Infintada on the Way in the Middle East?

March 23, 2010 at 9:41 AM

As tensions continue to heat up in the Middle East, Israel is not only feeling the heat from Washington, but now “Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas hinted Monday during his meeting with United States Middle East envoy George Mitchell that a third intifada may be in the making.”[1]

For those who are not familiar with the term, an infintada literally means “a shaking off,” or “uprising against,” and as it applies to this situation, it means that the PA may move toward another “shaking off” of Israel.  During 1987-1993 there was an infintada, or uprising against Israeli rule over Palestinians.  It bears noting that for the purposes of historical correctness, the term “Palestinians” came to be applied only to Arab individuals who lived in Israel (mainly near or in the West Bank area), through the political efforts of Yassar Arafat, who is alleged to have died of AIDS November 11, 2004.  Prior to his usage of the term, “Palestinian” meant anyone – either Jew or Gentile – living in the area known as Palestine.  At that time, Jewish individuals far outnumbered Arabs.  However, with Yassar’s political coup, he successfully assigned the word “Palestinian” to mean only those of Arab descent.

Returing to Abbas’ comments, it was also noted that others within the PA indicated that they would not return to the use of violence to meet its demands.  However, with the continuing tone of violence on all sides in the Middle East, it is difficult to believe that violence is going to be eschewed by parties involved.

The article continues, “During the course of his conversation with Mitchell in Ramallah, Abbas condemned the killing of four PA teens in two separate incidents last week. Two died after being hit with rubber bullets during a massive riot in the village of Iraq-Burin and two were killed while attempting to attack IDF soldiers on patrol near Shechem.”[2]

This situation, coupled with the demands that Obama’s Administration are placing on Israel seems to be moving in only one direction: to cower Israel into submission.

If history means anything though, in every case where Israel gave into the demands to give up land for instance, shelling of Israel never stopped as was promised.  In effect, what occurred was that Israel’s enemies simply moved into that land that Israel had just given up, and took up those positions to continue to shell Israel.  Though this is historical fact, the powers that existed then never came against Hamas, or the PA, or any other group, which violated the terms of the agreement with Israel.

Israel gave, the other party took, and continued with their unwarranted and hostile attacks against the people of Israel, not caring if they hit or killed innocent civilians in the process.  If we consider then what has been happening, a consistent whittling away of Israel land has been occurring, in the ultimate hopes of ret urning Israel to the land she had prior to the 6-Day War of 1967.  This was occurred because Egypt simply attacked Israel on the Sabbath day, when she could not return fire.  Though casualties and great portions of land was lost during the first two weeks of the battle, by the end, Israel had not only regained the land she had lost, but gained more land besides.

Israel was attacked and defended herself.  She took the land in an unfair fight.  Since then, the demands to return the land have not abated.  Yet, it is assumed that had Israel lost the land and demanded it back, the world would have been against Israel as they are against her today. 

The point of this whole thing is that it is fascinating the way the world looks at Israel, essentially a thorn in everyone’s side, and deserving no rights whatsoever.  The world seems to side with the Arabs over the Temple Mount, over the Jerusalem situation, over the land situation, and over every aspect of the Middle East problem, believing that Israel has no right to anything essentially.

The Obama Administration wants to divide Jerusalem, giving the part with the Temple Mount to the Arabs, in spite of the fact that on paper, the Temple Mount is legally controlled by Israel.  Of course, to the world today, a legal document means little to nothing.  What the world wants is to make sure that the Arabs are happy, and that is what they will certainly get eventually.

The Obama Administration has shown prior to the election, and proved since the election that their favor lies with the Arabs regarding the problem in the Middle East.  President Obama could care less what anyone thinks about anything because he has his own agenda.  That should surprise no one because he said as much during his run for office.  In spite of that, an overwhelming majority of people who voted him into office for the change he would bring, are now angry with him for making that change happen.

We see this especially with the new Health Care package.  Nearly 75% of people polled (out of just under 700,000) are angry about the Health Care passage.  It seems that Washington could care less what the majority of people want in this country.  The minority believes this is a good thing, yet the question of who pays for it has not really been answered.  While people BELIEVE it will place ceilings and caps on insurance company expenditures and demands, it really won’t.  What the insurance companies will do is find a way to circumvent any legislation that does become law.  Ultimately of course, the taxpayer will wind up paying for anything.  The idea that we are to believe that the new Health Care bill will provide health care for 3 billion people without raising taxes is the highest form of fantasy that the U.S. government has ever tried to sell the American people.

All we need to do is look to Canada and Great Britain to find out exactly how much additional in taes that the citizens of these countries pay in order to have health care.  In Great Britain alone, their VAT tax is more than 17%.  Granted, some of that goes to the Monarchy, but a good percentage of that is for country-wide health care.

Democracy in America is dying.  We have a president who is pushing his agenda and it makes no difference what the American people want.  Of course, there is a minority of people in the U.S. supporting Israel and Obama knows that, yet there is a newly created governor’s group, made up of 30 U.S. governors who are opposed to President Obama’s position on the Middle East.  Many more are opposed to the Heath Care legislation and states have already begun filing lawsuits to derail the Health Care process.

As the United States moves toward the precipice of Socialism, and the world moves to destroy Israel’s legal presence in the Middle East, we are also moving to a time when one individual will stand up and be recognized.  He will actually bring about peace in the Middle East, to the satisfaction of Israel and the surrounding Arab nations.  Right now, it’s just people who think they have power, posturing.  The man who is yet to come will bring about the real deal; peace.  Yet, the peace will be short lived, lasting only three and a half years (he will have promised 7 years though).

The Great Apostasy is here and it is guiding the world’s leaders, with the majority of citizens following in behind like lambs to the slaughter.  Most will never wake up until it is too late.  If you are one who believes that what is occuring in this world is right, good, and the only logical course to take, then it is not too late for you to understand that you may in essence, be working against God, and for the enemy of our souls.  I pray for your understanding, that the Lord will open the eyes of your heart, in order that you might know the truth.

If you believe that you are following the truth, and the truth is found in President Obama and those who are attempting to create a peace in the Middle East, then you are likely laughing or smirking at these words.  No matter, because it will all come out in the wash.


[2] Ibid

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