. Of course, it seems that in general, Republicans today don’t know how to fight against Democrat fascism either.

Of course, proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT), like to point to these past times in America to prove that all whites are racist “genetically;” it’s in our blood apparently. This is nonsense. It’s not a genetics problem. It’s a sin problem that has pitted one culture against another since the beginning.

Of course, the main problem with CRT is that they have to ignore all of the white abolitionists who often deliberately moved to certain areas of America in order to fight against slavery and inhumanity to man. People like John Brown and his sons actually used violence to free black slaves, to break them out of jail and to help them get to an area where they could live free.

John Brown was eventually captured, tried, found guilty and hung for “sedition” because he wanted to free slaves. He and others worked very hard to eradicate slavery; some like Brown were violent about it, unafraid to use a rifle or whip to make a point, while other whites worked within the system to improve conditions. Unfortunately, all of the tension led to what became the Civil War. I’m really surprised at how many people living then wanted slavery (even though only about 5% of the population then had slaves), versus those who were completely opposed to slavery itself. It became an obvious powder keg.

Well, enough about the past. I’d like to segue to the present and the current problems society is facing today. I’ll include in this next installment how apostasy is burgeoning like we’ve really never seen it before. Please join me then.


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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  March 4, 2022 at 3:29 PM

    I will be watching “The West” series with my hubby…truth will prevail. Light will always outshine darkness and God will not be mocked! Thanks for your article.


    • 2. modres  |  March 4, 2022 at 5:49 PM

      It’s a bit depressing on one hand but confirms that ppl are fallen.



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