It’s Been Happening for Awhile

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Before I forget, I started a page on Telegram and here is the link: I will place up these articles and more over there. Seems that Google is doing more and more to censor what they don’t like so hopefully using Telegram will bypass that censorship. Ultimately, all I can do is write the articles and put out the information. Whatever happens is what happens. I’ll also add a link to the right side of the home page here like I did with my new Substack page.

It’s hard to have to deal with the fact that so many people today fail to see the obvious. Whether it’s lies politicians, “faith-healers,” false prophets and alleged NAR apostles continue to promote for their own enrichment and self-aggrandizement, or the general blindness in society today that has made people oblivious to the issues surrounding masks, the jib-jab and other things that globalists appear to be using to gain control over society, the problems exist throughout global society. We have come to a crossroads where one wrong step will result in a failure to ever return to any semblance of widely accepted truth and reality.

Truth is that what Nimrod started has continued and what is now happening throughout the world on many levels had its beginnings in earnest at the turn of the 1900’s. Many books and articles have been written highlighting much of it, but since people don’t read books today by and large they simply aren’t aware of that history of how we got here. Powerful people have been wresting control of the world’s resources and finances to gain full control of global society. What we are seeing taking place today is, I believe, the final layers of surveillance and control being fitted over global society because the technology is finally here to accomplish it.

Does the average person really know what people like President Woodrow Wilson said in the very early 1900’s? Are people aware of the secret sinister connections that many of this country’s past leaders had that ultimately gave powers that lived in the shadows inroads into the government of the USA (as well as governments of other nations)? Satan has been busy since Genesis 11 and the destruction of Nimrod’s plans to gain world dominance then.

Most alive today seem to reject actual information about how powerful people gained control incrementally over society. Even though the original power players who started things rolling in the 1900’s died long ago, their progeny and institutions continue doing what they started. One day, Soros Sr., will be in the grave, but his son will carry on in his father’s footsteps using his father’s tremendous wealth to do so. People are generally unaware of the way powerful people manipulated weaker people and the system itself in order to gain control. With enough control comes mastery and with enough mastery comes slavery and servitude for the masses. The master/slave situation is on the verge of recurring.

The other problem today, aside from the fact that people are simply uneducated when it comes to history, is their penchant for making decisions and determining truth by “feels.” For the most part, decision making emanates from feelings rather than true data/actual facts.

You don’t think men can get pregnant? Oooh, you’ll need to take that up with an outspoken member of the LGBTQIA+ because they’ll have something to say about it and they won’t be presenting you with any facts at all. They will instead do everything they can to foment hatred toward you and demean you for daring to have such a “bigoted” and “hateful” attitude toward women who outwardly become men and then believe they are men while they retain their reproductive organs allowing them to become pregnant and give birth while growing a beard and having a flat chest. For all biological purposes, that’s a female, not a male. It’s difficult to see these people as rational and while our natural reaction might be to laugh, instead we should pray for them. They’re not rational. They’re deluded through the massive deception that has come over global society because of the efforts of Satan and his fallen angels. God helps by sending a strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11). Why does God do this? Because they refused to believe and love the truth (v 12). God gives people what they ultimately want and this is borne out throughout the Scriptures.

So when we see things like the Asbury “revival,” (which as it turns out may well have been a pre-planned event [1]), we are left to conclude that people so easily fall into the trap of believing that the Spirit of God is actually moving because common sense and truth have been pushed aside replaced with emotional virtue and the way a person feels about something. Remember the song lyrics (for those of you who are old enough), “If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.” Increasingly, that’s how it is today, with truth giving way to emotion as the arbiter. If it feels great, it must be truth. Was the Gospel even preached at the so-called Asbury “revival”?

Too often today, people chase after things because they become emotionally invested in it. They pursue a spiritual “high” they believe is from God and a sign of His Presence and blessing. They refuse to believe Satan would ever use feelings to deceive anyone, yet he is an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). As Jesus said, Satan was a liar (and murderer), from the beginning (John 8:44). Satan uses all forms of deception – words, feelings, situations – to cause people to fall away from the truth and embrace the lies he sells.

Feelings can easily deceive. It worked on Eve, who looked at the tree of knowledge (Genesis 3), and saw that it was good for food and easy on the eyes. In other words, she was taken by its beauty and because she was enamored by it, she began to wonder how such a beautiful thing could be wrong.

