Apologetics Never Saved Anyone…

August 8, 2010 at 11:10 PM

Just not interested...sorry

After today’s posts and comments, I needed to step back and remind myself that apologetics never saved anyone.  Neither did discussion or argumentation (as in what lawyers do) change anyone’s mind about anything.  Most of us – myself included – come to a place where we believe certain things about Scripture, the Bible as a whole, God as the Word, and other things besides.

Often, Christians will get into arguments over things that seem important to them and in many cases they are important.  However, too often, the importance is lost because of the verbal altercation that soon may follow.  My blog here is to put forth my beliefs on certain things.  That’s it.  It gives me a place to sound off on this or that, or present my opinions on one thing or another.  Most of the time, the things I write about are directly related to Scripture and Christianity, though often I get there through the indirect route of discussing what is happening in the world as it may relate to the things in the invisible Church.

I do not mean to stomp on anyone’s toes as I present my opinions and I would like to state clearly that these are my opinions.  I also do not see this blogging area as a discussion FORUM.  People will come here and read my comments and either agree or disagree with them.  That is their right.  I do not expect that every person who stops by to read what I have to say will agree with my comments.  That’s fine.  I do not expect everyone to give me accolades.  That is also fine.  THE reason I write down my opinion is because I want to and whether people agree with my comments is not as important as my desire to write them down.  It really does not matter to me to a large degree.  I want people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but I do not believe that everyone who stops by will do so.  I’m not arrogant enough to think that I have all the correct answers, or that I have nothing left to learn.  I KNOW that I am learning, and will continue to do so.

That said, I am not interested in debating anyone about their beliefs vs. mine.  You can take it up with the Lord, or start your own blog.  I simply do not have the time to waste on debating.  It holds no interest for me at all.  The people who want nothing more than to debate strike me as people with large egos.  I’m not saying that there is not a time for simple discussion between friends, nor am I saying that professional debates (with audiences) should be avoided.  I’m saying that debate, for debate’s sake is usually entered into by people who have points to prove.  I have no desire to prove any points.  My opinions are what they are and if people do not like them, I’m sorry, but I’m not necessarily changing my opinion that quickly, simply because I do not arrive at my opinions quickly or in many cases, easily.

It would be nice if Christians debated less and evangelized more.  It would be nice if we talked less and prayed more.  It would be nice if Christians were perfect now, instead of having to wait until we get to heaven (of course, that’s IF you believe that all Christians WILL get to heaven, since many believe that salvation can be lost).  The trouble is that not one of us Christians is perfect.  We all continue with our fallen nature, in spite of the fact that the Holy Spirit lives within us, and has sealed us unto the day of redemption.  So, we remain potential sinners and we do sin from time to time.  Sinning – as far as I know – does not cause the loss of our salvation.  It causes a temporary loss in degree of fellowship with God, which is corrected with honest and sincere confession.

I like sharing my opinion because I think I have something to say.  Others may come here and go, “Nope, nothing worth reading there!”  That’s fine and hopefully, they will quickly move onto the next blog penned by someone else.

The reality for me is that like most people, I am very busy.  I do not have time to debate and have no desire for it.  It seems pointless because I have yet to see people debate who have not already come to that debate with minds made up about their position.  It is pointless, so I’ll leave it with others who thrive on pouring their energies into stimulating verbal banter.  It’s just not for me – sorry.

If you care to leave a comment either for or against something I’ve said, that’s fine.  Please remember, this is my blog and I’m always going to get the last word in, if I choose to do so.  If that is not something you like, then I suggest you do not leave a comment.  Thanks!

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