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Tossing Israel Under the Bus

All will look good for Israel, and then…disaster strikes.

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Gloom and Doom Teachers and Preachers are in it for the Bucks! and One More…

How many Christians today actually LIVE as if it is their last day on earth? I know very few of them. “Oh, but wait!” someone might argue. “The Rapture is NOT going to happen at any time, therefore the only way to really live that way is to consider that the Christian might die…before…….the…………………………..over (gulp).” Yeah, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

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The Coming Delusion…Is Here Now

This coming Antichrist, will be the chameleon that the world needs. He will be immediately loved, revered, trusted, and eventually worshiped. What is building behind the scenes these days, is creating the tone and environment for when the man of lawlessness dances across the stage of humanity’s last hour.

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Satanists Beg to Differ

“Anton LaVey deceived a lot of people who joined the Church of Satan by claiming that Satan only represented the repressed forces of nature but was not a real entity.” – Susan Atkins

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Satanists Pray AGAINST the Church!

the Church of Satan worldwide has set aside the 6 p.m. hour every day to pray for the demise of the Christian church, and most specifically for its pastors. It would also appear that they assume or are assigned specific Christian leaders to pray against.

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A One-World Currency

Unity in Diversity

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2012, Devils, Demons and Nephilim..oh my!

Cover of upcoming book

Cover of upcoming book

Lately, I have been reading a number of books that delve into the area of the Nephilim, found in the Bible in Genesis 6.  What is interesting of course is that the Bible really does not say a whole lot about it.  They are mentioned and since their presence occurs prior to the global Flood of which only Noah and his family along with all the animals were saved, it becomes clear that it was like due to their presence on the earth, that many became so evil.  This level of evil required God to take drastic action.  Everything had to go since there was nothing left untouched by the presence of the Nephilim, except Noah.

What I particularly find fascinating is the fact that even though God destroyed the earth, killing all human life, these same type of beings were found again in the book of Numbers, when the nation of Israel first approached the Land of Canaan.  They were supposed to go in and conquer the land and God was also going to use Israel as His arm of judgment.  Instead, out of the 12 spies that were sent into the land to scope it out, only two came back – Joshua and Caleb – with a report which indicated that they should go into the land to conquer it, because they believed that the Lord would surely give them the victory.

The other 10 spies basically stated that to go in and try to conquer the land would be a suicide mission.  In the fact, the text states that the 10 spies said, “there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them,” (Numbers 13:33).  So here again is the use of the word “Nephilim,” the same word that was used in Genesis 6.  So the 10 spies saw the outward appearance of these giants, and in spite of what the Lord had continually done for Israel, and how He had overcome every obstacle for them, they could not see beyond the outward.  Because of the report of the 10 spies, the people sided with the 10 spies and moaned, groaned and complained about it to Moses.  In fact, in the next chapter – Numbers 14:10 – we see that the people were literally ready to kill Moses!  It was only the Lord’s direct intervention that kept Moses alive.

Moving ahead a few thousand years to the life of Christ, we read His words as He explained to His disciples what it would be like in the end times, prior to His return.  We find the text in the Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  What is interesting here is how Jesus states that during the time prior to His return, the days will be very reminiscent of the days of Noah.  Christ elaborates in Matthew 24:38-39 by stating, “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

So on one hand, Christ is saying that life will go on as normal for most.  They will not see anything that makes them thing something strange is happening.  But if we take our cue from Genesis 6, could it be possible that the time before Christ’s return will see a return of the Nephilim to the earth?  If you talk to New Agers and Occultists, the testimony of “transmissions” they’ve received over the years points to this very fact.  Interestingly enough, in a book I am just putting the finishing touches on titled Some of Satan’s Major Lies Seen as Truth, I discuss one aspect of church doctrine that has been denied for some time; the Rapture.  Many within Christendom do not believe for one reason or another that the Rapture is going to occur.  They do not see it taught in Scripture and because of that, they do not agree that it is an actual event.

Interestingly enough though, there are many within the New Age movement who have been taught this very doctrine, by aliens!  Sounds bizarre?  Of course it does, until you begin to see that these aliens may in fact be none other than demons and fallen angels masquerading as intelligent beings from other worlds.  These beings who have the ear of many within the New Age movement, blatantly teach that one day in the not-too-distant future, a major evacuation of upwards of 20 million people will be taken from the earth in “the twinkling of an eye.”  In fact, what they teach is very similar to what the Bible teaches and they use the verbiage from the Bible to drive their point home to these lost individuals who believe that “we are all god because god is in all and through all.”

The question then becomes, Why on earth would Satan waste time teaching LOST individuals a doctrine that is absolute fantasy?!” There can only be one reason; he knows it will occur.  On one hand, he is teaching those who are lost that the event will happen, and at the same time, is getting the word out among many within Christendom that the event will not occur!  He is playing both ends against the middle.  If the event was not going to occur, there would be absolutely no good reason for teaching those within the New Age movement that it was going to occur.  When it does occur, these folks will simply understand the reason for the event’s occurrence, which is that the 20 million people who have been taken, were evacuated because they are holding the planet and its citizens back from evolving to the next evolutionary and spiritual level!  For those who may doubt this, do some research on the New Age movement and their teachings.

Satan knows his time is short and he has only one card left to play in the form of the Antichrist.  He is setting the stage (with God’s permission) to mount a fullscale offensive against God the Son, as He returns at the end of the Tribulation/Great Tribulation.  We know it will not succeed, but he has to try anyway.