Using our emotions against us by creating situations that resonate within us in a good way is how Satan operates. If it’s a gathering where everyone is encouraged to worship God not as He is revealed according to Scripture, but as they choose to see God, then we have a problem. I realize this sounds somewhat uncaring or legalistic, but in truth, it’s actually very caring. People who are guided by emotional expressions are by and large, tossed about by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14), generally embracing only those doctrines that make them feel good, while rejecting all others.

A reader sent me a link to a fairly long article but very much worth the read and I would encourage readers to read it.[2] The article starts out with an introduction written by Dr. Stanley Monteith for Thomas Horn years ago, but what is fascinating about that it is that it is still pertinent today, if not more so. I would encourage readers to head over there when done here to read the article for themselves. It goes into great detail about how powerful people chose to do what they could to create a feudal system for the entire world where there would be two levels to society: the lords and the serfs. Anyone who doesn’t think that this plan is very much under way is deceived or non-thinking. It is happening and the Bible indicates that it will happen and will come to fruition. When it does, the son of perdition himself – the Antichrist – will step up to rule that global kingdom.

The Old Testament has many examples of how God used individuals to right wrongs. This is especially true in the book of Judges where God chose average people to bring freedom and hope to that generation of Israelites. Yet, in spite of those victories, the people continued to chase after gods of this world, ignoring the God of the universe. Each time they did that, God gave them over to themselves so they could do what they really wanted to do. Instead of seeking God, they sought solace in Self and selfish pleasures. Time and time again, we see this cycle.

Even with the actual individuals the Bible calls “judges,” there were great victories and failures. Consider Gideon, who lived in fear of the Midianites as did the rest of Israel. The Midianites came and literally took what they did not plant, feeding their families and herds by simply taking what the Israelites planted. Let’s not forget that Israel was in this predicament because they did “evil in the sight of the Lord,” (Judges 6:1). The “evil” always had to do with Israel wandering away from God and worshiping idols. This spiritual “adultery” always resulted in God abandoning Israel until they got so sick of being taken advantage of by a neighboring empire that they began to cry out to God in repentance.

God chose Gideon who was trying to hide the fact that he was threshing wheat in a winepress (v11), so that he might not be seen by the Midianites. Had they seen him, they would have stolen his wheat and even possibly killed him. The Angel of the LORD came near and called out to him, even calling him a “mighty warrior” (v12). Gideon didn’t feel like a warrior at all, much less “mighty.” He was afraid and hid from the enemy.

Eventually, Gideon became convinced that God was with him and wanted to use him to free Israel from the tyranny of the Midianites. This did occur and Gideon had many victories as Judge over Israel. Yet, in Judges 8, we read that in spite of Gideon’s dedication to God, at the end of his life, he made a mistake by fabricating an ephod from all the gold he got from other Israelites. He then set the ephod in his city of Ophrah. He should not have done that because he was not a priest. In the end, “…all Israel played the harlot with it there. It became a snare to Gideon and to his house” (v27b). It became a snare to Gideon and all of Israel. They simply could not stop their spiritual adultery.

We are not that different from Israel really. Because of our sin nature, we are constantly being drawn away from God or at least tempted so that we will begin ignoring Him. It is our lot even though saved. It is a real struggle and one that we must engage in daily. Now with the fact that Satan seems to have been given greater (temporary) reign to accomplish his goals, we have far more problems in society than we did when I was growing up. But again, Satan was still active then, though more limited in what he could do because technology had not come to the point it is at now.

Society is addicted to smart phones. I was just talking with a friend today about a sleep over she had for her daughter’s birthday. There were 15 girls present and several of them could not stay off their phones. One particular girl was glued to it until my friend threatened to hold it for her until it was time to go home. Life goes by while we live on our electronic devices. We are, in many ways, controlled by them.

We need to remove ourselves as much as possible. Get out and enjoy doing things with actual people. Engage in those relationships, not the “relationships” on a hand-held device. It’s probably way too late for too many. While it seems insurmountable, it’s really not. It takes the wherewithal to create new habits and patterns. Even though what’s been happening in the world has been happening for over 100 years in modern times, each person can choose just how much they will be part of it.

The choice is completely ours.





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