Is President Obama Lying About Healthcare?

March 23, 2010 at 7:21 PM

Fighting Mad and Fighting the Lies

It probably should not surprise me, but I guess it still does when politicians look directly at a person (or into the TV camera), and lie.  They are pros at it, being able to speak a lie as if it is truth.  These people would pass a lie detector test while lying the entire time.

Roughly 76% of the American people do NOT want Obamacare, yet it has been bullrushed through Congress by people who have lied their way through, believing that the American people are idiots and cannot tell a lie from the truth.  This is tragic that in a country that is supposed to be democratic, well over two-thirds of the citizenry is blatantly ignored.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is one of those on the forefront of trying to derail this ungodly economic burden that has been tossed onto the backs of the American people.  Bachmann “has a message for the Americans people: Do not submit to ‘Obamacare,’ the massive health-care reform bill President Obama just signed into law.”[1]

Bachmann continued, “In light of the passage of the health reform bill – and the Democrats’ more than questionable tactics – she said it is more important than ever that Americans declare their health-care independence. Nearly 15,000 people have signed her Declaration of Health Care Independence at WND. Bachmann has received signatures from an additional 11,000 Americans and 100 lawmakers in rejection of an unconstitutional Washington takeover of health care.”[2]

The problem is with President Obama’s seeming penchant for lying to the American people.  Said Bachmann, “Obama’s statements were untrue because the health bill contains full federal funding of abortion and allows illegal alien access to taxpayer-subsidized health care because there are no procedures for verifying immigration status prior to receiving benefits.”

“Bachmann added that Obama was wrong when he said Republicans do not want health reform. ‘The president was very rude and arrogant when he stated that Republicans didn’t have a plan,’ she said. ‘Even the day before the health-care vote, he stated very rudely and very arrogantly that Republicans and those who didn’t vote for his bill wanted the status quo. That was patently false, and he knew that was false. We had more than 70 different proposals for health-care reform’.”

I am well aware of what the Scriptures teach regarding how the world will move toward and eventually become a world in which there is one government, and one sanctioned religion.  For this to occur, the world needs to move toward Socialism.  However, to actually see it happening right before your eyes is something else altogether.

Care to join Rep. Bachmann in her efforts to overturn Obamacare?  If so, check out the link below and sign it.  Then spread the word!


[2] Ibid

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