Orwellian Days are Here Courtesy of Obama

July 22, 2010 at 12:17 PM

Obama's Orwellian World

Who would have thought that the government would be so quick to bypass due process to literally hijack over 70,000 blogs in one swell swoop by forcing the owners of the servers to shut down?

Well, it has happened.  “Big Brother” in the form of the Obama Administration has moved to eliminate blogs that allegedly were on servers that hosted pirated movies.  It is a sad case when governments decide what type of information people have access to from the ‘Net (or anywhere for that matter).

The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984. A recent trip to Europe has convinced me that the governments of the world have been rocked by the power of the internet and are seeking to gain control of it so that they will have a virtual monopoly on information that the public is able to access.” [1]

Admittedly, while there are problems with the freedom the Internet provides, anonymity allows people to involve themselves in criminal activity, or harrassment of others (through name-calling or what have you) without the other person knowing who the perpetrators are.  However, for the govenment to come in an unjustifiably shut down servers that contain over 70,000 blogs is something to seriously question.

Jack Kinsella points out that “The Obama administration has been at war with the internet since even before there was an Obama administration. Obama set up his “Fight the Smears” website while he was still a candidate.” [2]

Kinsella explains ”

The federal government’s seizure of 73,000 blogsites was accomplished largely in secret, without due process, warrants and other trappings of freedom based on some nebulous argument that NINE of the domains on that server were in violation of US copyright laws.
“There were no allegations of terrorism. No allegations of criminal activity apart from copyright violations. And no allegations made of any kind against the 72,991 blogsites that were seized along with the pirate sites.” [3]


Of course, the question immediately comes up as to whether or not the blogs were anti-Obama, or if the government was ONLY concerned about the piracy that was taking place on a few of the Web sites contained on the servers that were shut down?  It seems it would have been a simple matter of shutting down only those sites which were involved in illegal activities.

Nonetheless, what has occurred is that the voice of over 70,000 people were instantly silenced without due process.  The government simply stepped in and took control, eliminating these voices and this has been done in a country in which freedom of speech is one of our noblest freedoms.

It is nothing less than scary that the government (any government) has access to the thoughts and words of United States citizens and has chosen to silence them.  As Kinsella points out, normally the Federal Gov’t would not even be involved in something like this, as it would go through civil courts.  In spite of the fact that the rights of 70,000 individuals were summarily denied by the Feds, what can really be done about it?  Other than complain, not much.

The Feds state that it is a matter of public safety or it stepped into stop illegal activity.  Fine, but I have a very difficult time believing that over 70,000 blogs were all involved in illegal activity, or that most of those bloggers even knew about the alleged illegal activity of a few.  It doesn’t matter though, because for some reason, shutting down a few sites that were involved in pirating movies and music all of a sudden became extremely important to the government.  Hard to believe, frankly.

The days of George Orwell are absolutely here, with Big Brother looking over our shoulders, deciding what we can and cannot say.  More and more, simple statements are becoming labeled as “hate speech,” and because of it, people are being arrested, fined, or both.  In this case, they were simply shut down whether there was anything hateful about their speech or not.

The troubling part is that this appears to be merely the tip of the iceberg and will likely become much more pronounced and dramatic as the months go by.  Certainly, as the remainder of Obama’s first term (and hopefully, last) in office plays itself out, we can expect more infringements on citizen’s rights.  Should he be re-elected to a second term, he will undoubtedly believe he has been given carte blanche to do whatever he wants.  This is something he seems to playing with now, and only modifies his posture when pressure becomes too much.

Apparently, President Obama believes himself to have been elected as a dictator, someone who has no accountability to the people who have elected him.  This is exactly what the Antichrist will do, except he will not likely be elected, but will simply make a grab for the top position.  His winsome personality, intelligence, and ability to solve international problems will make him stand out heads above all others.  I cannot imagine the world at that point in time and how stifling it will become.

Obviously, the Tribulation will be horrific, especially for anyone who is an authentic believer in Jesus Christ.  We are seeing the outer fringes of it now and can be assured that as we draw closer to that time period – the last seven years of human history under human rulers – we will see the rope tighten around our necks little by little.  Soon, we will be choking and not know why.

May God give us the courage, the strength, and the fortitude to follow Him in all things as we march toward the final revolution and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

[1] http://www.uruknet.info/?p=68096

[2] Read more: The Internet Obamanation ~ Bible Prophecy Today http://www.bible-prophecy-today.com/2010/07/internet-obamanation.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BibleProphecyToday+%28Bible+Prophecy+Today%29#ixzz0uRIMuG9S

[3] Ibid

Photo from: http://patdollard.com/2008/10/orwells-children-primed-to-take-control-of-america/

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