These are some interesting times; moreso than possibly any other period of history, due to the proximity with the events of Matthew 24.  Some things have already occurred and each day draws us closer to the end.  Just as it was in the days of Noah, when he preached for 120 years that the end was coming, so is it today.  Noah preached and people laughed.  We preach and people laugh, saying “Where is the promise of His coming?” (cf. 2 Peter 3:4)

Psalm 2 informs us that God has the last laugh, but even then, He offers salvation to those who recognize their need for it.  The time is short and even if the Tribulation/Great Tribulation is 1,000 years away from today, no one knows when their last day on this earth will be.  It seems to me that it is too much to risk by putting off a decision that will make a difference in eternity.

Many within this world are currently looking to 2012 as the final countdown and last hurrah of present earth.  They believe an end will come (though not the biblical end), and a new beginning with occur after that.  The truth is that the end will come; the end of this age.  Christ returns and sets up His kingdom from which He will rule for 1,000 years.  Those who are His share that time and forever after that with Him.  Those who are not, will not.  It is very simple and very plain.  Those who ignore the warnings are putting their very souls at risk.  I pray that you will recognize your need for Him as Savior.

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The Coming AntiChrist

The Return of the Antichrist by Patrick Heron

The Return of the Antichrist by Patrick Heron


Just purchased a new ebook from Patrick Heron dealing with the End Times and the man of lawlessness who will attempt to overthrow God’s rule once and for all.  The book, titled The Return of the Antichrist, goes into some detail, bringing new information to light.  While Heron is careful to stay very close to the Bible, he points out some things that others may have missed, alluding to the fact that the AntiChrist comes from a specific place (as discussed in Revelation), which means he cannot be a human being fully inhabited by Satan.  Heron believes the AntiChrist is actually one of the fallen angels spoken of in Genesis 6.  In fact, there’s information pointing to the fact that he may well be the actual “king” of the pit, who many have thought to be Satan.

There is some great insight in Heron’s book and I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about wanting to know more regarding the End Times.  Since it’s downloadable after purchase, you can have it immediately from here:

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The Middle East Madness

Recently, President Obama gave a speech in Cairo, in which he seemed to ignore the character of specific nations with respect to how they view Israel.  The difficulty is that what President Obama attempted to hide during his election campaign has now come to the fore.  It is apparent that Obama is a Muslim and prefers to cater to the Muslim world, even if it means tossing Israel under the bus, so to speak.

For many decades, Israel has only had the United States to rely on for support in her war against terrorists.  This will obviously be changing now that President Obama has taken the reigns of this country.  It was not too many years ago that it seemed a bit rare to hear much about the trouble in the Middle East.  Within the last few years, things seem to have taken a turn in which the situation has ramped up.  The rhetoric continues to fly from both sides, and in spite of the concessions made by Israel, it appears that the Arab world will have none of it.

To the Arab world, the fact that Israel has a presence in the Middle East at all is not something appreciated or wanted.  In fact, it is obvious that if Israel could be kicked out of the Middle East altogether, most, if not all in the Arab world would be ecstatic about that.  With President Obama’s vision for the Middle East and his insistence that a two-state solution is the only solution, with Jerusalem being split into two parts as well, the Arab world may get its wish.

Of course this begs the question of what God wants and will achieve.  Many Christians today are under the unfortunate delusion that God finished with Israel years ago; in A.D. 70 to be exact.  This was the time when Rome stormed Jerusalem and destroyed it, taking with it the Temple that Herod designed.  True to Christ’s prophetic words, not one stone was left standing on itself (cf. Matthew 24).  The Romans removed each stone to get at the gold.

It was this event that was the fulfillment of what Christ indicated would occur and it was this event that many believe is where God permanently parted ways with Israel.  These folks state unequivocally that Israel is done; over.  God has no plan or purpose for Israel any longer and has now switched His attention to the Church.  Of course this assumes a couple of things:

  1. That God will break His promises (cf. Abrahamic, Land and Davidic Covenants of the Old Testament), thereby making Him a liar
  2. God has no previous knowledge that Israel would get to the point where He would have to create another entity at all

Certainly, God is not a liar.  He does not break His covenants and since the Abrahamic Covenant (as well as the Land and Davidic) is unconditional in nature, there is no way that these covenants could be broken unless God broke them.  The many anti-Zionist voices today cry louder and louder at the humanity of lives lost in the Middle East conflict that has been boiling below the surface for years.  Unfortunately, these same folks seem to have absolutely no feelings for the Israelis involved in the conflict; only for the Arabs, or Palestinians.  This form of anti-Semitism is just as wrong today as it was during Hitler’s day.  Anti-Semitism is never wrong, yet for the anti-Zionist, what matters to them is that the Palestinians are treated fairly.

People can do all they can do for either side, but the truth remains that ultimately, it is God who has decided.  He certainly does not need anyone’s help to bring about His dictates.  He has gotten the world this far, based on His prophetic council from the past.  Will He continue to work in the midst of that situation, fighting for His people, His land and His Holy city, or will He allow it to take “its own course” (whatever that means)?

If God has no further plans for Israel, then those who stand with her are wasting their time and breath.  If on the other hand, God still stands with Israel, then all those who stand against her are in actuality standing against God.  It is obviously important to know what the Bible teaches about Israel’s future, if there is one at all.

Certainly, the Bible teaches one thing, and either those who believe that God is done with Israel are correct in their understanding, or those who believe that God still stands with Israel are correct in the way they interpret Scripture.  Time will certainly reveal all things.  Regardless of how vociferous people get in their support for one side or the other, God is the final Determiner of what occurs in that area of the world, just like He is the final Determiner of what takes place in every other part of the world.

The United States now has a new president; one who seems to be fully enamored by the failed socialistic policies of other countries.  He appears also to be a Muslim, fully in favor of those who fight against Israel.  The reality though is that God place President Obama in his current position, so it would appear that God has plans and purposes that He will accomplish through our president.  I pray that all of God’s plans become a firm reality and I look forward to seeing how things will unfold.

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